The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 160

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 160 out of 513 – She continues to harm me (1)

If she could confer the title of a god that controlled the birth of heirs, Marquis Moyu would be a very suitable candidate. This person had a full harem, but whether a person got pregnant or not, whether a person would be able to successfully give birth or not, everything was under his control.

Although Mu Shuiqing’s and Jinse’s pregnancies had seemed like an accident, as well as Wen Wan’s miscarriage, Ning Yuxuan hadn’t lost anything with the comings and going of these pregnancies. When it was time for those pregnancies to occur, they had occurred. When it was time for them to go, they had gone. Wen Wan had even changed from someone that would show her petty temper from time to time to someone that would listen to everything he said.

While Ji Man didn’t believe that Ning Yuxuan was directly responsible for the chain of events that led to all of those miscarriages, she believed that everything had happened under his acquiesce.

However, Ning Yuxuan had never wanted Nie Sangyu to have a child. She knew this just from what happened with this incense. When she had wanted to stop using it, he had said he liked this smell and told her to continue using it.

In the end, what was it made of? Musk and saffron. With Nie Sangyu’s previously poor health, combined with the use of the incense, it would have been strange if she had been able to get pregnant.

However, Ning Yuxuan would have never expected that she would get pregnant. The incense had almost done the permanent damage of making Nie Sangyu infertile. He had tried so hard to not touch her during the Southern Trip. But in the end, he had favored her five times. Despite always personally pouring her a cup of contraceptive tea afterward, she had still gotten pregnant.

Was this the will of the Gods? Ji Man smiled. If she secretly gave birth to this baby, would Ning Yuxuan get so angry that he would try to strangle her to death?

However, the other women in the household would probably never think that Marquis Moyu wouldn’t want his own child. So, who had tried to conceal her pregnancy from her? Fortunately, she had Nie Sangyu, this high-level teammate. Otherwise, someone would have harmed her without even knowing it.

After taking some pocket money while she was here, Ji Man left Shuiji Rogue Shop, strolled around the streets, and bought a few trinkets. Although this child’s future was uncertain, since she had a hand in its conception, she naturally had to do her best in keeping it safe.

She didn’t know who else in the household knew this information, or how Muxu and Doctor Li were planning on harming her. After walking around to drive away her worries temporarily, she had to go back to deal with these despicable people.

However, if she was too soft-hearted this time, then she would be wronging Nie Sangyu’s title of the most vicious villainess.

After returning to Feiwan Courtyard, Ji Man saw Ning Yuxuan sitting at the table in her room. Muxu’s face was slightly red.

Seeing that Nie Sangyu had returned, Muxu’s expression changed slightly, and she instinctively took a step back.

Ji Man pretended that she didn’t see anything. She smiled and said, “My lord, why did you come here?”

“I came here to see you for a bit. I didn’t expect that you wouldn't here.” Ning Yuxuan raised his head and looked her. While smiling, he pulled her over to sit down next to him. “The incense in this room is smelling better and better.”

Ji Man felt a thud of fear in her heart. She pursed her lips, “The previous scent felt too oppressive, so I had the servants change it to a flowery scented incense. It’s made with musk and vanilla. Does it smell better?”

Unlike modern people, who had seem many dramas, the average woman in ancient times didn’t know about any side effects from flowers and herbs. They didn’t know what musk was used for. Most women thought it was just an ingredient for perfume and incense.

Ning Yuxuan nodded. “It’s not bad to change to a different smell.”

Muxu had already poured a cup of tea and placed it by Nie Sangyu’s hand.

Ji Man raised her eyes and glanced at her. Then, she turned her head and smiled at Marquis Moyu. “My lord, Muxu is at the age when she should be getting married. As her master, I shouldn’t be keeping her for too long, right?”

“En? Who do you want to pair Muxu with?” Ning Yuxuan looked at her.

Muxu’s complexion paled. She pursed her lips and said, “Master, this servant still wants to stay with you for a couple more years.”

“You’re already seventeen years old. If I delay it any longer, you might not be able to get married.” Ji Man covered her mouth and laughed. “Don’t you really like Doctor Li? Since the marquis is here right now, how about we ask him to make the decision and set down a wedding date?”

Muxu tried to force herself to smile, but she wasn’t to smile. A pair of teary eyes looked at Marquis Moyu as she responded, “This servant doesn’t want to marry yet…”

If Ji Man couldn’t figure out what her affection-filled gaze meant, then she was a fool. The trope of a servant girl falling in love with her master was too trite. But, if Muxu wanted to act out this play, then she wouldn’t mind helping her.

And so, Ji Man pretended to not see anything. After she said a couple of sentences to tease Muxu, she let her off and turned to look at Ning Yuxuan. “My lord, will you be staying here tonight?”

Ning Yuxuan raised an eyebrow. “Hmm? Have you become interested in competing for favor? Ling-er is still upset that you intercepted me when I was halfway to her courtyard last time.”

Ji Man giggled. “That’s okay. If she gets angry a couple of time, her tolerance will increase. My lord, this servant will prepare a bowl of chicken soup for you tonight.”

Marquis Moyu looked at her for a few seconds. He felt that her mischievous appearance and foxlike laughter looked rather cute.

And so, even thought he knew that she was plotting something, he still decided that he would come back to Feiwan Courtyard tonight.


Ji Man had Muxu bring Doctor Li over, then she found an excuse to send Muxu out of the room.

Doctor Li awkwardly remained standing.

Ji Man didn’t ask him to sit down and check her pulse. Instead, she kept observing him.

Doctor Li wasn’t a thick-faced person. After being watched like this for only a short period of time, he felt too uncomfortable and asked, “Madam, why did you call me over here?”

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