The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 358

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 358 - Ancestor veneration ceremony (1)

Ning Yuxuan didn't want to Qian Yingchen to marry Zhu Yurun. He had told Qian Yingchen to go to Zhu Residence to make it known what his stance on this position was in order to avoid losing face. But, this new outcome of Assistant Minister Zhu rejecting the offer was an even better one.

The Grand Tutor's granddaughter was naturally more suitable for Qian Yingchen than Zhu Yurun. Marquis Moyu had considered the matter, and Peng Clan's background would be more beneficial for Qian Yingchen to rise up in the ranks.

They were currently in a good period. The country didn't have any enemy countries that could rival it or have any powerful wicked court officials. It shouldn't be difficult to bring about a golden age. However, Zhao Li was obviously too inflexible for political affairs. He wasn't willing to compromise and was even worse at winning over the loyalty of the court officials.

Right now, he and Ning Yuxuan were people on the same boat. One person's success or failure meant the same for the other person. And so, Ning Yuxuan would naturally do his best to help maintain the stability of the nation.

Many people in the imperial court had given their allegiance to Zhao Li when he was only the second prince. Once he ascended the throne, these people felt content to rest on their laurels and spend their time seeking pleasure. As a result, it was difficult to find dependable people to take on important responsibilities. Grand Tutor Peng had been a chief figure through the reign of three emperors. With his help, he would naturally be able to manage the imperial court more securely.

It would soon be time for ancestor veneration ceremony, and Marquis Moyu was planning on using some heavenly phenomenon to convert the hearts of the common people. He would definitely need some important court officials to assist with this performance, and he had many great uses for Grand Tutor Peng.

As Ji Man watched his response, she thought about Grand Tutor Peng too. If she were him, she would also think that it was good for Qian Yingchen to not marry Zhu Yurun. However, when she thought of that wretched-looking smile, Ji Man couldn't help feeling a bit sorrowful.

What was the point of talking about feelings to a person in a high position? In the end, benefits were the most important thing.

However, this time Ning Yuxuan had neglected to think about the people below as he focused on the people above. Although Assistant Minister Zhu was only an assistant minister, he was still a fourth-ranked court official in the Ministry of Revenue. If he decided to become a turncoat, it was possible that a moment's negligence could destroy a dynasty.

Ji Man didn't say any additional words. When she turned around to leave while holding Haohao, Ning Yuxuan suddenly stretched his hand out and stopped her.

Marquis Moyu raised his head and looked at her as he asked, "Have you missed me during the past few days?" 

Ji Man insincerely smiled. "I missed you so much."

There was a trace of disappointment in his eyes. Ning Yuxuan took his hand back, pursed his lips, and said, "Stop interfering in Zhu Yurun's matter. Just peacefully stay here to teach Haohao."

"En." Although her lips agreed, she didn't look at him. Ji Man held Haohao as she walked to her room. She kept him amused by asking, "Do you want teacher to teach you to how to paint with sugar? You can even eat your paintings after you're done."

(T/N: Sugar painting is done by drizzling hot, liquid sugar onto a flat surface to create two-dimensional outlines. Below are three pictures.)

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 9.42.30 PM.png

Haohao blinked, and the two pigtails behind his head waved back and forth. "I want to paint the sun."

"Why the sun?" Ji Man was smiling so big that her eyes closed.

"Because the sun covers the world. I'll be able to eat lots of candy." Haohao stretched out his little hands to gesture a very big circle.

Ji Man found his words and gesture very amusing. She rubbed her face against his little face. Even separated by a layer of fake skin, she could feel that this little fellow's skin was as tender as silken tofu.

Right after Ji Man walked through a covered corridor, they bumped into Liu Hanyun, who was holding Xi-er's hand as they walked. "Teacher Ji."

Ji Man put away her smile and stopped walking to call out, "Madam."

Liu Hanyun wasn't smiling. She looked at Haohao for a long time before turning her head to look at Ji Man. "Why do you insist on coming back?"

Ji Man chuckled. "This one is Haohao's teacher. It's only natural that this one will come back. Actually, this one wants to ask Madam, where were you planning on sending this one?"

Liu Hanyun had already heard that Marquis Moyu had kicked out the servants that had taken Ji Man away. Her expression was even more ill-intentioned than before as she looked at Ji Man. "I won't do anything if you stay within your role as a teacher. If you continue to have devious intentions of seducing the marquis, then don't blame me for being rude."

Ji Man nodded. Liu Hanyun certainly show sufficient attitude for a main wife. She was no longer someone that was unaware, and her demeanor had changed to one that was fitting a matriarch.

"This one understands." She really didn't have any intention of seducing the marquis. She was just a passerby. It wouldn't be good to leave behind too many feelings here. It was just that she sometimes had to play along in order to meet her goal.

That's right, she was just playing along.

After returning to her courtyard, she handed Haohao over to a servant girl to play with him while she returned to her room to manage her accounts. Her rice business was going very smoothly, and her income from it was also considerable. After paying the wages of Yan Buba and the shop assistants as well as transportation and store fees, her profit for this month was one thousand three hundred teals. Although it wasn't as profitable as selling cold cream, there was enough working capital.

It would soon be the ancestor veneration ceremony, and Wu Yong had sent her message about Zhangjun Prince's order. On the day of the ceremony, she had to think of a way to lead Marquis Moyu to Quyi Pavilion.

Quyi Pavilion was a resting spot on the way to the Temple of Heaven, so it wouldn't be difficult to lead him there. But, what was Zhao Zhe planning on doing there? Zhao Zhe wouldn't do something that wasn't useful.

Ji Man thought that Zhao Zhe was truly talented in using people. Why was he insisting on using her to deal with Ning Yuxuan? She had only come to Marquis Moyu's estate because she wanted to spend time with Haohao.

Actually, Zhangjun Prince probably still didn't trust her. When he had ordered her to steal the signature steal, he was just testing her sincerity. He was like a child playing house. Why would he possibly have such an urgent need to tamper with an official document? However, by the time that she realized this, it was already too late. He was already praising her to the high heavens for being able to handle assignments so well.

This time he wanted Ning Yuxuan to go to Quyi Pavilion. Could this just be another test? What could possibly happen just from resting at Quyi Pavilion for a bit?

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