The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 147

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 147 out of 513 – The truth behind the haunting (2)

Wen Wan woke up during lunchtime. Ji Man personally cooked lunch for her. It wasn’t because she wanted to treat her well. She just wanted to avoid Wen Wan getting food poisoning during her stay here.


Later in the afternoon, Ji Man went over to old madame’s courtyard.

After Ji Man had been chatting with old madame for a while, Ji Man mentioned Qian Lianxue and old madame responded, “Lianxue is quite pitiful. She’s Qian Yingchen’s older sister. She’s had to constantly drink herbal medicine since she was born. Xuan-er felt pity for her, and since she also likes Xuan-er, she entered this household as an honored concubine.”

Based on Ji Man’s impression of Marquis Moyu, he definitely wasn’t the type of person that would feel unchecked sympathy. Instead of saying he felt pity for Qian Lianxue, it would be better to say Qian Yingchen was very valuable to Marquis Moyu.

In order for Marquis Moyu to continue showing care and concern towards Honored Concubine Xue, Qian Yingchen had to continue being important to Marquis Moyu.

Fine, she would admit that she was already biased against Marquis Moyu. Anyways, this person always gave her the impression that he did everything with purpose.

Qian Lianxue’s background could be considered simple and clean. She also had a good-natured personalty. She probably wouldn’t do anything outrageously evil. Ji Man thought that perhaps, she was being too suspicious of everyone and overthinking things.


Ning Yuxuan had already said that he would send over people, but Ji Man didn’t see a single shadow that evening. Holding onto the belief that the male lead was all-powerful, Ji Man still persuaded Wen Wan into sleeping early.

Nie Sangyu's servant girls slept on the floor of her room again and the lamps were also left lit.

When midnight arrived, Ji Man even silently counted out, “three, two, one”. As expected, the sound of a baby crying started on the roof.

However, this time, the sound of crying was accompanied with the sound of fighting. Many roof tiles were broken from the fighting before the sound of the crying fell from the roof and into the courtyard.

The courtyard was suddenly brightly illuminated. Ji Man hurriedly put on an outer robe and went outside to look.

A group of servants were holding up lanterns. At the center of the group, there was man holding a baby. Because the living baby was feeling unwell, it let out a plaintive cry.

As expected, the baby ghost hadn’t been real.

Ning Yuxuan was standing by the side.“Mingjie take off that person’s mask.”

Ning Mingjie was currently restraining the black-robed figure by his hands. Hearing these words, he took off the mask –

Alright, even after the mask was taken off and an honest-looking face was revealed, Ji Man still didn’t recognize the person.

The black-robed figure pursed his lips and glanced at Marquis Moyu, then his head tilted to the side and black blood dripped out of his lips. He was dead.

Ji Man retreated two steps and frowned. She had never seen someone actually commit suicide in real life.

Ning Mingjie handed the baby over a servant, as well as the corpse for the servants to deal with. Then, he briefly looked at Nie Sangyu and said, “Madam, there’s no reason for you to come out. You might have nightmares.”

Ji Man thought; I didn’t want to come out, ah. But,  it was so noisy outside. Everyone had a curious heart. How could she possibly not come out to see?

“So, the baby ghost turned out to be fake.”

Marquis Moyu curved his lips and said, “It’s strange. We missed catching this person several times before. Usually, he never appears if he sees other people nearby. He’s certainly brave today. I had arranged for people to come here early in the day, but he still came.”

Ji Man froze for a moment.

“Even though that black-robed figure committed suicide, it’s still possible to find some traces of clues,” Ning Yuxuan said, “I want to see, who tried to stretch their hand into my residence.”

Ning Mingjie nodded, “It’s rather contemptible to use this type of a trick on women.” Ning Mingjie believed that if you didn’t like someone, you should just directly assassinate him or her. Why act out a fake haunting?

Ji Man yawned. Now that they knew a living person had been behind everything, the household should be able to stop worrying. It wasn’t early anymore. The rest of this matter could be given to the men to handle. It was time for her to sleep.

After Ji Man returned to her room, she started to tell Wen Wan what had happened.

With her eyes half-opened and leaning back on a pillow, Wen Wan listened. After Nie Sangyu was done talking, tears suddenly started to fall out of Wen Wan’s eyes.

“Exactly who hates me this much?” Her beautiful, delicate tears resembled fallen raindrops on pear blossoms. “My baby, I lose it just like that. I have nightmares every night, and I haven’t been able to peacefully sleep. If I find out who’s behind this, I’ll definitely pay them back a hundred, no, a thousand times!” As Wen Wan said this, her face suddenly looked ferocious and sinister. Her voice had also become malevolent.

Ji Man was shocked by this change. Feeling there was something off about this, she asked, “It’s not like you actually harmed someone’s baby. Why did you get so afraid when you heard that baby crying?"

Wen Wan paused. She lowered her eyes and stop speaking.

Ji Man shrugged and just assumed that Wen Wan wasn’t very brave.


The next day, Marquis Moyu showed the baby to the rest of the household. The innocent baby with unknown origins was starting to look slightly purple. Its eyes were shut and it kept wailing.

Wen Wan kindly said, “Send the baby to a temple to be raised. After all, it’s still a life.”

Marquis Moyu went with her recommendation and ordered the servants to send the baby away. Then, he ordered for all of the paper talismans and other like-items to be removed from the residence.

Ning Yuxuan looked at everyone as he said, “Don’t mention this matter again in the future. I’ll definitely find out who the hidden criminal is and severely punish him or her.”

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