The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 153

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 153 out of 513 – Of course I'm not doing this for the female lead's benefit (2)

The heir stopped walking, turned his head, and somewhat hatefully looked at Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man met his gaze, slowly raised her left hand towards him, and pointed her middle finger.

Naturally, people in ancient times didn’t understand the meaning of this gesture. However, the contempt in Ji Man’s eyes was too strong.

The heir couldn’t resist angrily saying, “Our family matters have nothing to do with Madam Ning.”

“Right, it’s your business. It doesn’t really have anything to do with me,” Luo Qianqian calmly said, “Zhao Kaifeng, from now on, your matters have nothing to do with me. If you want to pawn off ten jade accessories, feel free to do so.”

After saying these words, she started walking away and left the discarded husband far behind her.

Zhao Kaifeng was both anxious and angry. He furiously glared at Nie Sangyu, then he ran after Luo Qianqian.

After the person that had started the fuss left, only people in Marquis Moyu’s household remained. He looked at Wen Wan and didn’t say a word. She was still kneeling on the ground and her hands and knees had started to bleed from the porcelain shards.

After old madame was silent for a while, she asked Marquis Moyu, “Are you going to write a divorce letter or not?”

Marquis Moyu lowered his eyes and stayed silent.

“Then, she’ll be demoted to a servant girl. Lock her up the woodshed!” Old madame sarcastically said, “Well, the son I gave birth to, you’ve certainly matured!”

Wen Wan widened her eyes in horror and looked at Ning Yuxuan, but he continued to look at the ground and didn’t seem to have any intention of speaking.

A few servants came forward, took her out of the room, removed her jewelry and beautiful embroidered clothes. They even took away Tanxiang. She was just locked up in the woodshed by herself. Blood was still dripping from her injured palms and knees.

Wen Wan cried. She had already become accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle. How could she be willing to be a servant?

After Wen Wan was taken out of the room, the atmosphere in the room still felt somewhat oppressed.

The concubines returned to their respective courtyards without saying another word. Marquis Moyu went to his study and hadn’t come out.


After everyone left, Ji Man applied a newly developed facial mask to old madame's face. However, this failed at cheering old madame up.

After the facial treatment was over, old madame dismissed the servant girls. Then, she looked at Nie Sangyu and said, “Sangyu, you should just get rid of her. She’s already caused trouble to this level and Xuan-er still won’t divorce her. Her existence will only bring you greater misfortune in the future.”

Shocked, Ji Man instinctively shook her head. What if Wen Wan had a female lead’s halo that made it impossible for her to die? Wouldn’t she just end up paying with her own life by attempting to harm Wen Wan?

Seeing her shake her head, old madame frowned and said, “As the main wife, you can’t be soft-hearted and reluctant to make difficult decisions. Right now, Wen Wan is at rock bottom. You just need to have someone a bowl of medicinal soup to her, then send that person away afterwards. No one will know that you were the one behind it.”

Countless supporting female characters had been finished off by female leads because of this suggested move by the mother-in-laws. No way, she wouldn’t do it!

However, looking at old madame’s attitude, she knew that old madame wouldn’t give up on this idea. Ji Man could only brace herself and nod her head.

Old madame’s frown smoothed out. She stood up, walked to the cushioned couch, took out a small bottle, and handed it Nie Sangyu. “This is a slow-acting poison. She won’t die until half a month to a few months later. This way, it’s even less likely that you’ll be found out.”

Ji Man took the bottle, nodded her head, and thanked old madame. She held the bottle in her hand as she left the main courtyard, then she walked to the garden and casually threw the bottle into the pond.

She wanted to live. Harming the female lead would only lead to the path to her own death. For now, she would outwardly agree and secretly oppose old madame’s plan.


That night, Ji Man visited Wen Wan and brought over medicinal soup.

Part of the reason that Wen Wan would be locked in the woodshed for a month was to grind away her current temperament. After the month was over, she would be assigned to someone as a servant girl.

This female lead had just been knocked off the clouds, so her mood naturally wouldn’t be very stable.

When Ji Man opened the doors, she saw Wen Wan’s eyes brightening.

But after seeing it was Nie Sangyu that had come here, the light in Wen Wan’s eyes were extinguished and was replaced with loathing. “Why did you come here?”

At the very least, she had helped Wen Wan several times. Why was her attitude still so nasty? Ji Man sighed, put down the medicinal soup, and took out ointment to treat Wen Wan’s wounds.

Don’t misunderstand. Ji Man didn’t want to act like a good person at all. She was only doing this because she knew that Marquis Moyu would be coming here soon. Rather than letting Ning Yuxuan seeing Wen Wan looking so pitiful and feeling upset over her, she might as well come here and deal with Wen Wan herself.

“I don’t need your fake kindness. Let me guess. You’re all feeling very happy right now, right?” Wen Wan took a step back and sneered at Nie Sangyu. “I won’t be locked in here forever. All of the things that you’ve snatched from me, I’ll snatch them back!”

Ji Man rolled her eyes. “You’ll only be confined in here for a month. Once you’re let out, you can snatch whatever you want. But, if you don’t treat your injuries right now, they’ll leave behind scars. The marquis will feel disdainful of you if he feels your scars pressing uncomfortably into his hands. How will you be able to snatch him back then?”

At the mention of scars, Wen Wan looked at her bloody palms and hesitantly looked at Nie Sangyu.

“Come over here.” Holding the ointment, Ji Man grabbed Wen Wan’s hand and started to apply the ointment. Then, she helped Wen Wan tidy up her hair and clothes. At the end, she gave Wen Wan the quilt she had brought over so that Wen Wan wouldn’t feel cold at night and get sick.

Wen Wan looked at her with redden eyes. Her lips twitched, and she said, “You…”

“No need to thank me. You’ll go back to hating me soon enough.” Ji Man shrugged. After finished her task, she turned around and left.

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