The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 189

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 189 – Stricken with smallpox (2)

Ji Man was currently in her room recollecting what she had learned in her high school biology class. She remembered that there had also been a question about smallpox in her college entrance exam. The answer had been that smallpox was transmitted through direct contact with infected bodily fluids. When Errong was visiting today, she had covered her mouth every time she coughed. And so, the likelihood of her getting infected during Errong’s visit was miniscule. And, it was impossible for smallpox to be transmitted merely by holding hands.

And so, no matter how she looked at it, there was no way she had gotten smallpox today.

However, it was obvious to Ji Man that this incident would be giving other people plenty of opportunities to scheme against her. It was easy for smallpox to kill a pregnant woman as well as her unborn child. If she was the other person, she would use this chance to attack as well.

Right now, she could only wait and see what other people would do.  


That night, after Ji Man had lifted her quilts, went underneath them, and drifted off to sleep, she was suddenly awakened. It felt like there was a furry thing moving around on her bed.

She gasped in alarm, but resisted the urge to scream. She tried to keep calm as she got out of her bed, lit a lamp, and lifted up her quilts.

A stray cat had curled up beneath her quilts and was looking up at her innocently.

Ji Man let out a sigh in relief. It hadn’t been anything scary. It was just a cat.


However, Nie Sangyu was allergic to furry animals. The next day, her body was covered in red dots.

Ji Man concealed the rashes and pretended that nothing had happened. Then, she went outside and asked Wen Wan, “Do you know how that cat got into my room?”

Wen Wan looked surprised. “What cat?”

Ji Man smiled. “Never mind, it was just a stray cat. It probably got into my room through an open window. I already let it out. Remember, it’s okay if a cat or other small animal accidentally ends up in my room. I’m not scared of them anyways. But, don’t put any flowers in my room. I’m allergic to them.”

Wen Wan looked at her with a small amount of surprise before nodding.

Ji Man secretly asked Imperial Physician Lin for medicine to treat her allergic reaction and told him to keep this a secret from Wen Wan. Imperial Physician Lin was Imperial Noble Consort Nie’s trusted confidant and would naturally wholeheartedly help Nie Sangyu.


It only took a few days before the red spots faded, but Ji Man soon discovered that her pillow had been stuffed with fresh petals. Their pleasant fragrance helped Ji Man sleep especially well.

The next day, Ji Man went to the imperial physician and asked for a prescription. She gave the prescribed drug to Wen Wan and Tanxiang and told them that it was preventive medicine against smallpox. They both unsuspectingly drank the medicine.


After the tenth day, since Nie Sangyu hadn’t exhibited any symptoms, the imperial physician said there was no need to quarantine Feiwan Courtyard from the rest of the estate any longer.

However, red spots had appeared on Wen Wan and Tanxiang.

Imperial Physician Lin said, “To avoid the chance of more people getting infected, these two servants should be sent out of the residence. Red spots are a symptom of smallpox.”

Old Madame was quite happy, but Wen Wan and Tanxiang had deathly pale faces. How could it be possible for them to get smallpox? They rarely left the estate.

Shouwu sweetly smiled at Wen Wan and said, “Butcher Zhang had also been infected with smallpox. Aiya, maybe this is just a coincidence.”

Wen Wan shook her head hard in denial. As the other servants detained her, she instinctively glanced at Qian Lianxue.

It was strange; Qian Lianxue’s usually poor health had surprisingly recovered during this sensitive period. Sitting at the side, she didn’t say a word in Wen Wan’s defense, much less spare an extra second in her direction.

Wen Wan was alarmed. Marquis Moyu wasn’t home and she could only say, “I don’t have smallpox. This is just an allergic reaction to something. I probably just ate or touched something that I shouldn’t have. I really don’t have smallpox!”

Standing far away from Wen Wan, Ji Man looked at her and disdainfully covered her nose as she said, “Oh, so you do know that an allergic reaction would have the similar symptoms to smallpox. I thought you didn’t know. I even told you that I was allergic to flowers, but you stuffed fresh flower petals inside my pillow. You’ve certainly troubled yourself.”

Wen Wan’s expression stiffened. She finally realized that Nie Sangyu had tricked her. She fiercely said, “You vile woman!”

She was calling her vile? Ji Man laughed. “What did I do?”

“You…” Wen Wan knew that Nie Sangyu was behind the rashes on her body, but she didn’t have any evidence.

Ji Man turned her head and said to Old Madame, “Old Madame, you should send her to the other estate. Shuiqing is probably feeling very lonely there by herself. Besides, the marquis has always cared about Wan-er a lot. If you really drive her out of this household, it’ll be difficult to explain to the marquis once he returns.”

Wen Wan vaguely heard Nie Sangyu’s words and widened her eyes in fear. “No!”

She didn’t want to go live with that crazy woman. That was worse than being driven out of this household. If she was just kicked out of this household, she would still be able to live comfortably.

Old Madame considered Sangyu’s words and decided that her words made sense. And so, she ordered, “Bring these two servants to the other estate.”

The other servants that caught smallpox had been directly sent to a rural area. Sending these two servants to the other estate would be giving her son enough face.

Ji Man smiled as she watched a screaming Wen Wan being dragged out of the room, then she turned her head and said to Honored Concubine Xue, “Lianxue, look. Why does Wan-er keep looking at you?”

Qian Lianxue was leaning back in the chair. She lightly smiled and said, “Older sister, you must be mistaken. Lianxue had never been close with Miss Wan-er. She’s probably looking at you.”

“Is that so?” Ji Man nodded. “Lianxue, your health is poor. You should probably stay in your courtyard until the smallpox outbreak has passed.”

“Older sister, thank you for your concern.” Qian Lianxue lightly turned her head away. She appeared as if she was person that was detached from the mortal world.

After Ji Man had looked at Qian Lianxue for a long time, she shook her head. This woman truly didn’t have any weaknesses that could be used against her.

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