The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 148

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 148 out of 513 – You’re a gorgeous and noble flower in the mortal world (1)

Although he said the matter would be investigated, the hidden culprit wasn’t found. However, as more time passed, everyone gradually forgot this matter. The only thing that changed was that Wen Wan would kneel in front of a Buddha statue every day and chant scriptures for her lost baby.


Ji Man had also sent Muxu to Nie Residence to find out how Errong and Nie Qingyun were doing. She didn’t know if she had shot herself in the foot by using aphrodisiac drugs last time.

Fortunately, Muxu brought back good news along with a gift from Errong. Errong had sent over a handkerchief to express her gratitude. Since it was gratitude, it meant that nothing bad had happened. Since Errong and Nie Qingyun had slept together, they naturally had to be feeling closer to one another.


The signs of spring became more evident.

Ji Man yawned. She felt somewhat sleepy, but unfortunately for her, Marquis Moyu enjoyed tormenting her. He had invited a group of friends over to admire the flowers and paint them. As his main wife, she naturally had to come here to welcome his guests.

Right now, she was doing her best to keep her eyes open. Looking young and beautiful, she stood by Ning Yuxuan’s side as she gracefully grinded ink for him.

There were several easels set up in the courtyard. Ning Mingjie, Nie Qingyun, the third prince, as well as Qian Yingchen were all here.

Ji Man felt something strange was going on. Didn’t Marquis Moyu always claim that he was on the crown prince’s side? Wouldn't the crown prince be angry when he found out that Ning Yuxuan had invited the third prince?

Ning Yuxuan was currently quietly painting a peony.

Ji Man found the time to sneak a glance at him. The peony he was painting looked gorgeous and rich. It was truly an earthly flower that showed extravagance and wealth. Then, she looked at the daffodil that Ning Mingjie was painting. It was simple, elegant, and pure. It was truly a flower that could exist in the lofty realm of celestial immortals.

Sure enough, people’s hearts were reflected in their art. Ji Man disdainfully glanced at Marquis Moyu’s painting.

“Are you unsatisfied with something?” Ning Yuxuan slightly raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

Startled, Ji Man hastily responded with a smile. “Of course not, my lord’s painting is the best.”

It had taken so much effort to create the persona of a good woman. She couldn’t let it be ruined like this. Ji Man gently brought a cup of tea to him and said, “My lord, please have some tea.”

Looking at the woman that had recently become considerably obedient, Ning Yuxuan had a smile in his eyes. He took the cup and had a sip. “Today’s tea is pretty good.”

Ji Man was almost moved to tears, ah. She didn’t know how brew tea very well. Every time she had made tea in the past, this great lord would say something disdainful. Now that she had finally received a compliment, it was worth her past attempts that sometimes ended with her dropping expensive high-grade teapots.

“But, there’s a little too much water and not enough tea leaves. The water you used for the tea also tastes a bit strange. It’s probably well water, right? Also, aren’t these tealeaves from last year? Are you hiding the recently purchased tea leaves to be used for next year?” Marquis Moyu glanced at Nie Sangyu’s gradually stiffening smile and finally comfortingly said, “Still, you must have worked hard on this.”

Last year yourself, you insufferable lord! In her mind, Ji Man pointed her middle finger at him. Was he a delicate maiden or something? Why was he so picky and fussy? Really, he was unbearable!

After she had a good time silently cursing him out, the smile on her face smoothed out. “This servant will be more careful next time and brew a better pot of tea.”

“En.” Once Ning Yuxuan dotted the center part of the flower, the painting was pretty much finished. The nearby dish of cinnabar paint was almost gone. Pointing at the rich peony, he asked, “Sangyu, do you think my drawing shows a resemblance?”

Ji Man glanced at the flower and nodded, “It has a strong resemblance.”

How could the vivid peony he had painted not resemble the real thing?

Ning Yuxuan looked at the flower, then he looked at her. He chuckled. “I’m asking, does the peony look like you?”

Ji Man paused. She felt somewhat lost. Was he praising her by saying she resembled a flower? Should she be thanking him? But, looking at this delicate and beautiful flower, she really couldn’t force the words, “thank you”, past her lips.

Hearing their conversation, the nearby people put down their brushes and came over.

Nie Qingyun seemed to be in a pretty good mood. He cast a glance at the painting, then he looked at Nie Sangyu. He smiled and said, “It does look a lot like you.”

Her eyebrows resembled a sweeping willow, her lips had a tinge of red, and there was a natural birthmark between her eyebrows. When Nie Sangyu acted gentler, she still looked delicately beautiful even when she wasn’t wearing makeup. If people were to describe her as a gorgeous and noble flower in the mortal word, they wouldn’t be wrong.

The third prince also smiled and nodded. “Even though Yuxuan had painted a flower, it has younger cousin’s essence. It seems that the relationship between the two of you has been very good lately.”

Ning Yuxuan chuckled. His voice was especially pampering as he lightly tapped Nie Sangyu’s nose and said, “Now that she’s become so well-behaved, she’s become very lovable. It would have been so nice if she was like this from the beginning. I wouldn’t have had to worry so much.”

His tone alarmed Ji Man to the point that goosebumps rose up on her entire body and her eyes widened.

Even if he was going to put on a play in front of these guests, he should have at least given her an advance warning so she could mentally prepare herself. For him to suddenly act like this, it was really terrifying!

The third prince, as well as everyone else, started to laugh. Recently, everyone had heard about the rumors that Marquis Moyu had been favoring Nie Sangyu a lot. Seeing that this rumor wasn’t false with their own eyes today, these people also put down their worries.

There was a large grassy section in the middle of the garden. Dancers used this area during banquets. Ji Man had been blankly looked in this direction when she saw something drifting over and skipping onto this grassy stage.

Translator Ramblings: You can probably already guess who was responsible for the fake haunting, based on the clues that the author has given us so far. Tiny spoiler. Just in case you wanted a definite confirmation, I’ll tell you now that the identity of this person be revealed later in the story.

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