The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 438

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 438 - You can go back (1)

Ning Yuxuan looked for a while before asking the nearby Tanxiang, "She was poisoned?

Tanxiang had already cried to the point that she looked quite ghastly. Sobbing, she answered, "Master had only went to Feiwan Courtyard to take a look. She probably said something wrong and offended Miss Nie. Miss Nie threatened to take her life. There were several other servants present, and they all heard Miss Nie's threat. And then, right after we came back, Master died of poisoning."

Ning Yuxuan pursed his lips. There was a coroner from the local law enforcement office waiting nearby. Ning Yuxuan turned his head to glance at the coroner and said, "Do the autopsy."

The coroner uncomfortably looked as Tanxiang, who was doggedly guarding Wen Wan's corpse.

"My lord, how can you let other people defile my master's body by touching her? She's already dead now."

"Your master has died like this. An autopsy has to be done to find her murderer," said Ning Yuxuan with a somber expression. "Move aside."

"No!" Tanxiang shook her head, "The murderer is Miss Nie. All of the servants that were present can be witnesses. There's no reason to investigate this case. My lord, why are you being so biased?"

"My master has always done everything for the marquis's sake. Now that she's dead, my lord, are you going to prevent her from having a peaceful afterlife?" Tanxiang heartrendingly cried, even the nearby coroner was somewhat moved.

In contrast, Ning Yuxuan was calmly looking at her. He lightly said, "Tanxiang, you've been serving Wen Wan for several years. As for whether she died for me or if she died for someone else, would you really not know the truth?"

Shocked, Tanxiang slightly trembled. It wasn't known if she was trembling from anger or fear. "My lord, how can you say that… My master has only love you. How could you not know..."

Ning Yuxuan chuckled and gestured for the servants to pull Tanxiang away. "I'll naturally know once the autopsy is done."

Tanxiang’s face turned deathly pale.

Shouldn't the marquis's heart still have a spot for her master? Didn't that person say if her master died, the marquis would definitely be slightly moved? Was it because her words weren't effective enough to make the marquis feel moved, or was it something else? Why was the marquis insisting on the autopsy?

Tanxiang was rattled. Although the servants were pulling her away, she kept struggling and wanted to keep the corpse on the ground in her line of sight.

Wen Wan's corpse was laid out on a quilt. Her clothes were neat, but her face was unpleasantly pale. She no longer possessed her previous good looks.

She was supposed to be the final piece of straw that would cause Marquis Moyu to collapse under the weight of everything else. That person in the palace had thought using Wen Wan as a knife to thoroughly separated Ning Yuxuan and Nie Sangyu was a well-calculated move.

Unfortunately, that person in the palace didn't know that decisive people wouldn't let emotions affect their decisions. Moreover, this knife was truly too dull.

Because Wen Wan was poisoned, the coroner would have to cut open the deceased's stomach to do the autopsy and take out the remnants left in there to examine. This deceased woman was the marquis's dependent, so the coroner was in a dilemma. He confirmed, “Are you sure you want an autopsy done?"

Ning Yuxuan nodded. "Be sure to get to the bottom of this and find the truth."

Tanxiang collapsed onto the ground.

Doing the autopsy at the scene of the crime would get the most accurate results, so the coroner didn't delay. Most of the other servants were dismissed. Only Tanxiang, Marquis Moyu, and the servants holding Tanxiang back were left. The coroner removed enough of Wen Wan's clothes to slice open her abdomen and took out the remnants that were left in her stomach.

There was a smell in the air that made people feel like vomiting. Tanxiang couldn't resist covering up her nose and mouth. She wasn't able to keep crying.

"Once the examination is done, the poison can be determined," said the coroner.

Ning Yuxuan nodded. He looked at Wen Wan one last time and covered her up with a nearby plain white cloth. "Have her buried."

"Understood," said the other servants.

Seeing that Marquis Moyu's expression continue to remain unchanged, Tanxiang finally gave up. This man didn't have a heart. If he could act so heartless towards a woman that he once loved so much, how could you expect him to be willing to do something for love?

"It'll take a day to figure out what the poison is and it's origin. Miss Nie will have stay in jail tonight." The coroner saluted Ning Yuxuan.

Ning Yuxuan indifferently said, "That's fine. Just watch over her."

The servants stood at the side and watched as Wen Wan's corpse was carried away and the coroner left with his belongings. When everyone from the local law enforcement was gone, the marquis finally let out a long sigh.

"It's best to not fell love," he said, "Love is the most malicious poison. It can burrow its way through anything."

Not quite understanding, the other servants just nodded. Seeing Ning Yuxuan turned around, one of them asked, "My lord, where are you going?"


The other servants, "..." Didn't he say that he wouldn't go see her?


Because Ji Man was someone from Marquis Moyu's household, the constables didn't use torture to extort a confess from her. After she was asked a few questions, and the servants from Marquis Moyu's household gave their testimonies, she was locked up in a prison cell.

She must truly have a fated connection with this place. She was back here again shortly after being let out.

It was only that this time, there was no one in the neighboring cell to keep her company and chat with her. There was only a dirty prisoner that kept aguishly wailing at the window.

Ji Man felt less bored once she start reminiscing about everything that had happened when she first came here. However, once she started recollecting old memories, she actually thought about that wedding day in the hall, and Ning Yuxuan looking at her with loathing. And then, it was Qiangwei Courtyard, he had also looked at her disdainfully there too. After that it, it was scene after scene of his very attractive but also very dislikable face.

Translator Rambling: Given Wen Wan's lack of intelligence, I think Ning Yuxuan could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he had replaced Tanxiang with a servant that was loyal to him at the beginning of the story.

P.S. Announcement for next novels and changes to advance chapters.

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