The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 186

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 186 – A female lead that’s grievously suffering (1)

Shocked, Wen Wan instinctively shook her head. “No!”

It had been so difficult to be transferred from Feiwan Courtyard to Marquis Moyu’s side. How could she be willing to go back?!

Ji Man slightly widened her eyes, made a graceful gesture with her hand, and copied Wen Wan’s delicate way of speaking as if she was the wronged party. “Even though I shouldn’t insist this if Miss Wan-er doesn’t want to, I still have to make one more attempt to implore you. I just wouldn’t feel safe if it was someone else serving me. Miss Wan-er, do you dislike me so much that you won’t even help me out when I’m pregnant?”

A muffled laughter came over from the side. The two women turned their heads in that direction, but they only saw a book blocking their view of Marquis Moyu’s face. He seemed as if he was seriously reading a book.

She must have misheard. There was no reason for Marquis Moyu to be laughing. Ji Man shook her head, then she took a step forward and clasped Wen Wan’s hand in hers. “Come on younger sister, just obediently come with me. Before I came here, I already asked Old Madame for permission, and she agreed.”

Wen Wan pursed her lips and said, “This servant is the marquis’s person right now. It doesn’t count even if Old Madame agrees. You have to ask the marquis if he agrees or not!”

Ah, she’s getting smarter. Ji Man put on a show of helplessly letting go of Wen Wan’s hand, then she turned around and walked to Marquis Moyu’s side. “My lord ~”

Ning Yuxuan dryly coughed, put down the book, and solemnly said, “If you take Wan-er away, who will serve me?”

“Don’t you have Guibai and the other servants?” Ji Man clutched his arm and swung it back and forth. “This servant’s days of suffering will be so long in the future. My lord, do you really not care? It’s only one servant. After this servant borrows her for a couple of months, this servant will naturally return her.”

In a couple of months, Yuxuan’s feelings towards her might have already cooled. Wen Wan coldly looked at Nie Sangyu. She absolutely couldn’t stand the gaze that Nie Sangyu was directing at Yuxuan. Nie Sangyu really didn’t have any sense of shame!

And yet, Ning Yuxuan didn’t say any words of disagreement. He actually nodded.

He actually gave her away, just like that!

Unwilling to accept reality, Wen Wan’s lost her self-control and shouted, “My lord!”

Marquis Moyu glanced at her. His eyes showed helplessness. “Sangyu is pregnant. I can only be unfair to you for a bit.”

Ji Man was smiling so widely that her eyes had closed. Once again, she affectionately pulled Wen Wan’s hand. “See, even the marquis has agreed. Come on, let’s go."

Wen Wan’s gaze was full of disdain, but she lowered her eyes. Her hands were rigid as she said, “… This servant will obey.”

Just like that, Nie Sangyu brought her back to Feiwan Courtyard. She hadn’t even had the chance to say one sentence alone with Marquis Moyu.

When they arrived at Feiwan Courtyard, Gancao and Dengxin were joyfully organizing Nie Sangyu’s room. Their master was pregnant, so pointy objects and various incense sticks naturally had to be put away. The old rug was also replaced with a thick and soft sheep rug.

When the two servant girls saw their master leading Wen Wan back, their expression immediately stiffened.

When Gancao went with Wen Wan to the side room to tidy it up, Dengxin was trembling in fury while she stood by her master’s side.

Dengxin exclaimed, “Master, how could you bring that scourge back?!”

Ji Man patted her hand and said, “Calm down. I naturally have my own reason for bringing her back. Just don’t let her touch my food or anything else I use. Other than that, act normally. Treat her like she’s any other servant.”

“How could the other servants dare treat her like a servant?” Dengxin angrily said, “Everyone in the household knows that the marquis cherishes her. Whenever anyone dares to order her around, she’ll tell the marquis that person bullied her and that person won’t have a good outcome.”

Ji Man cheerfully said, “Don’t worry, the marquis won’t punish you. It’s okay if you order her around. You don’t have to give her any special treatment.”

Although Dengxin didn’t believe her, her master’s expression showed that she had a trick up her sleeve. And so, she felt somewhat curious. After her master had lied down to rest, Dengxin mustered up her courage and knocked on the side room’s doors

Wen Wan opened the doors and impatiently looked at her. “What?”

Dengxin said with a smile, “Our master is pregnant and frequently wakes up in the middle of the night. Gancao and I have already taken turns for night duty for the last four nights. Tonight is your turn. Don’t sleep too deeply."

Wen Wan had been angry to begin with. Hearing these words, she got even angrier. “You can’t possibly be asking me to give up on getting a good night’s sleep.”

Dengxin rolled her eyes. “As servants, if our master can’t sleep well, then we can’t sleep well either. Even thought the marquis spoils you, you’re still a servant. Don’t forget your status.”

This wasn’t the first time that Wen Wan heard these words. The first time she heard these words was from a servant girl in Marquis Moyu’s courtyard that was responsible for preparing and serving tea. Wen Wan immediately turned around and cried in front of Ning Yuxuan for a while. As a result, the tea servant was sent out of the residence.

Wen Wan looked at Dengxin up and down, then she cynically said, “Be careful with your words. Otherwise, when it’s your turn to be sent out of the residence, your pregnant master won’t be able to help you.”

Dengxin glared at her. “I’ve already done my duty. If you don’t want to listen to me and something happens to my master, then I can’t help you either when Old Madame punishes you.”

After saying this, Dengxin turned around and went to her shared room with Gancao to sleep.

Wen Wan stood in the doorway and stewed in silence for a while. What was the big deal about being pregnant?! She had been pregnant too!

She rubbed her stomach. While she had been at Marquis Moyu’s side recently, she had been favored several times. Perhaps, she would soon become pregnant too. If that happened, she would make Nie Sangyu pay her back for all of the grievances she was suffering now.

She turned around and went inside to sleep. Wen Wan didn’t take Dengxin’s words seriously.


And so, when Ji Man woke up in the middle of the night and called for a servant several times, no one came. She rubbed her chin, then she got out of bed, went outside, and poured herself a cup of warm water. While she was outside, she glanced at the side room. Wen Wan clearly hadn’t changed her immature personality at all.


Translator Ramblings: My favorite part is when Ning Yuxuan finally realizes that Nie Sangyu is just messing with them and secretly finds it amusing.

“A muffled laughter came over from the side. The two women turned their heads in that direction, but they only saw a book blocking their view of Marquis Moyu’s face. He seemed as if he was seriously reading a book.

She must have misheard. There was no reason for Marquis Moyu to be laughing.”

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