The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 436

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 436 - The actual wish (1)

Ji Man sneered. It had been over a year since Wen Wan had been favored. Was there a need to come by here to mention it?

Wen Wan was trying to drive a wedge between their relationship, but she didn't have any special skills. With her third-rate skills, she couldn't even be compared to the mistresses in other webnovels.

Wen Wan sighed again and said, "Wan-er has no hope of receiving the marquis's heart in this lifetime. Wan-er had thought that Madam would be able to receive the marquis's genuine love after giving birth to Young Master Xi. But, who could have expected that another woman would come to live in Feiwan Courtyard? Miss, you might think you have a special spot in the marquis's heart, but look, he's not here right now. The marquis went over to Linghan Courtyard."

After saying this, Wen Wan stood up and very sympathetically looked at her. "Miss, take care. Don't fall in love with the marquis."

Ji Man seriously listened to her words. If she didn't know that Wen Wan was faking amnesia, she would have been fooled into thinking that Wen Wan was giving her earnest and well-meaning advice.

“Miss Wan-er, don't worry. No one would genuinely love the marquis," Ji Man lightly said, "You wouldn't and neither would I."

Wen Wan froze in surprise for a moment before looking away and saying, "I once did. Since the first moment I saw the marquis, I..."

"Miss Wen, you're the only that touched by your feelings. No one else is moved by it," interrupted Ji Man. She chuckled and continued, "You can tearfully complain in front of other people that the marquis abandoned you. You can say that you stay up all night to cry until dawn because of this, how deeply in love the two of you once were, how his favor is gone, and you're left with a broken heart. You can say all these things so that other people will think he's a heartless person."

"But, you haven't put much effort into maintaining your relationship with him. You only know how to let the marquis pamper you and love you. You don't know how to be considerate, how to show understandings for his difficulties, and how to share his burdens. You require that his love towards you remains unchanged, but you're not as lovable as you were at the beginning. Although you're the one that's brokenhearted, the person that’s unworthy of any sympathy is also you."

Wen Wan was taken aback. Her expression was slightly twisted as she looked as Ji Man. She had already forgotten to keep her amnesia persona. "You're saying nonsense. It was clearly you that snatched away the marquis!"

"Mistress Wan, you're misremembering." Ji Man smiled. “A long time ago, the marquis was Sangyu's beloved. He married her first, then you stole him away with your simple innocence. How can you forbid her from snatching him back?"

Wen Wan was flabbergasted, but she continued to quibble, "I'm his true love. You ruined our true love. You're the one that robbed me of my true love."

Ji Man said, "Oh, in my world, there's a lot of people that like you, who say someone else's husband is their true love, and it's okay for them to abandon their wife. I think you're very suitable to be friends with those women. They have a unified name. It's called the other woman."

While Wen Wan was at a loss, Ji Man stood up and brought her to the doorway. "Also, Kangyuan Junzhu had already told me that you're faking amnesia, and yet you still came over to put on a performance. Although your acting skills are very poor, I was still amused by it. Goodnight."

After pushing her outside and closing the doors, Ji Man leaned against the doors and heard a shriek of madness.

Having your acting and lies being exposed was one of the most humiliating things possible. Wen Wan probably wouldn't be able to sleep well tonight.

“Nie Sangyu, you wretched woman! It serves you right that you can't find your son!" Wen Wan roared, then she turned to run away. Her face was flushed in anger.

However, Ji Man swiftly opened her doors, caught up to her in a few steps, and stopped her. "You know Haohao's whereabouts?"

Wen Wan's entire body was trembling. Standing behind her master, Tanxiang was supporting her and looking at Ji Man with a guarded expression.

"Haha, you want to know? Wen Wan's eyes were flushed red. She looked at her and said, "Kneel down and beg me."

Without even thinking, Ji Man knelt down. She raised her head and said, "I'm begging you. Tell me where Haohao is."

Seeing that Nie Sangyu hadn't hesitated at all in kneeling, Wen Wan and Tanxiang were both shocked. Wen Wan pursed her lips, harrumphed, and said, "I won't tell you even if you beg me."

Ji Man sneered. She abruptly stood up and pushed Wen Wan. As a bonus, since Tanxiang was supporting her from behind, both of these people fell to the ground when Ji Man pushed Wen Wan.

Ji Man slowly approached them and softly asked, "Have you ever seen a mother wolf that's protecting her pup?

Wen Wan ached from her fall. She looked at her with a pale face. "What are you going to do?"

"You can joke about anything, but if you joke about my son, I'll take your life." Ji Man softly laughed. Her expression was probably very terrifying, even Tanxiang let out a scream of horror.

Tanxiang supported Wen Wan as they desperately retreated.

The servants that had passed by here were attracted by the noise. One after another, they gathered here to watch the show. Ji Man's mind was in turmoil. Seeing that Wen Wan was scared out of her wits, Ji Man coldly harrumphed and headed towards Linghan Courtyard to see Marquis Moyu.

Even if Wen Wan really knew Haohao's whereabouts, she wouldn't be able to get the answer from her. She needed Marquis Moyu.

At this time, Ning Yuxuan was by Liu Hanyun's bedside. Seeing how haggard Hanyun had become, he did feel very guilty. How did he become like this? Someone that only cared about Ji Man. Why had he so thoroughly neglected everyone else, to the point that Liu Hanyun was this ill and he hadn't known?

Ji Man wasn't a person from this world. She was a celestial immortal that would sooner or later leave. Why was he being so stupid by allowing his heart and mind to only have her? 

He closed his eyes. Just as he was about to chat with Liu Hanyun for a while, he heard someone making a loud fuss outside.

"I want to see the marquis."

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