The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 483

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 483 - As round as pearls and smooth as jade (2)

After he indignantly stood up, he heard someone yelping behind him.

Zhu Yurun clutched her quilt and pitifully sat up. Looking at his back figure, she said, "I... Can I blame you a little bit?"

Qian Yingchen froze in surprise for a moment. He turned his head and looked at her in puzzlement. "How much is a little bit?"

"Not too much, not too little, just a small amount that's enough for you to stay." Zhu Yurun carefully spaced her thumb and pointer finger to make a gesture of "a little bit".

Qian Yingchen frowned. "You want me to stay here?"

"Yes... Ah, no. You don't have to stay here for too long. Stay here for an hour... or, twenty minutes would be good too." Zhu Yurun giggled.

Qian Yingchen was silent for a while, then he swept his gaze over her and said, "Sit here and look at your messy hair and unkempt appearance?"

During the one-month recovery period, a woman wasn't allowed to wash up. Hearing these words, Zhu Yurun felt very embarrassed. She quickly put down her bed curtains and left a small strip of space. This way, she could sneakily look at him, but he couldn't see her.

"Just... like this."

Qian Yingchen snorted. "What's the point in me sitting here? Do you have something you want to ask or say to this one?"

Zhu Yurun panicked. What should she say? As soon as she saw Qian Yingchen, she felt tongue-tied, so she naturally had nothing to say. What should she ask? There wasn’t anything to ask...

In a moment of desperation, Zhu Yurun choose the worst question to ask. "Sir Qian... Are you still going to marry Miss Sun?"

"En." Qian Yingchen indifferently nodded.

Flabbergasted, Zhu Yurun couldn't resist the urge to smack her own head. Wasn't asking this question just pointlessly making herself feel vexed? Wrapping the quilt around her, she rolled around her bed a few times, which caused the bed to fiercely shake. This startled Qian Yingchen.

"Miss Zhu?"

"It's nothing." Zhu Yurun stopped her movement and very calmly said, "I just turned over."

If turning over could cause the bed to shake like this, she really should cut back on eating.

Following this exchange, the two people had nothing to say to each other. Qian Yingchen sat there with a solemn expression. Zhu Yurun lied down with a bitter expression.

However, Qian Yingchen had actually sat there for twenty minutes. Once the time was up, he lightly asked Zhu Yurun, "Is there anything that you especially want to eat?"

Zhu Yurun didn't know why, but tears almost fell down. She bit her quilt and sobbed before saying in a muffled voice, "I want to eat braised meat from East Street, snacks from Fuman Restaurant, twisted steamed rolls from a street stall, and candied hawthorn."

She heard a disdainful snort outside of her bed. It was followed by the sound of Qian Yingchen departing.

She knew that he had only come here to give her father face, and he was only asking this question out of politeness, so Zhu Yurun wasn't too disappointed. She only lifted up her bed curtain to look and looked out at the room. He was already gone.


The next day, she didn't wake up until the sun was high up in the sky. Anyways, she didn't have to do anything. She only needed to open her mouth and eat each day, that's why she hadn't lost any weight.

Just as she was feeling bored, Qian Yingchen returned.

Zhu Yurun widened her eyes. She thought that once her one-month recovery period was over, she had to go see Marquis Moyu and express her thanks. It was only because there was a good superior like him that she could have good days!

"Here are the items you wanted." Qian Yingchen placed a pile of oiled paper packages on the table. He picked out a stick of candied hawthorn and handed it to her. "Here, eat."

His expression looked rotten. It was obvious that he wasn't happy doing this. He was completely different from the gentle person in her dream.

Still, Zhu Yurun was very happy. She took big bites of the candied hawthorn. Truly, hawthorns had the ability to stimulate appetite. She felt as if she could eat an entire cow today!

After finishing the candied hawthorn and taking a piece of osmanthus cake, Zhu Yurun asked Qian Yingchen with a blushing face, "Why... why are you treating me so nicely today?"

Qian Yingchen said with an unsmiling face, "Miss Zhu, you don't need to have any unnecessary thoughts. The marquis ordered this one to do this. If you want to thank someone, you can thank the marquis."

Half of her good mood disappeared. Zhu Yurun pouted. He was too honest. He didn't know how to coax a girl at all.

But, as she picked up another piece of osmanthus cake, she thought of that scene in her dreams and ended up shyly saying, "Can... Can you feed me this?"

Since he had come here because he was ordered, she would use the snacks to get him to do stuff.

However, Qian Yingchen sneered at her and stood up. "This one has a meeting with Miss Sun and won't stay long. Miss Zhu, you don't have a broken hand. You can feed yourself."

He left right after saying this. He didn't even pause after he finished speaking.  Zhu Yurun pouted. Fine, she would feed herself. At least, it was osmanthus cake.


It seemed that Marquis Moyu had issued an extreme order, so much so that Qian Yingchen came to see her every day. Sometimes, he would be in a good mood and sit here for an hour. When he was in a bad mood, he would sit here and turn his head away from her. Anyways, she wouldn't complain to anyone.


Mister Ji had come today. Zhu Yurun wasn't stupid. Mister Ji had delicate, tender skin. The more she looked, the more it was obvious that Mister Ji wasn't a man. Sure enough, she seemed to be upset and had come here to cry. When she cried, it was with a woman's voice.

Zhu Yurun wanted to comfort her, but before she had enough time to comfort her, Qian Yingchen had come.

He seemed more tense than usual. He had actually entered here in large strides.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

Zhu Yurun's heart which had slowly calmed down bounced back up just from hearing these words.

Sometimes, you would think about giving up on someone, and it would take a hundred times having this thought before it was effective. But, a few words from that person was enough to blow away all of your previous efforts.

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