The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 482

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 482 - As round as pearls and smooth as jade (1)

(T/N: Just in case this is confusing, this chapter is taking place shortly after Zhu Yurun miscarries off-screen in chapter 354. And, based on this chapter, I'm assuming no one told Zhu Yurun about Qing Yingchen's visit in chapter 355.)

Zhu Yurun was bashfully standing below a tree. She was wearing a beautiful sky blue dress, and there was a backdrop of pink clouds. In the distance, Qian Yingchen was carrying a big bag of stuff. He approached her with a smile.

"I bought the braised meat from East Street, snacks from Fuman Restaurant, twisted steamed rolls from a street stall, and your favorite food, candied hawthorn." His voice was very gentle, and his eyes were full of tender sentiments as he looked at her.

Zhu Yurun felt that she was too blessed. She shyly reached out to accept the food, but Qian Yingchen had already brought a piece of osmanthus cake to her lips. "Here, open your mouth."

(T/N: Below are pictures of various osmanthus cakes.)

Ch 482 - osmanthus cake 1.png
Ch 482 - osmanthus cake 3.png

"You..." Zhu Yurun was so touched that her eyes got teary. "Have you stopped hating me?"

She had forced herself on him, and their child was gone. Had he stopped hating her?

Qian Yingchen lightly shook his head. "Silly girl, how could I hate you?"

This definitely wasn't a dream. Zhu Yurun tearfully took a bite of the osmanthus cake. She kept thinking; this definitely wasn't a dream! Yingchen had finally forgiven her. They could happily spend their days together now. This definitely wasn't a dream!

"Miss, are you having a nightmare?" Standing nearby, Zhuer looked at her in concern.

Sure enough, it was only a dream. Zhu Yurun looked at the ceiling of her bed for a while before tugging her quilt over her head. She felt so resentful and bitter. Oh, why couldn't she have stayed in her dream for a bit longer? Just let her see Qian Yingchen being gentle for an extra moment.

"Your body is still weak from the miscarriage. Old Master has already ordered the kitchen servants to prepare whatever food you want to eat," Zhuer blabbed on, "It's fine if Sir Qian doesn't want to marry you. Old Master has already discussed the matter with Mister Ji. Once you're recovered, he'll still marry you."

Zhu Yurun groaned and rolled away in her bed to face the wall. "Let's talk about this later."

The dream had been beautiful, but in reality, Qian Yingchen still hated her guts. Her child was gone, which meant her last connection with him was gone too.

What a pity. That little life had been in her body for so long, but now it was gone, just like that.

"Zhuer, Mister Ji is actually a pretty good person, right?" Zhu Yurun decided to comfort herself. "His family has a prosperous business, and he has an attractive face. He doesn't have a wife or concubines, and he's a good person."

Zhuer quickly nodded. "Miss, have you finally come around?"

She hadn't come around. She was just accepting her fate? Zhu Yurun felt discouraged and deflated. Her miscarriage happened several days ago, but Qian Yingchen hadn't come here to see her. What was there left to hope for?

"Yes, I'll follow dad's arrangements. Yingchen probably feels exhausted from me pestering him day after day. He's getting married soon," said Zhu Yurun spiritlessly. She felt worse after saying these words aloud.

Someone had stood in the doorway for a long time. Hearing these words, he couldn't resist coldly snorting. He slowly entered the room and said, "I suppose I have to thank you for your support."

Startled, Zhu Yurun quickly rolled back to her original position, straightened her quilt, and looked out.

Qian Yingchen had come! The little ember in her heart that had almost burnt out seemed as if it was being doused by alcohol. It went back to burning brightly again! Zhu Yurun's cheeks flushed. Looking at him, she stuttered, "Y-you... Why are you..."

"Why did I come here?" Qian Yingchen sneered. "Miss, don't worry. This one doesn't have other intentions. It's just that it was this one's fault for causing your miscarriage. This one feels apologetic towards your esteemed father, so the marquis told this one to pay Miss a visit an apology."

He had heard that she had come around and was going to marry Teacher Ji. So, what was the point in him coming here to see her? Wouldn't it be fine for Teacher Ji to come here in his place to see her instead?

However, Zhu Yurun only foolishly giggled. She waved her hand and said, "It's fine. No big deal. I'll go tell my dad that it had nothing to do with you. I fell down by myself. Didn't you reach out to save me? Unfortunately, I was too heavy, so you weren't able to pull me up."

Qian Yingchen slightly froze in surprise.

It was said that a woman would lose her mind after losing her child. She would hate whoever harmed her child. Before he had come here, he had already prepared himself to be yelled at. He didn't expect that Zhu Yurun would say this matter had nothing to do with him.

How could this have nothing to do with him? The child was his. It was also his fault for bumping into her and causing her to fall down. Was this person a fool? She could obviously use this matter to threaten him into marrying her. But, she planned on speaking on his behalf instead.

Yes, that was exactly right. Chubby Miss Zhu was a fool. She had originally decided to give up on Qian Yingchen out of anger, but her dreams were full of him. Seeing him after waking him, her previous annoyance went unimaginably far away. The only thought that remained was: I like him, I like him, I like him.

"Since Miss doesn't blame me, then this one will leave." Qian Yingchen felt an inexplicable fidgetiness as he got up. He had always treated other people politely and with grace. But, whenever he met Zhu Yurun, his mind would turn into a big mess. He couldn't resist exposing his rudest and most ferocious self in front of her.

Ning Yuxuan had said he dared to act so unbridled towards her because he knew how much his young woman liked him. But, who would want to be the recipient of her affections? As the assistant minister's daughter, she should be a dignified young lady. Why didn't she learn good things? Why was she so infatuated towards a man...

T/N: Zhu Yurun and Qian Yingchen's story arc is from chapter 482 to 489.

Translator Ramblings: It's been over a year since I read DSB for the second time, so I forgot until now that I skimmed past Pengxin and Zhu Yurun's story arc both times ^^;;. I wish the author had spent less time on them, or only wrote about one foolish, infatuated girl and her happy ending instead of having two in a row. I think Pengxin could have been a much more interesting character if the author wrote about her growing up as the daughter of a mistress and how that shaped her character.

Anyways, until I translated up to this point, I only remembered that the extras contained Pengyue's POV as her relationship with Zhao Li goes downhill, Nie Qingyun's POV, Haohao's storyline when he comes back at 16 years old, Guibai's POV for a chapter, epilogue of Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan's story, and the author's note.

How do you guys feel? What do you wish the author had written about in the extras?

P.S. "Qian Yingchen chased after her and grabbed her wrist, but she forcefully pushed him away. The forceful momentum caused her to lose balance, and she fell down the restaurant's stairs." - from chapter 357.

I wonder if the author meant to rewrite that scene and forgot to do it? In the original scene, Zhu Yurun falls down because of her recklessness and impulsiveness. There's no mention of bumping.

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