The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 185

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 185 – The Peony and the Beautiful Man (2)

Wen Wan had fled to the garden to cry. She had been here for a while, but Ning Yuxuan still hadn’t come here to console her. Not only that, she overheard from passing servant girls that everyone had gone to the main courtyard to celebrate Madam’s pregnancy.

How could she not feel bad about this? The position of Ning Yuxuan’s main wife had originally been hers, and she had been the pregnant one first. But, in the blink of an eye, she had lost everything. Nie Sangyu had left the path that would lead to her demise, and an opportunity had unexpectedly been given to her!

At the thought of this, Wen Wan cried even more bitterly.

The sound of her weeping attracted a passerby’s attention.

Ning Mingjie turned around and saw that it was Wen Wan. He raised his eyebrows and walked over to ask her what was wrong.

Wen Wan looked up in surprise and saw Ning Mingjie’s breathtaking face. Her heart jumped and her face turned slightly red. “Young Master.”

Ning Mingjie lightly asked, “How come you’re crying here?”

Previously, when they had been at Tonghua Poetry Association, Wen Wan would ask his help from time to time in shooing off a couple of young nobles that were acting too outrageously. Since she was Ning Yuxuan’s wife, he hadn’t refused her requests. Little by little, the two of them had become more familiar with each other. Ning Mingjie didn’t dislike Wen Wan, but he didn’t like her either. He just regarded her as his cousin’s wife.

However, his naturally seductive eyes had a negative aspect. No matter who he looked at, his gaze would look unintentionally too gentle and affectionate. As a result, Wen Wan had always thought Ning Mingjie had a small crush on her.

Since ancient times, how many men didn’t like weak and delicate women?

And so, when she had been confined in the woodshed, she had used Ah Zi to send many messages to Ning Mingjie. For example, she would say that the other servants were bullying her, or that she had gotten a cold because the weather was too cold.

Ning Mingjie had visited her a few times when he had been feeling bored. Seeing how pitiful she had looked, he even brought her a quilt. However, his work became busier later, and he no longer had time to pay attention to her various requests.

During the holidays, when there had been that incident with women and children being kidnapped, he happened to see Wen Wan and asked her if she knew about the situation. However, Wen Wan hadn’t known about anything, so he didn’t ask any further questions. Now that he happened to meet her again, Ning Mingjie blurted out this question. But, as soon as he did, he felt somewhat regretful.

Why had he asked her this question? It was none of his business.

“Young Master, have you not heard the news yet? Madam is pregnant. She’s been pregnant for four months.” Wen Wan forced herself to smile, but there were still tears in her eyes. It gave off the impression of a delicate person trying her best to appear strong.

Ning Mingjie nodded. “I was just about to send someone to tell Errong. She’ll probably be the happiest person when she hears this news.”

Wen Wan placed her hands over her stomach, lowered her eyes, and said, “Wan-er should also have her own child. Unfortunately, the gods are cruel…”

“You can just get pregnant again in the future. There’s no need to come here to cry.” Ning Mingjie lightly smiled and said, “I’ll be leaving first.”

Wen Wan, “…”

She had thought this person would at least say a couple of comforting words. Then, she would have the opportunity to air out her grievances in response. Unexpectedly, Ning Mingjie had left right after saying those words.

She pursed her lips. He was right. There really was no point in crying. She wiped her tears and went to look for Ning Yuxuan.


Ning Yuxuan returned to his study. Unfortunately for him, Nie Sangyu had come here with him too.

Ji Man continued to act super clingy. She insisted on moving her chair next to Ning Yuxuan’s, then she stared at him with loving eyes. Whenever Ning Yuxuan turned his head, she would wink at him. In addition, she would ask in a syrupy voice, “My lord, do you want to drink or eat something?”

In order to avoid hearing that voice that would give him goosebumps, Ning Yuxuan had been staring at the same piece of paper for almost half an hour.

Wen Wan entered the room with reddened eyes. She had originally thought she could come here to indulge herself in acting cutely spoiled until she felt better. However, as soon as she walked inside, she saw Nie Sangyu leaning against Marquis Moyu. Wen Wan heard Nie Sangyu say in a coquettish voice, “My lord, if you’re tired of reading, this servant can read it aloud for you.”

This woman was truly being too shameless. She clearly knew that Yuxuan didn’t like her. And yet, she used her pregnancy as an excuse to cling to him! Wen Wan couldn’t contain her anger. She stepped forward and shouted, “Yuxuan!”

Since Marquis Moyu had taken her as his personal servant girl last month, she had already lost the attitude that a servant girl should have. She was even accustomed to addressing him by his name instead of by his title.

Ji Man raised her eyebrows and showed a displeased expression. “Miss Wan-er, have you forgotten your status after staying by the marquis’s side for only a short period of time?”

Feeling very disgruntled, Wen Wan said, “How has Wan-er forgotten her status?”

“Can all of the servants in this household address the marquis by his name? If so, I’ll order the rest of the servants to also address him like that in the future.”

Ning Yuxuan frowned and lightly said, “Don’t say such nonsense.”

“How is it nonsense? Isn’t this servant just accommodating Miss Wan-er’s behavior?” Ji Man asked with a smile. Every particle in Ji Man’s body felt invigorated when she imagined a chorus of servant girls greeting Marquis Moyu with syrupy voices, “Yuxuan, we wish you well.”

Wen Wan bit her lips, lowered her head, and said, “This servant is the one that acted improperly. The marquis is the marquis. This servant shouldn’t have addressed him based on my previous status.”

Ji Man felt somewhat disappointed that Wen Wan acknowledged her mistake so quickly. She twitched her lips and said, “Miss Wan-er, you’re very forgetful.”

Wen Wan lowered her head more and stayed silent.

Ji Man continued to smile and do things to nauseate the both of them for a while. Then, seeing that it wasn't early anymore, she finally mercifully said, “This servant should go back to my courtyard to rest now.”

Nie Sangyu was finally leaving! It was as if there were little firecrackers being set off in Wen Wan’s heart in celebration.

Marquis Moyu also sighed in relief.

“But…” Ji Man stood up and seriously looked at Wen Wan. “My courtyard is lacking servants. Life is definitely bound to be more inconvenient as a pregnant person. Miss Wan-er, return to Feiwan Courtyard with me.”


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