The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 437

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T/N: Sorry for the late chapter.

Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 437 - The actual wish (2)

Chunpi stood in Ji Man's way and wouldn't let her go inside. “Miss Nie, the marquis is with Madam. It seems inappropriate for you to barge in there." It had been so long since the marquis had come over to see Madam, and now this woman wanted to snatch him away.

"It's important." Ji Man furrowed her brow.

Chunpi sneered. "No matter how important it is, is it more important than Madam?"

Ji Man pursed her lips. Her voice had already been loud enough. If Ning Yuxuan heard her voice, he probably would come out, right?

However, even after she waited a long time, he didn't come out.

Chunpi sighed in relief. She lightly harrumphed and said, "Miss, you can go back."

Ji Man was stunned for a long time. She finally scoffed and didn't try to shout again.

He had his wife and concubines to take care of. Right now, she was more like the other woman. Ji Man turned around and left the courtyard. She hated the other woman the most. It really was very difficult to complete Nie Sangyu's wish.

She went to the southern courtyard to look for Nie Qingyun and Errong to discuss what to do. They would be leaving the capital soon to return to Jing Province. Before leaving, they would help her search the capital. At the end, Ji Man nodded and decided she would go interrogate Wen Wan on her own.

However, when she had walked halfway back to Feiwan Courtyard, a group of constables appeared in the marquis's estate and detained her without saying anything.

While Ji Man was stunned, Tanxiang appeared at the other end of the path and shouted, "It was her! She harmed my mistress!"

Wen Wan was dead. In the short period of time when she went to Linghan Courtyard and then the southern courtyard, Wen Wan had died from poisoning in her room.

Ji Man was at a complete loss. Wen Wan was the female lead. Although her IQ wasn't high enough, she was still an important character. Why had she died so suddenly?

And so easily too?

"It was a highly toxic poison. It took less than two hours to take effect. The deceased had only come in contact with Miss Nie before dying. Moreover, there are witnesses that said Miss Nie had threatened to kill the deceased. Thus, Miss Nie, please come with us to the local jail." Jing Zhaoyin had personally come here. It was only when there was sufficient evidence that they would dare to come to the marquis's estate to arrest someone.

Ji Man contemptuously smiled. If she actually had a secret dimension ability that allowed her to scatter poison without anyone noticing, Wen Wan would have already died several times in all sorts of ways. Why would she wait until now?

Hearing someone sighing by her ear, Ji Man closed her eyes. She hadn't seen Nie Sangyu in a long time. Recently, she had only been able to occasionally hear her voice.

"Oh, she's dead..." Nie Sangyu sounded as if she was both exclaiming and sighing in relief. "You helped me get revenge for my past life."

"Is your wish fulfilled then?" Ji Man hastily asked her in her mind.

"My wish is very simple. You were the one that misunderstood." Nie Sangyu sighed as she used the last of her strength to replay the scene she had shown her at the beginning. 

In a quiet room, Nie Sangyu reached out and put a cloak embroidered with cedar trees on Marquis Moyu. Marquis Moyu raised his head. His eyes were full of gentleness.

She understood the reasoning, but what exactly was her wish? Ji Man felt as if she was going to be driven mad trying to figure this out. She repeatedly asked Nie Sangyu, but there was no response.

The original scene had disappeared, and it was replaced with Nie Sangyu's voice. She sounded like a bashful and hopeful young girl when she handed over an item.

"This servant spent a long time embroidering this cloak. Doesn't these cedar trees look lifelike? If you wear it, it'll be especially warm. You won't have to worry even if it's snowing outside... And, this servant gave offerings to Yuelao Temple to bless this cloak. It represents my feelings. The other visiting madams and girls all praised my handiwork."

"I don't need it." Someone ruthlessly pushed the cloak away. “Nie Sangyu, explain to me, why did you hit Ling-er’s servant girl?"


Ji Man came to mental halt. Something seemed to flash through her mind.

Nie Sangyu said her wish was very simple. Could it be... she only wanted Ning Yuxuan to wear that cloak? The cloak that represented her young heart, the cloak that she had spent a long time embroidering.

She couldn't understand the thought process of women from ancient times. What if that really was her wish? When Ji Man returned to her senses, she struggled against the constable and wanted to go to Feiwan Courtyard to find that cloak.

"Take her away!"

She was securely detained by the constable behind her, and he started pressing her forward and out of the marquis's estate.

A homicide case had just occurred. Why would they allow her to go back to look for a cloak? Ji Man panicked. She had finally solved the mystery. It couldn't be that she was going to be taken further way from the way back home, right?

“Yuxuan! Ning Yuxuan!" She couldn't help shouting. This was the first time that she lost her self-control to this extent.

However, Marquis Moyu turned a deaf ear to the outside noises. Instead, he continued quietly talking with Liu Hanyun. It was only when Ji Man had been brought to the local jail and was left kneeling in a hall, that Ning Yuxuan pulled up Liu Hanyun's quilt to tuck her in and went out to ask what had happened.

Outside, Chunpi, who didn't know any better, straightforwardly answered, "They said that Miss Nie killed Mistress Wen. Jing Zhaoyin came to the estate and brought Miss Nie to the local jail.

Wen Wan was dead? After receiving this shock, it took a long time before Ning Yuxuan finally recovered enough to ask, "Where... is she?"

"The local jail." Chunpi thought he was asking about Nie Sangyu.

Ning Yuxuan took a deep breath and asked again, "I was asking you, where is Wan-er's corpse?"

Chunpi lowered her head and answered, "Qiangwei Courtyard."

Wen Wan was someone that he had once doted upon in every sort of way and entered his estate in a red wedding dress. But now, in the end, she had tragically died in Qiangwei Courtyard. Her eyes weren't even closed.

Translator Ramblings: I think if Ji Man had maintained her original relationship with Liu Hanyun, Chunpi wouldn’t have stopped her from going into Liu Hanyun's room, and she wouldn't have ended up locked up in jail. I like that Ji Man has the self-awareness to realize that she is the other woman right now and the messiness of Ning Yuxuan's relationships that can't be easily solved by Ning Yuxuan abandoning everything and running off into the sunset with Ji Man and Haohao.

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