The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 357

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 357 - Zhu Yurun (2)

Zhu Yurun felt a bit regretful. Why had she so stupidly decided to help him? He was a womanizer. He was the one that had violated her!

However, her anger leaked out as soon as she thought of his face.

She simply couldn't even start to dislike him, and even felt secretly delighted as she thought about him. He was going to be an official in the capital, right? They would definitely meet again. He might even marry her!

A woman in love was an idiot that was filled to the brim with unrealistic delusions. As she sat in the moving carriage, she seemed to vaguely see his stunned figure from faraway.

However, her older brother berated her the entire journey home. He said that no man would be willing to accept a woman that would do that sort of thing.

Zhu Yurun felt discouraged after the long period of scolding.


Later on, she discovered that she was pregnant.

She could be considered to have single-handedly ruined Zhu family's reputation. Her father couldn't raise his head in the imperial court. Zhu Yurun felt very ashamed. But, when her father furiously said that he would find that man, she was actually quite happy.

Since she was pregnant, it was even more likely that he would marry her, right?

However, no news came of this search. She waited and waited. The end result was that there were too many officials that came from Xu Province. It wouldn't be good for them to directly ask one by one. They could only secretly inquire.

It took several months to complete the inquiries, and her belly gradually got bigger. Zhu Yurun watched as the grass on the walls changed from withered to viridescence. That person still hadn't been found.

"Keep your distance from Zhu family's Miss. Stay away from that shameless creature." An assortment of mothers would warn their daughters.

When Assistant Minister Zhu's concubines went to look for matchmakers for Zhu Yurun, they would see the reputable matchmakers repeatedly shake their heads and respond with, "Miss Zhu? Aiyo, even if my tongue was made of gold, I wouldn't be able to matchmake her with someone. Who would dare to marry her?!"

Rumors were dreadful things. It wasn't clear who had spread the gossip, but it got worse and worse. They said that she had violated a man and that she was pregnant with an illegitimate baby.

Zhu Yurun really wanted to cry. There was many times when she couldn't stay silent and retorted that she hadn't done that, but no one believed her. Instead, her denial only made their mocking even worse.

However, the concubines at home sided with her and gently said that it wasn't her fault.

Zhu Yurun got over it.  She would find a man to marry her. It was okay that people cursed at her, but she didn't want her child to be cursed at with her as soon as it was born.

However, that person appeared after she had found Teacher Ji.

Zhu Yurun had been overjoyed. When she rushed towards him in high spirits, she only ended up shocking him.

His name was Qian Yingchen, and he had recently been promoted to a director in the Ministry of Revenue. He was also Marquis Moyu's close friend. When he saw her, he pushed her away as if he had seen an extremely terrifying creature.

No worries. Although there was a misunderstanding between them, everything would be okay once the misunderstanding was resolved.

He got injured, so she went over to care for him. Even with her big belly, she could still vivaciously bounce around. She could pour tea and water, tidy his room, and tell him some unfunny jokes.

Qian Yingchen's expression continued to be frigid. As soon as she started to talk about that past matter, his expression would get even colder, and he would want to kick her out.

It didn't really matter how they met for the first time, right? Once he saw her good points, it wasn't impossible that he might feel moved. Zhu Yurun's heart continued to be filled with joy as she bustled around in Qian Residence to thoughtfully take care of him.

But, why was it that the face that never smiled at her would show such happiness when he heard Miss Peng had come over?

Zhu Yurun's heart felt sick and pained, so she willfully stood at the entrance and wouldn't allow Miss Peng to come inside.

As a result, he locked her inside the woodshed. He didn't feel any tenderness towards her or care about her pregnancy.

Zhu Yurun smiled as she thought; it would better to resolve their misunderstanding.

She found an opportunity to bring Zhuer along by inviting him to a restaurant. She wanted to seriously explain what had happened back then, so that he could clearly see what a wonderful woman she was. She wasn't the horrible person that he thought she was.

But, when the time came, he had brought Miss Peng along. She opened her mouth, but couldn't utter the words to explain. Seeing how they looked like the perfect couple, she felt even worse. In a pique, she yelled, "As long as I'm here, the two of you won't be able to get married!"

After she said this, she got up and headed towards the stairs to go down. She was so angry. She wasn't a cute girl. Jealousy made her eyes turn red.

Qian Yingchen chased after her and grabbed her wrist, but she forcefully pushed him away.

The forceful momentum caused her to lose balance, and she fell down the restaurant's stairs.

As she was falling down, she finally saw a panic-stricken expression on his face. This time, it wasn't because of someone else. It was because of her.

Zhu Yurun very happily smiled, but the pain from her belly caused tears to fall.

Teacher Ji had once asked her, "Why can't you give up on him?"

It was because she was truly unwilling to accept fate. They could have had a more peaceful first meeting. They could have resolved their misunderstanding. They could have been fated to be together.

However, the gods liked to play around with people's lives and had made him biased against her.

Her name is Zhu Yurun. She was a plump girl that wasn't easy to like. She had a love that she wanted to pursue, and she couldn't understand why she had been unable to succeed in winning over his heart.

Now that she had miscarried, would she be able to win him over once she lost some more weight? Zhu Yurun smiled. But, she seemed to have lost the strength to chase after him.

A foolish girl that only knew how expend effort would inevitably get hurt.

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