The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 162

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 162 – How about I personally help you up into the position of an honored concubine?

Half-believing and half-doubting, Ning Yuxuan looked at Nie Sangyu. After all, there wouldn't be a woman stupid enough to drug her husband, then let her servant girl snatch away her chance at being favored. But, he clearly remembered that he hadn't let down his guard last night until he saw her. How did he end up on Muxu's bed? Could her words be true? Had he really been the one that insisted on leaving?

Ji Man pinched her thigh to force herself to cry and said, "Muxu has served me for several years. Originally, I had wanted to pair her with Doctor Li. My lord, I didn't expect that you would do such a thing..."

If you're going to do something bad, make your accusation before the other party has time to figure things out.

Ning Yuxuan doubtfully looked at Nie Sangyu for a few more moments, then he started reflecting on himself. Had he really gone to the wrong room?


Muxu gritted her teeth as she continued to kneel in the courtyard. From behind her, she could hear the sound of everyone commenting and blaming her. A lot of people were gathered outside of Feiwan Courtyard to watch the show.

Gossip spread quickly like an infectious disease. A short while later, word came from old madame's place. She said that Nie Sangyu could decide on what Muxu's outcome would be.

A servant girl's status was lowly to begin with, even becoming a concubine was an impossible dream for them. At the most, they could rise to the rank of bed servant. However, if a bed servant wasn't able to give birth to a child after a few years of serving her lord, then she would still be married off to someone like any other servant girl. Still, after losing her virginity, it wouldn't be possible for her to be married off to a good partner.

Muxu felt panic-stricken at first. But, once she remembered that her kind-hearted master usually treated her very well and that they had come out of the confinement courtyard together, she thought that Nie Sangyu probably wouldn't punish her too harshly.

And yet, as Marquis Moyu left Feiwan Courtyard to go to the Six Ministries for work, he didn't even glance at her as he passed by her. Muxu's heart sank and she blankly looked at the ground.

A long time passed before Ji Man came out with redden eyes. Looking at the person kneeling at the center of the courtyard, she simply said an actor's script that a wronged woman would say, "Muxu, I haven't treated you poorly. Why would you do this to me..."

Muxu's heart hopefully went up. She hurriedly said, "Master, please calm down. This servant really didn't try to steal master's chance at receiving the marquis's favor. This servant... this servant also truly likes the marquis..."

Li Zixiu was standing at Feiwan Courtyard's entrance. Although he had originally felt very sleepy, hearing Muxu's words was like being splashed with icy water.

She truly liked the marquis? Doctor Li pinched his own face and laughed. My goodness, he must be feeling too tired from waiting up for her last night. Surely, this was just a hallucination.

Muxu's back was facing the courtyard's entrance, so she naturally couldn't see the people that were standing at the entrance. She continued to cry as she said, "This servant is willing to continue to serving Madam and the marquis. This servant won't ask for even an ounce of doting. Madam, please let this servant stay here. Please don't kick this servant out..."

Ji Man pursed her lips and asked her, "Doctor Li wholeheartedly cares for you. Do you not care about him at all?"

Muxu froze in surprise. She shook her head and said, "We're just acquaintances. There aren't any romantic feelings between us."

These were the words that Ji Man had been waiting for. She looked at the pitiful man that was standing at the entrance. His expression had abruptly changed. Ji Man curved her lips, sighed, and said, "You've served me for so long. I wouldn't be cold-hearted. Why would I kick you out?"

Muxu let out a sigh in relief.

Ji Man added, "Go to Steward Qian and tell him that you've been reassigned to wash clothes in the back of the residence. You'll still be in this household. And, if you want to serve me, you can wash only my clothing instead of the rest of the household's."

"No," Muxu instinctively refused. Her tone had become slightly anxious.

Ji Man raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

"This servant doesn't want to leave master's side." Muxu's voice softened again. Her tears seemed endless as she looked at Nie Sangyu and said, "This is the first time this servant made a mistake. Master, please forgive me. Please forgive me!"

Ji Man ignored her. She stood there and waited until Muxu's cries sounded hopeless before waiving her hand and saying, "Gancao, help you older sister Muxu inside. I have something I want to say to her in private."

Gancao uttered a sound of agreement, pulled Muxu up, and pushed her into the Nie Sangyu's room. Ji Man also went inside and closed the doors to shut everyone outside.

Ji Man sat down, looked at Muxu, and said, "Old Madame said I can decide whether you're staying or leaving this household. That means, if I want you to leave, no one can help you. Do you think I should let you stay or have you leave?"

"Master, please have mercy!" Muxu's voice already sounded slightly hoarse. She knelt down and repeatedly kowtowed. "This servant will wholeheartedly serve master in the future. Even if this servant hadn't done anything outstanding, this servant has at least worked hard during the past six years. Master, please spare me this one time..."

Ji Man supported her chin with one hand and tapped the table with her fingers on her other hand. "I remember, when I rewarded you with a banknote the first time, you also gratefully said that you won't betray me again."

Muxu froze. She lowered her eyes and guilty looked at the floor.

"That time, I believed you. And then, I found my banknotes in your wardrobe and people came to my room to search for missing money. I almost got into trouble because of that. I haven't figure out who was behind that yet. Is it Qi Siling? But, that doesn't seem like her style."

"Master..." Muxu looked at her in dismay. Feeling fearful, Muxu was even slightly trembling. Nie Sangyu actually knew... that those banknotes were stolen from her?

"Don't panic. I haven't finished speaking yet." Ji Man slowly and deliberately said, "You know a lot of my secrets. And as you said, you've been with me for six years. As my servant, you're not lacking in money, so money wouldn't be enough to gain your loyalty. So, Muxu, tell me. What method did that person use in order to have you be willing to risk your life for her? Who is that person? She's even tried to harm my unborn baby this time."

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