The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 152

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 152 out of 513 – Of course I'm not doing this for the female lead's benefit (1)

Everyone’s gaze was directed at Wen Wan. This was also the first time that Ning Yuxuan looked at Wen Wan with such an unpleasant expression. Old madame directly threw her teacup at Wen Wan’s feet. “Ill-bred creature!”

The hot tea splashed onto Wen Wan’s clothes. Wen Wan trembled in fear before gritting her teeth and kneeling down without caring about the spilled tea and shattered porcelain on the floor. She cried out, “This servant never accepted money from the heir. Old Madame, please investigate.”

“His wife has already come to our doors and you dare to say that you’re not responsible?” Old madame was so angry that her body was slightly shaking. “For the marquis’s residence to have someone like you, we might as well throw away our reputation. If other people hear about this, how do you want Xuan-er to show his face in front of other people? Do you want other people to think that he can’t even support a woman?”

Wen Wan repeatedly shook her head. “I really haven’t… Yuxuan, you have to believe me. I’m not that type of woman.”

In a moment of desperation, she didn’t even refer to herself as this servant. She directly skipped to saying she was being wrongfully accused.

Ning Yuxuan looked at her. His hand was slightly clenched. “Then, what kind of woman are you?”

Wen Wan momentarily froze in shock. Feeling extremely upset, she said, “You didn’t believe me last time. Are you going to not believe me this time again? It’s their choice to give my father money. Why does this have anything to do with me? First of all, I didn’t ask them for the money. Second, I told my father to not accept their money. How can this be my fault?”

These words were indirectly admitting that the heir had pawned off the jade accessory for her. Ji Man wanted to facepalm. Wen Wan was too stupid.

Hearing these words, how could Luo Qianqian be willing to take things lying down? She immediately sneered and said, “Are you saying that the heir was showering affection on an uninterested party by giving your father money? Lesser Madam Ning, your skill are truly marvelous. If you didn’t cry that you were poor in front of those men, would they all rush to provide financial assistance to your father? Marquis Moyu and Old Madame, please forgive me for saying the following disrespectful words in front of you. Lesser Madam Ning, please don’t act like a whore, then turn around and pretend to be saintly woman. The next time you need money, you can directly ask me, Luo Qianqian, for it. I’m not happy when the heir gives your father money. But, if you tell me that you’re having serious financial problems, then on behalf of Tonghao Poetry Association’s reputation, I won’t be stingy!”

These words were very vicious. Wen Wan felt utterly humiliated and burst into tears.

Old madame disdainfully looked at her, covered part of her face, and said, “Xuan-er, look at her. This is the woman that you whole-heartedly love. I said a long time ago that her family background isn’t suitable for you. She won’t be able to accompany you for a lifetime. But, you wouldn’t listen to my advice. Now that this mess has happened, how will Prince Huainan’s household and this household be able to get along in the future?”

Prince Huainan rarely came to the capital. This time, he only came to the capital for his heir’s wedding. Originally, he was going to leave after this month, but now this matter had come up.

Wen Wan cried as if her heart was breaking. She shook her head and said, “Why are you all splashing this dirty water on me? What kind of evil intentions are you harboring? I finally had two peaceful days with Yuxuan. Why did you come here to harm me?”

Her crying sounded so pitiful, even Ji Man was starting to feel bad for her. Still, Wen Wan was being a bit too delusion. If she didn’t do something wrong to begin with, how would people find her faults?

“Who dares to harm you?” Luo Qianqian cynically laughed. “The heir has told me that if I dare to do anything to you, he’ll write me a divorce letter. Right now, I even have to beg you. Lesser Madam Ning, please spare Qianqian.”

Old Madame angrily shouted, “Preposterous!”

Wen Wan didn’t dare to continue crying.

Divorce was significantly more serious than mere money. Wen Wan was already a married woman and yet, she was causing the heir to threaten to divorce his wife. Regardless of the truth, this matter would always blacken Wen Wan’s reputation.

Ning Yuxuan also stopped speaking. He knew that Wen Wan hadn’t actually cheated on him. It was only that Wen Wan would frequently cry out her grievances in Tonghua Poetry Association gatherings. Hearing her complaints, the men would naturally have ideas and want to help her of their own initiative. Some of these men would start to have inclinations that they shouldn’t have and say words that might end with Wen Wan being put to death.

Actually, it was his fault too. Why did he let Wen Wan go to Tonghua Poetry Association to play?

Now that this situation had occurred, how should he clean up this mess?

During this time, old madame continued to angrily yell at Wen Wan and Wen Wan could only say she was being wrongly accused.

Luo Qianqian stood by the side and coldly smiled. She wanted to see how this seductress would be punished.

“Luo Qianqian!”

Just as old madame was about to force Ning Yuxuan to write a divorce letter, an important character, Prince Huainan’s heir, finally appeared. He strode into the main room, grabbed Luo Qianqian’s wrist, saw Wen Wan kneeling on the ground, and couldn’t resist slapping his wife.

The slap caused Luo Qianqian’s face to slightly turn the side. She seemed too shocked to react.

The heir also paused before slowly putting down the hand that had slapped her and saying, “I already said you’re not allowed to come here.

Ji Man frowned. He was really being too outrageous by slapping Luo Qianqian in front of so many people.

Old madame and the rest of the womenfolk also frowned.

Luo Qianqian slowly turned her head back. She very calmly looked at the heir, loosened his grip around her wrist, and faintly smiled. “As expected, it can only end like this.”

The heir’s expression was somewhat panicky, but then he looked at Wen Wan. She was kneeling on the ground in a pile of shattered porcelain and her eyes had swollen from crying. He decided that everything had to be Luo Qianqian’s fault and his heart hardened. With a stern expression, he said, “You’ve always been jealous of Wen Wan, and now you even came to her home to cause trouble. Your behavior is outrageous. Come home with me right now!”

Luo Qianqian lowered her eyes. Part of her face was starting to turn red, but she used a very light voice to say, “Okay.”

Ji Man couldn’t resist sneering. “This is the first time I saw a husband slapping his own wife for another married woman. Qianqian, you married the wrong person.”

T/N: Just in case it was too long ago, Luo Qianqian was first mentioned at the end of chapter 132.

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