The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 188

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 188 – Stricken with smallpox (1)

Ji Man lazily stretched before getting out of bed. With an unhappy expression, Tanxiang begrudgingly came forward and helped her put on her robes and get ready for the day.

Recently, Wen Wan and her servant had become considerably more obedient, so Ji Man didn’t need to spend too much energy worrying about these two. The other women in the harem were attentively adhering to the gradation of etiquette in accordance to their social status, so they wouldn’t bother her for petty reasons. In addition, she hadn’t even seen Marquis Moyu’s shadow lately. Thus, her lifestyle was quite relaxed for a period for time.


Errong was free today, so she came over to visit her. However, Errong’s complexion didn’t look too good, and she kept coughing.

Ji Man held her hand and asked, “Did you catch a cold?”

Errong sniffled and said, “I went to a temple that was outside of the capital to burn incense about half a month ago. I don’t know why, but a few days after I returned home, I started feeling unwell. It's been a several days, but I still haven’t gotten any better. Even after a doctor checked me, he couldn’t tell me why I was feeling unwell. He told me to just stay at home to recuperate. If I wasn’t feeling so worried about you and your pregnancy, Qingyun wouldn’t have let me leave the residence."

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Ji Man looked at her face. Her complexion didn’t look healthy and her cheeks were flushed. Ji Man checked Errong’s temperature by touching her forehead. One moment, it felt feverish, but the next second, it felt cold.

Worried, Ji Man said, “I happen to have an imperial physician staying here. Let’s have him check you too. There have been a lot of servant girls getting sick in the residence lately. They’ve all been sent out of the residence by Old Madame.”

The imperial physician, whom Imperial Noble Consort Nie had previously sent over, had been watching after her daily activities and food. It wouldn’t be inconvenient for him to come over and examine Errong. Errong agreed.

However, after the imperial physician came over, he used every type of diagnostic to check Errong and took over an hour with his examination. In the end, his expression was solemn as he said, “Madam Ning, please go outside first. Don’t stay so close. Have the servants bring some warm water over and wash your hands.”

Ji Man felt something was wrong. Why did it seem as if Errong had a contagious illness?

It was better to be careful. After she followed the doctor’s orders and washed her hands, she went back to her room to wait.

After the imperial physician was done with his examination, he didn’t immediately go to Nie Sangyu’s room to tell her about Errong’s condition. Instead, he ordered the servants to inform Old Madame first. After that, it only took a brief period of time for anxiety to spread throughout the entire household.

Ning Errong had smallpox.

Recently, many people had gotten smallpox outside of the capital. At first, no one had noticed. Later, as the number of people dying gradually increased, it finally caught the attention of the local authorities. Imperial Physician Lin had treated smallpox before, so he was able to see that Errong had smallpox even though the average doctors wouldn’t be able to correctly diagnose her illness.

In this era, smallpox was the equivalent of a chronic disease that eventually killed its host. It left people feeling petrified at the mere mention of it. However, Errong was clearly only at the initial stage of smallpox and didn’t have any obvious symptoms.


With a solemn expression, Imperial Physician Lin said, “This illness is contagious. People that have contact with her will become susceptible to getting sick themselves. Recently, there have been servants that have also gotten smallpox. Fortunately, Old Madame, you’re very wise and sent them out of the residence. As for Madame Nie, it’ll be best to have people quickly send her back to Nie Residence. Don’t let her have any contact with other people, just leave two servant girls by her side to serve her. Request for another imperial physician to go to Nie Residence to treat her illness.”

Old Madame was very anxious. She hurriedly asked, “Sangyu had contact with Errong. Will she have caught the smallpox from her?”

Imperial Physician Lin said, “Madam hadn’t been in contact with Madam Nie for long. We’ll have to wait and see. This old one will stay in Feiwan Courtyard and continue to check up on Madam. If she doesn’t show any smallpox symptoms after ten days, then it’ll be considered as having avoided a disaster.”

The room became very silent. Ji Man was sitting at the side. Nearby, Qi Siling and Jinse both instinctively took a few steps away from her.

Ji Man twitched her lips. This really was an unaccepted calamity that had dropped from the heavens. Everything had been going perfectly well, but now smallpox had appeared.

In her previous life, smallpox had already been eradicated. As for whether Nie Sangyu had caught smallpox before and developed immunity, she didn’t know.

Old Madame sighed and had servants escort Nie Sangyu back to Feiwan Courtyard.

Imperial Physician Lin prepared disinfectant water and had Wen Wan and Tanxiang clean Feiwan Courtyard with it. After that, they could only wait and see if Nie Sangyu would show any symptoms after ten days.


Wen Wan lightly smiled and asked, “Imperial Physician, what do people with smallpox look like?”

With a stern expression, Imperial Physician Lin said, “The symptoms are fluctuating temperatures, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, as well as red dots. Madam is pregnant right now, so smallpox is especially dangerous for her. A moment of inattention might lead to her miscarrying. It’s even possible that she might lose her life as well."

“Really?” Wen Wan’s eyes showed her smiling intent.

Imperial Physician glanced at her, and Wen Wan thought that her tone shouldn’t sound too happy. She hurriedly lowered her eyes and said, “This servant will be careful.”


That night, when Ning Yuxuan returned home and heard about the smallpox matter, he washed himself with disinfectant water, changed his clothes, and went to Feiwan Courtyard.

Wen Wan walked forward and hurriedly stopped him. “My lord, the imperial physician said that Madam might have smallpox. It’s better if you don’t go inside.”

Ning Yuxuan slightly pursed his lips, leaned against the entrance as he looked at Wen Wan, and said, “Isn’t she still okay right now? It’s not like she’ll definitely catch smallpox.”

“Still, it’s not necessary for my lord to take this risk just to see Madam, right?” Wen Wan’s expression sunk. “If you have something you want to say to her, can’t I just tell her for you?”

Marquis Moyu chuckled. “Why are you looking so stern? I just happened to be walking in this direction, so I came by to see her. If I can’t see her, then I’ll just leave.”

Wen Wan hurriedly stopped him again. “My lord, I haven’t seen you in a while. I have so many things that I want to say to you. Why do you keep avoiding me?”

Ning Yuxuan paused his footstep. “You’re overthinking things. There’s been an outbreak of smallpox in the palace too, so I’ve been busier. Once it’s less busy, let’s talk then.”

Unsatisfied, Wen Wan bit her lip. But, she could only let go of Ning Yuxuan’s arm and watch as he strode away.

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