The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 149

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 149 out of 513 – You’re a gorgeous and noble flower in the mortal world (2)

The long, white dancing sleeves fluttered in the air. The simple sash accentuated Wen Wan’s supple waist that resembled a willow tree. She was only wearing one white jade hairpin. With her white clothes, she resembled a celestial immortal that had descended from the Nine Heavens. She stood on her tiptoes and started dancing in the grassy area.

Ji Man thought Wen Wan’s method in regaining Ning Yuxuan’s interest was quite clever. Wen Wan had been sick for a long time, but Marquis Moyu had only visited her a few times without staying overnight. But today was a good opportunity. The weather was nice and everyone was in a good mood. By coming here to dance, she swept away his impression of her past period of depression and made Marquis Moyu’s eyes brighten in interest again.

Men were visual animals to begin with. Everyone in the courtyard stopped talking to silently watch Wen Wan’s dance.

From far away, the sound of traditional Chinese musical instruments floated over to accompany Wen Wan. Dancing to the tune of the music, Wen Wan softly sang,

“In the celestial immortal gardens, we listen to the heavenly music of the emperor.

Who knows how many times we have listen to these songs?

How can it be compared to the human world, one song of “Plucking Lotus” newly passed down?

Willow waist is lithe; oriole tongue warbles.

Being carefree in the misty wave, who would restrain me? 

However, the celestial steps have already urged the departure and return. 

Ride on the colorful simurgh, with lotus slanting and looking. 

We wish year after year that we could accompany this banquet.”

(T/N: Translation of the song was taken from here with a few minor modifications. They’re the last lines in Lotus Plucking Dance. Here’s a video of the dance that Wen Wan performed

Hearing this wonderful singing voice, as well as the feeling of looking at a distant, untouchable celestial immortal, it reminded Ning Yuxuan of the moment when he had first felt tempted by Wen Wan. At the time, he had gone along with her willful behavior of wanting to go to a brothel with him and he had seen her perform this same dance on the stage. Although her behavior was very improper, her dance could conquer a man’s heart.

Watching this dance brought the memories that had almost been forgotten.

Ji Man looked at Ning Yuxuan. Just by looking at his eyes, she could tell that the female lead had succeeded.

She hadn’t expected that Wen Wan would be able to think of this tactic. Originally, she had thought Wen Wan would only gradually use up Ning Yuxuan’s love for her. Surprisingly, Wen Wan had become smart and used a wonderful memory to arouse a man’s heart.

After the dance, Wen Wan didn’t say a single word. She saluted Ning Yuxuan and left. She seemed as if she had only come here for him. She didn’t even look at the third prince.

After Marquis Moyu returned to his senses, he saluted third prince and said, “Wan-er was rude. Yuxuan apologizes on her behalf."

“It’s fine.” The third prince’s smile had dimmed. “This woman can be considered rare. She actually knows how to sing an entertainer’s song.” These words held the intention of belittling Wen Wan.

Marquis Moyu pursed his lips and didn’t respond.

(T/N: Just in case it doesn’t make sense, the third prince isn’t complimenting Wen Wan. He’s putting her on the same level as Mu Shuiqing, who was an entertainer at a brothel before she was given to Marquis Moyu.)

The previously comfortable atmosphere suddenly stiffened.

Nie Qingyun sneered for moment, then he said, “Let’s go drinking next. We’re pretty much finished with painting.”

“That sounds good.” Marquis Moyu asked, “Your Highness, what do you think?”

After the third prince nodded, Ning Yuxuan had them stay here to wait for a bit while he left to pay a visit to Qiangwei Courtyard.

Ji Man didn’t need to guess to know why he was going to Qiangwei Courtyard. Since the male lead and female lead’s relationship had been fixed, her work as the supporting female character increased.

Ning Mingjie was still standing at the front of the easel and painting.

Ji Man quietly asked, “Young Master, are you still painting?"

Ning Mingjie finished his careful painting of the daffodil. He took a glance at the third prince and Nie Qingyun and saw that they had walked a little farther away to talk. He turned his head and lightly smiled at her. “Come here and look.”

Ji Man walked over. The daffodil on the paper looked very realistic and elegant.

“Instead of saying you’re a gorgeous and noble flower in the mortal world, it would better to say you’re as elegant as a daffodil.” Ning Mingjie removed the excess ink off the painting paper. His mood seemed to very good as he said, “You can keep this painting. I probably won’t have time to send it out to be framed.”

“Okay.” Ji Man very solemnly accepted the painting. She thought for a moment, then she picked up a brush and wrote something. She still wasn’t very skillful with using a brush yet.

“The quiet and calm place is preferable, an elegant heart, not a gorgeous and noble flower in the mortal world.” Ning Mingjie’s eyes brightened. It only lasted for a brief moment before he politely took a step back. “We’ll leave first and wait for Yuxuan at the entrance.”

“Alright.” Ji Man smiled as she sent them off to the entrance, then she handed the painting over to Muxu to have it framed.


Ning Yuxuan stayed over at Wen Wan’s place that night. Ji Man wasn’t surprised. Instead, she was lying on her bed and looking at that painting. The corners of her lips were curved up into a smile; she was in a very good mood.

On the next day, when she went to pay respects to old madame, she met Ning Mingjie again. Ji Man snuck several glances at him. Even though he had the same face as that scumbag, he was immeasurably better than Xu Xi. Unfortunately, he wasn’t hers. The supporting male character also belonged to the female lead.


Once again, Ning Yuxuan and Wen Wan stuck together like honey. However, Ning Yuxuan didn’t treat Nie Sangyu coldly. He sent over many items to her courtyard.

Qi Siling was very happy. As long as Wen Wan was willing to follow her instructions, Wen Wan would definitely be able to receive favor. She hadn’t chosen the wrong side.

Although the marquis wasn’t favoring her, Qi Siling still felt that her fortune had turned for the better. And so, when she met Nie Sangyu on a path, her voice was confident as she asked, “Madam, this servant has been looking at the account book. There were several areas in the account book that looked strange. When you were managing the account book, why did it seem as if more money had appeared?”

Ji Man looked at her and smiled. “Isn’t having more money better? On the contrary, I want to ask you a question. Siling, when you were managing the inner court’s account, where did all of the money go?”

Qi Siling pursed her lips. Sounding as if she was being rather wronged, she said, “Madam, are you reprimanding this servant? All of the expenditures are recorded in the account book. This servant hasn’t taken even half a silver tael.

Ji Man nodded.“Then, return the account book to me. It’s better to have extra money.”

Qi Siling had only wanted to say a few sentences to speak out against Nie Sangyu. She hadn’t expected that Nie Sangyu would ask for the account book back. She naturally wasn’t willing to hand it over. And so, she loudly laughed and said, “Madam, managing the account book is tiring. You should just have this servant handle it.”

A long time had already passed since she handed over the account book to Qi Siling when she had been punished with a ten-day stay in the confinement courtyard. Ji Man looked at Qi Sling in askance for a moment, then she turned around to return to the main courtyard. “Since younger sister isn’t willing to give me the account book when I ask, then I’ll have to go ask Old Madame for it.”

Translator Ramblings: For a moment, I though Wen Wan was becoming smarter. Too bad it turned out to be Qi Siling’s idea.

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