The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 151

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 151 out of 513 – You certainly were born with a beautiful face (2)

That night, when it was time to sleep, Ning Yuxuan said, “There’s something I have to do in my study. I’ll be back soon.” He had to throw away that item in his sleeve, right?

“My lord, this servant will wait for your return,” Wen Wan gently said.

Ning Yuxuan left Qiangwei Courtyard, entered the study, and ignited the brazier. Right after he threw the painting into the fire, he changed his mind and hurriedly took it out.


Lately, Ji Man had a habit. Before she went to bed, she would always look at the daffodil painting that was hanging on the wall for a while. The words she had written didn’t look very good, but it suited the painting. It was the beauty of pairing perfection with imperfection.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard noise coming from the outside.

Muxu entered the room and quietly reported, “The marquis has come. This servant is going to go and fetch a first aid kit.”

Why did he need a first aid kit? Confused, Ji Man looked at him through the gap in the partition as he walked into the room with pursed lips. His hand was quite red. It seemed liked he been burned by something, but it wasn’t serous.

Looking at his hand, she asked, “My lord, why did you come here? Didn’t you go Qiangwei Courtyard?”

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Marquis Moyu’s expression didn’t look very good. Who was he angry with? He sat down on her bed as if he was a great lord and held his hand up. “I came out to deal with something and accidentally burned myself. Wan-er doesn’t know how to take care of injuries, so I came here to get my wound treated before going back.

“Oh.” Ji Man took the ointment that Muxu handed her and rubbed it onto his hand.

Ning Yuxuan stared at Nie Sangyu for a long time before finally turning his head away. He let out a long sigh. Just as he was about to say something, he saw the painting hanging on the wall.

Ji Man inexplicably felt a chill running down her back. When she raised her head, she followed the direction of his gaze and saw what he was looking at.

“What’s wrong?”

Marquis Moyu neutrally asked, “Did Mingjie paint that?

“Yeah, Young Master gave it to me. He said I’m not extravagant at all.” Ji Man shrugged, lowered her head, and continued applying the ointment.

Ning Yuxuan was stuffily quiet for a long time before he said, “He gave this to you and you hanged in your bedroom. Is this so that you can see it as soon as you wake up?”

“That wall was just missing a painting. This servant can hang up whatever someone gives me, ah. My lord, you didn’t give me the peony painting, right?"

Wen Wan wasn’t happy about the peony painting and asked him for it. She either burned it or ripped into pieces. Her little bad temper…

But, this painting was too offensively conspicuous. Did it even look as good as the one he had painted? Ning Yuxuan lightly harrumphed, took back his hand, and said, “I’ll give you a painting tomorrow. Take this one down.”

“… Understood.” Ji man glanced at him. A man’s possessiveness was truly scary. He would even feel offended over a painting.

What a pity. This was a really good painting.


The next day, Marquis Moyu really did send over a peony painting. From the looks of it, it was painting he had purchased. It had someone else’s seal and was painted on thick, textured paper.

Ji Man was too lazy to argue about this with him. She blocked the view of the daffodil painting by hanging the new painting over it.


Qi Siling had probably sold off a lot of her jewelry in order to gather enough money. The deficit supplies in the storehouse were also replenished. After this was done, Ji Man wasn’t planning on pursing the matter any further.

However, Luo Qianqian suddenly paid a visit to the marquis’s residence.

Or perhaps, she should be calling her the heir’s wife.

Not long ago, Luo Qianqian married Prince Huainan’s heir. The emperor had bestowed this marriage. It was during the ten-day period when Ji Man had been confined, so she hadn’t gone out to attend the wedding banquet. However, she had heard gossip that Luo Qianqian and the heir didn’t get along well. They both had stubborn personalities. Moreover, Qianqian had firm control over their household, and the heir was powerless. He had no way to rebel against her.

This heir was talented. He had always loved Wen Wan, but had been forced to marry Luo Qianqian. Because of this, he had never shown a happy face to Luo Qianqian since their wedding day.

Today, Luo Qianqian had barged into the residence and flung down a receipt for a pawned item in front of Marquis Moyu and old madame. Her eyes were red as she hoarsely said, “Qianqian isn’t afraid of making a scene. I just want to ask the marquis and Old Madame one question. Are you still able to control the women in your household?”

Marquis Moyu and Old Madame’s expressions looked very ugly. Ji Man stepped forward to act a mediator. She picked up the receipt and looked at it.

The item that had been pawned was a first-class jade accessory. It was a very valuable item, but it had only been exchanged for a hundred silver taels. Feeling confused, Ji Man asked, “What does this receipt for a pawned item have anything to do with the women in this household?

Luo Qianqian glanced at her for a moment, then shook her head. “Madam, you don’t know the truth. This jade accessory was a status symbol that Prince Huainan gave to the heir. The heir acted beyond outrageously by pawning it off. He gave the money he got from pawning to Wen Wan.”

Once these words were said, the entire room was quiet.

Standing by the side, Wen Wan’s face was so red that it looked as if blood would start dripping out soon. “Y-you’re saying nonsense!”

“How am I saying nonsense?” Luo Qianqian looked at her and coldly harrumphed. “Aren’t you always saying that your father is a gambling addict? That he lost the family fortune, so he’s always lacking in money? The heir has asked me for money several times. I didn’t expect that he would even pawn off that jade accessory in order to make you happy.”

She added, “Wen Wan, lesser Madam Ning, you certainly were born with a beautiful face.”

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