The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 187

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 187 – A female lead that’s grievously suffering (2)

The next day, Ji Man gave Gancao and Dengxin time off to visit their families. Wen Wan was left as her remaining personal servant.

Feeling extremely uneasy, Gancao looked at Nie Sangyu and said, “Master, it’s okay if we visit our families at another time. Your body…”

Dengxin nodded and added, “That person in the side room doesn’t know how to serve people at all. What if something were to happen?”

Ji Man looked at the bottom edge of a skirt that was peeking out from the doorway, faintly smiled, and said, “Why would anything happen? Wan-er isn’t stupid. If anything happens when she’s the only one serving me, then she’ll have to pay for the death of my baby with her life. Imperial Noble Consort Nie and the rest of my clan would never let her off, even the marquis wouldn’t be able to stop them.”

Gancao and Dengxin still felt worried, but Ji Man pushed some money into their hands and personally escorted them out of the residence.

After she publicized her pregnancy, the likelihood of her two simple-minded personal servant girls being used by other people was too great. Moreover, she wasn’t sure how much she could trust them. She was scared that she would accidentally drink another bowl of medicinal soup with saffron. And so, the best solution was to send them away and have Wen Wan serve her for a while.

On the bright side, if Qian Lianxue wanted to harm her, she would have fewer opportunities to do so. As for Marquis Moyu, he wouldn’t dare to act rashly while she had Wen Wan as a hostage. If he dared to do anything against her, she would drag down the woman he cherished the most with her. She definitely wouldn’t let him have a happy ending.

Ji Man resolutely covered her stomach. This little treasure, she definitely wouldn’t allow it to be harmed again by anyone.


However, as Gancao and Dengxin had predicted, Wen Wan didn’t serve Nie Sangyu in an attentive and thoughtful manner.

Looking at Nie Sangyu’s somewhat fatigued face, Old Madame frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Man smiled and shook her head. “It’s nothing. I just haven’t been sleeping well recently. When I wake up at night, there isn’t a servant to serve me, and I almost fell over last night. It made me feel worried, so I wasn’t able to sleep well.”

“How can this be okay?!” Old Madame angrily said, “Have all your personal servant girls died?”

Standing by the side, Wen Wan trembled when she heard Old Madame’s angry voice. She stepped forward and said, “This servant is still serving Madam.”

Old Madame glanced at her and sneered. “I was wondering who would dare to be so audacious and not serve her master. So it was you. Then, this matter isn’t strange at all.”

Wen Wan smiled. “This servant has never been good at serving other people. Madam is the one that insisted on keeping this servant by her side. This servant also feels very helpless.”

Look at that. The female lead is grievously suffering.

Old Madame looked at her in askance and said, “What’s the point in keeping a servant that doesn’t know how to work? I might as well send you away sooner rather than later. Xuan-er happens to not be at home today, so I’ll decide this matter. How about I bestow you to Butcher Zhang, the one at the nearby street corner?”

Wen Wan straightened her back, “This servant is the marquis’s woman.” Old Madame was definitely just trying to scare her. There was no way she would actually go through with this.

Old Madame scoffed. “All of the women in this household belong to the marquis. It seems that no one has taught you the rules, so you’re acting increasingly without any sense of propriety. Shouwu, call for people to tie her up and deliver her to Butcher Zhang.”

Shouwu made a sound of acknowledgement, and other servants really did come over, tie Wen Wan up, and push her outside.

Shocked by this treatment, Wen Wan didn’t react until she had already been pushed to the main courtyard’s entrance. Panic-stricken, Wen Wan begged for mercy, “Old Madame, please forgive me! Please!”

Old Madame looked on with a stony expression as Shouwu personally led the other servants in forcefully taking Wen Wan out of the residence.

They brought Wen Wan to Butcher Zhang, who was standing at the street corner.

As soon as Wen Wan saw that meaty and greasy-faced butcher, her legs felt like they were going to collapse. She hurriedly hugged Shouwu’s leg and said, “Aunty Shouwu, please spare this servant! Please! This servant won’t dare to act badly again! Aunty Shouwu, please allow this servant to go back to the residence!”

Shouwu’s smile was cutting. “Miss Wan-er, Old Madame is worried that you’ll keep forgetting that you have to follow the rules. So, she’s decided to let you experience what it’s like to suffer. As a servant myself, I can’t save you.”

After Wen Wan was pushed into Butcher Zhang’s house, Shouwu closed the door and waited outside until she heard Wen Wan’s screech. Then, she had the other servants open the door and drag Wen Wan outside.

Wen Wan had already been scared out of her wits. Although her clothing looked a bit disorderly, she was still wearing them and none of it was torn. Shouwu snorted, paid Butcher Zhang some money, and led the group of servants back.

Wen Wan had a stomach full of grievances. She desperately endured them and waited for Marquis Moyu’s return. Once Yuxuan found that she had been humiliated in such a terrible manner, he definitely wouldn’t let them off!

However, when the marquis came by Feiwan Courtyard, Nie Sangyu sent her off to get medicine. By the time she came back, the marquis had already left.

Wen Wan’s eyes were red as she held her handkerchief in a death grip. She glared at Nie Sangyu, who was serenely sitting in the middle of the room.

Ji Man was calmly smiling. She was merely acting out the role of a secondary female character. Back when she used to read light novels, she thought the secondary female characters were the most dislikable people. However, now that she was playing out the role of a secondary female character, it felt quite satisfying.

Wen Wan was so angry that tears kept dripping down her face. Then, she turned around and ran outside. She wanted to chase after Ning Yuxuan.

However, Shouwu seemingly appeared out of nowhere and asked her with a smile, “Miss Wan-er, where are you going?”

Frightened by Shouwu’s sudden appearance, Wan Wan immediately fled back to Feiwan Courtyard.


That night, Wen Wan naturally wasn’t able to peacefully fall asleep. After turning and tossing, she draped an outer robe over herself and went outside to sit under the covered corridor to lament over her misfortune.

“Miss Wan-er.” A voice came from behind her.

Wen Wan almost shrieked in fright. When she turned around, she saw that the words had come from a low-ranking servant girl that had recently been assigned to Feiwan Courtyard.


Translator Ramblings: I’m glad that it’s clear from Shouwu’s actions that Old Madame’s intention from the beginning was just to scare Wen Wan. Wen Wan was never in any real danger, only a perceived one.

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