The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 161

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 161 out of 513 – She continues to harm me (2)

Ji Man slightly smiled and amicably said, "Muxu isn't young anymore. I brought up the topic of Muxu's marriage to the marquis today."

Li Zixiu let out a small sigh in relief and respectfully cupped his hands. "This one has already told Miss Muxu that this one would marry her."

"Did Muxu agree?" Ji Man asked.

Li Zixiu smiled and nodded. "Muxu said she would marry me once you're willing to release her from her duties as your servant girl."

Ji Man raised her eyebrows. This fool was really stupid. Muxu was dreaming about flying up in social status. Did he really think she would marry him?

"When I brought up pairing Muxu to you in marriage, the marquis didn't object." Ji Man unhurriedly said, "But, Muxu said she didn't want to marry yet."

Doctor Li's face stiffened. He slightly frowned. "How could this be? Maybe, she's just too shy?"

Ji Man deeply looked at him, sighed, and said, "Women are very dangerous animals. Sometimes, they only treat you well because they have a hidden scheme. Without even realizing it, men will be used by them to do wicked things."

"It can't be." Li Zixiu shook his head. "Muxu isn't that type of person. She said she'll marry me. And... And, she hasn't asked me to do anything bad."

This man had clean eyes. He wasn't a treacherous person. It was only that his emotional intelligence wasn't high enough, and he couldn't see through other people's manipulations, ah. Ji Man shook her head. "I heard that there's going to be a meteor shower tonight. How about you invite Muxu to watch it with you? Anyways, I've already agreed to the two of you marrying, you don't need to be too scrupulous."

Doctor Li's eyes showed his bewilderment as he tried to process her earlier words. Hearing her following words, he thought she was just being kind. He nodded and said, "Thank you, Madam."


Marquis had a little bit more work to do today, so Ji Man went to the study to look for him. She brought chicken soup with her.

"Hmm, were you afraid that I wouldn't come over?" Ning Yuxuan smiled when he saw her. "You even brought over soup."

"This servant is just worried that the soup won't taste as good when it cools down." Ji Man looked rather wronged as she ladled out the soup into a bowl.

Ning Yuxuan accepted the bowl of soup and slowly drank it. He said with a light smile, "You've really taken a lot of extra trouble. You can go back. I'll come over later."

Ji Man was smiling as she withdrew from the study. After she came out, she said to Dengxin and Gancao, "When we go back, you two can go to your rooms to sleep. You don't need to attend to me for the rest of the night. I can handle the rest myself. If you hear anything, don't come out."

The two young servant girls blushed. They probably thought that their master was planning on seriously working to earn favor. And so, they separately returned to their rooms to sleep.

Ji Man closed her doors and waited outside at the Feiwan Courtyard's entrance.


The sky quickly darkened, and there was no moonlight tonight. Ning Yuxuan was supported over here by Guibai. His footsteps sounded a bit anxious.

"My lord?" Ji Man stepped forward to keep him from stumbling. Guibai left right after saluting her.

"Nie Sangyu, what are you planning?"

Ji Man felt his warm breath on her neck. His entire body was was leaning onto her body for support. She could feel the heat of his body being transmitted through his clothing. It was very unusual.

"This servant hasn't done anything." Ji Man innocently blinked.

As she quietly asked, "My lord, what's wrong?", she supported Marquis Moyu as she led him to the side room.

Leaning against the pillars, Ning Yuxuan was already somewhat muddle-headed. He repeatedly bit her neck and left behind several marks. In the end, he had a moment of clarity and he told her, "I'm never drinking your chicken soup again," before succumbing to the drug and tightly hugging her.

Smiling like a fox in a chicken coop, Ji Man pushed open the doors to the side room and led Ning Yuxuan to Muxu's bedside. Then, she fled from the room at the lightning speed and closed the doors.

From outside, Ji Man heard Muxu saying in a low voice, "... Marquis?" Muxu seemed to have been startled. However, she didn't hear anything after that.

Ji Man stood in the courtyard and looked at the night sky for a bit. It looked quite pitiful and lonely. The promised meteor shower hadn't come.

Ji Man started to hear suppressed sounds coming from the side room. She yawned and turned around to go to her own room to sleep.


The next morning, Gancao's alarmed shout set off the prologue of an epic catfight.

"You... Why is the marquis in older sister Muxu's bedroom?!" Gancao had originally come over here because she wanted to wake up Muxu, so they could go and attend their master. But, when she came into the Muxu's room, the place was in complete disarray and Muxu and the marquis weren't properly dressed. It was clear that something that shouldn't have happened had happened last night.

Gancao's face had completely lost color. She loudly scolded, "Shameless!", then she turned around and ran to Nie Sangyu's room.


Ji Man messed up her hair, then she rubbed her face, so that she had a haggard appearance as if she had stayed up all night for a husband that hadn't come.

When Gancao barged into her room, she asked her what was wrong.

Gancao was so upset for her that she started to cry as she alternated between telling her what had happened and angrily saying words of rebuke.

Ji Man didn't think the matter was worth crying over.


And so, the residence became very lively in the early morning. With her clothes still disheveled, Muxu was kneeling in the outside courtyard. Tears dripped down her face as she said, "This servant didn't do this intentionally. It was the marquis that came to this servant's room..."

Dengxin asked, "Then, why didn't you scream? If the marquis entered the wrong room, why didn't you remind him?"

Muxu didn't have any words to defend herself. She had always held an infatuation to Marquis Moyu. He had the bearing and appearance of a celestial immortal. She had originally thought he was out of her reach, but he had suddenly kissed her and bit her of his own initiative. How could she bear to refuse him?

She had her own selfish motives. Thinking that once this was done, it couldn't be undone, so she had tolerated the pain and stayed silent.  Once this happened, her master wouldn't be able to marry her off to Doctor Li, right?

Inside, Ning Yuxuan was sitting down and expressionlessly looked at Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man pressed her lips into a flat line. "My lord, this servant can't be blamed for this matter. This servant had only wanted to gain favor for myself, but you insistently ran out. This servant thought you had gone to an honored concubine's courtyard. Who could have guessed that you would go to the side room?"

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