The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 356

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 356 - Zhu Yurun (1)

Her name is Zhu Yurun.

Zhu yuan yu run was a beautiful idiom*. Zhu Yurun originally hadn't been as plump and round as her dad had been anticipating. Her little face had barely been able to meet the qualification of being as round as a pearl when she smiled.

* (T/N: This literal meaning of this idiom is round as pearls and smooth as jade. It's used to describe beautiful singing and polished writing.)

Zhu Yurun's life had been smooth sailing until she met Qian Yingchen. She had a father that doted on her, an older brother that spoiled her, and all of the concubines in the family were protective towards her. Because she had been surrounded by an overabundance of love, Zhu Yurun learned from a young age that she should love and protect someone that she cared about.

They had met each other in an inn that was in Xu Province. He had been going up the stairs when she was going down. It had only been a glimpse, but it left her with a lasting impression. She thought that this man was truly very good-looking. She stopped on the second floor and couldn't force herself to look away from his figure.

His movements looked effortless and elegant. It seemed that he was feeling very joyful from being promoted for something and was accepting congratulation from the innkeeper while he was eating his meal in the dining hall.

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She hadn't been able to resist the impulse to go downstairs. She hid herself and eavesdropped on his conversation.

"This one received the emperor's great favor and will be going to the faraway capital," he mildly said. She thought that his voice was so lovely to hear. She almost couldn't resist stepping forward and asking him to repeat himself.

"Congratulations, sir's efforts in requesting help haven’t been a waste." The innkeeper said with a smile, "Sir, you're quite lucky. That scoundrel from the senior provincial official's family also wants to be an official in the capital. It's fortunate that sir was chosen first."

Qian Yingchen's eyes curved as he smiled. There was a look of ambition that was freely unfurling in his eyes. When he inadvertently turned his head, he was a bit stunned to see her staring at him, but he still politely put one hand in front of the other to salute.

Zhu Yurun blushed.

When she ran back to her room, her wildly beating heart was like a jumping fawn.

Zhuer, who was by her side, even teasingly said, "Miss, are you feeling the stirring of love?"

Zhu Yurun's heart was filled with joy. She lightly rebuked, "You're too chatty." 

That person was going to the capital too, and he was a governmental official. When she went back, could she ask her dad to help her? That person was also staying in the room next to her. It must be fate that was ordained by the Heavens. This would definitely work out.


In the middle of the night, she was suddenly woken up by the sounds of a man pushing open the door to her room. Zhu Yurun thought; is this what her father's concubines had meant by a spring dream? She was surprised that this man would appear in her dream.

It was only when she heard Zhuer’s shocked scream that she returned to her senses. Her body had already been pushed down on the bed. This wasn't a dream.

"Miss!" Zhuer was shocked. When she went over to open the door, she discovered that it had been locked from the outside. She could hear someone's muffled laughter from the other side of the door. A moment later, white smoke entered the room through the window, and Zhuer slowly fell down.

Zhu Yurun felt dizzy too. The man on top of her had a flushed face and seemed as if he wasn't in his right mind. He was looking at her with a very gently gaze as he softly kissed her lips.

Back then, she had shamelessly thought; even if this person was a rapist, she could accept him. She had never been so tempted by a man before. Even if she gave him her body and soul, it would be worth this encounter.

Women really could be this stupid when they were being impulsive.

She had originally felt lethargic enough to fall unconscious, but his rough actions pained her enough that she stayed away the entire night.

Early next morning, she heard someone outside the room quietly asking, "Did the plan work?"

"Yes, call Sir Zhu over. That arrogant fellow definitely won't be able to go to the capital after this."

Zhu Yurun was shocked to hear these words. Enduring the pain, she got out of the bed and woke Zhuer up. She didn't have time to explain and just told Zhuer to stop her older brother from coming over here.

The man on the bed woke up. He was stunned to see her scantily clad body.

"Sir, you're already my person." Zhu Yurun looked at his blearily eyes. She almost couldn't stop herself from kissing him again. "We've already become husband and wife last night."

Qian Yingchen was at a complete loss. He didn't know how he had lost last night's memories. His last memory was drinking downstairs. Why had he woken up in a woman's room?

Wasn't this the same woman that had been foolishly staring at him yesterday?

He swept his gaze across the room. There was still some white powder residue in a corner of the room. He put on his clothes and went over to look. It was an aphrodisiac drug.

"You looked so handsome, so Yurun couldn't resist..." Zhu Yurun sat on the bed. Even she didn't know what she was babbling. "So... just treat last night as me forcing you."

Qian Yingchen's complexion changed colors as he looked at her incredulously. He exited the room right after he finished putting on his clothes properly.

Zhu Yurun didn't understand why he would have such an extreme reaction. She hastily put on the rest of her clothes and wanted to chase after him, but a group of people had already come up the stairs. Panicking, Zhu Yurun could only jump inside the neighboring room.

After her older brother rushed into her room and didn't see her, other people led him into this room. Seeing her disheveled appearance, he angrily asked, "Yurun, did you encounter a womanizer?"

"Nope." Yurun sat on the bed and calmly smiled. "I met a handsome man yesterday evening. Affectionate feelings formed, and I couldn't resist coming over to his room in the middle of the night. But, I don't know why. He left."

Everyone was dumbstruck by her words, and even Zhuer widened her eyes in incredulity.

They had never seen such a bold woman before. Not only had she taken the initiative to start a relationship with a man, she had actually scared that man away.

Zhu Yurun's older brother felt too embarrassed. After he dispersed the crowd, he was in a rush to bring her back to the capital. The inn was clamoring because of this incident, and many people bombarded her with curses.

"Look, it's that shameless woman!"

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