The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 146

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 146 out of 513 – The truth behind the haunting (1)

Wen Wan’s face immediately paled. Her body was trembling and she looked like she was about to start crying.

Ji Man looked up at the ceiling. The sound was coming right on the roof tiles and was exceptionally clear.

“Gancao and Dengxin, take a lamp and come outside with me.”

The two servant girls had been startled awake and were currently trembling on the ground. Hearing their master’s words, they almost fell over. “Master, you want to go outside? But that thing is on the top of the roof.”

“Since we know it’s on the top of the roof, I want to go outside so we can see who’s behind these tricks.”

Ji Man jumped down from the bed and looked at Muxu as she said, “Stay here and keep Mistress Wan company.”

After Ji Man put on her outer robe, she thought; if there really was a ghost, who would be more powerful? Nie Sangyu or the baby ghost?

As they stepped outside and looked towards the roof, the sound retreated.

Gancao and Dengxin were both trembling and were staying as close to Nie Sangyu as possible.

The sound of the baby crying paused, then it started again.

Ji Man listened for a while, then she said, “It doesn’t sound as frightfully eerie as rumored, ah. It sounds like an ordinary baby crying. Did someone just put a baby on the top of my roof?”

Gancao tugged on Nie Sangyu’s sleeve and said, “Master… Let’s go inside first and talk.”

That stinky monk had even said Feiwan Courtyard was the purest place in the marquis’s residence and evil sprits wouldn’t appear here. Either the monk was lying or someone had deliberately come here to scare Wen Wan.

Really, Wen Wan’s baby was already gone. Was there any need in continuing to scare her? Ji Man curled her lips and let herself be pushed back into the room by the two servant girls.

For an unknown reason, Wen Wan was sleeping in the bed when they came inside.

Ji Man thought this was strange. She glanced at the nearby Muxu asked, “Did she faint because she was too scared?”

Muxu was curled up on the ground in her quilt. She nodded. “Seems likes it.”

Wen Wan’s courage was really too small. If she kept get frightened like this, she might even develop schizophrenia. Since the haunting was fake, then who had such bitter animosity towards Wen Wan? The only person that should feel this level of resentment towards her was Mu Shuiqing, but Mu Shuiqing didn’t seem like a person that would be capable of this.

The sound of the baby crying abruptly ended. Ji Man yawned. She increasingly felt that this was just a malicious practical joke. She was sure that assigning servants to guard the roof tomorrow night would be enough to put an end to the mysterious crying.

It was time to sleep. Ji Man lied back down on the bed. Looking at Wen Wan’s deathly pale face, she thought; as expected, female leads would always be tormented.


Early next morning, before Wen Wan had woken up, Ji Man had already finished making herself presentable. She went to go look for Marquis Moyu.


“You think someone is deliberately trying to scare Wan-er?” Ning Yuxuan looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Who do you think it is?”

Ji Man lightly smiled. “My lord, if you ask this servant this question, who will this servant ask? Anyways, Wan-er isn’t courageous to begin with. If my lord is by her side, then at least she won’t continue to be so scared. Last night, she even fainted out of fear. My lord, if you truly care about her, shouldn’t you keep Wan-er by your side?”

Ning Yuxuan deeply looked at her before gesturing with his finger for her to come closer.

Ji Man walked to his side.

He picked up a piece of sliced apple from the table and stuffed it into her mouth. He smiled and said, “If you’re thirsty, eat some fruit. Don’t say anything unnecessary.”

Ji Man really wanted to say, I’m not thirsty. But looking at this great lord’s expression of, “I have my own plans, just obediently do my bidding”, she knew that it wouldn’t be good idea for her to ask any more questions. Anyways, why should she worry so much about Wen Wan? Wen Wan was his female lead, not hers.

“I’ll arrange for people to stand guard on the roof tonight,” Ning Yuxuan quietly said, “You just need to comfort Wen Wan.”

He really was treating her like a wet nurse! The corners of Ji Man’s lips twitched. She turned around and left.

She suddenly started to wonder; did Ning Yuxuan start to become abusive in the second half of the original novel? He was such a terrifying male lead. The female lead must have physically and emotionally suffered because of him. She never liked to read novels that had oppressed female leads. It had been a wise decision to stop reading the original novel.


Ji Man had only take a few steps outside before encountering Qian Lianxue. Her spirit seemed to have improved slightly, but she continued to look as fragile as a swaying willow tree and her pale face resembled white jade.

Ji Man smiled at her and asked, “Did you come out to take a stroll?”

“This servant has been feeling too stuffy, so this servant came out to walk around for a bit.” Qian Lianxue slightly smiled. “It’s surprising that Madam has also woken up so early. How is Mistress Wan?”

“She’s probably still sleeping. She ended up fainting again last night out of fright.” Ji Man sighed.

It wasn’t strange for Wen Wan to faint out of fright and Qian Lianxue’s expression didn’t change very much. She only said, “This servant happens to have free time right now. How about this servant goes with Madam to see Mistress Wan?”

Ji Man agreed, and the two of them walked side by side to Feiwan Courtyard.

When they arrived at Feiwan Courtyard, Wen Wan was still sleeping. Her small face was slightly flushed. A little while later, her face turned pale.

Ji Man stretched her hand out and touched Wen Wan’s forehead to check her temperature. She wasn’t feverish, but Wen Wan had still been sleeping for too long.

Ji Man murmured to herself, “Should I get a doctor to come over and check on her?”

Qian Lianxue lightly said, “A doctor has been watching over her for the past few days. Mistress Wan is probably okay and just feeling tired. Madam, how about telling this servant what happened last night?”

Ji Man turned her head to look at Qian Lianxue and told her about the sound on the roof last night in full detail. At the end, she paused for a moment before somewhat angrily saying, “I went to report this matter to the marquis today and asked him to arrange for some servants to come get Wan-er and bring her to him. But, he actually said he was too busy and didn’t hear anything last night even though he was awake. He insisted that we must have misheard and won’t send anyone over here to ensure our safety. He’s not being very sensible about this.”

Qian Lianxue was slightly surprised. “How could this be? Doesn’t the marquis always cherish Mistress Wan?”

“Who knows what’s going on in his mind?” Ji Man waved her hand and said, “Even though I feel that last night’s crying sound didn’t sound that terrifying, Wan-er is very lacking in courage. If she keeps getting scared like this, she’s going to go mad.”

Qian Lianxue turned her head to sympathetically look at the sleeping person on the bed. “This much be hard on her.”

Ji Man lowered her eyes and didn’t say a word.

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