The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 145

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 145 out of 513 – The female lead and the supporting female character share a bed for a night (2)

Wen Wan had spent the entire morning chanting scriptures, then she had watched the monks and holy women dancing in the afternoon while she was wrapped up in a quilt. She had finally calmed down and became clear-headed enough to talk coherently.

However, when she heard Marquis Moyu’s decision to send her to Feiwan Courtyard, her first words were, “Yuxuan, she’s scarier than ghosts! You have to save me!”

Ji Man’s eyelids twitched. She hadn’t done anything bad to Wen Wan. How could she be scarier than a ghost? She was kind-heartedly helping Wen Wan out. It was one thing for Wen Wan to not say thank you, but she dared to say these words about her?

Ning Yuxuan slightly smiled. He quietly comforted Wen Wan, “Since Sangyu is scarier than ghosts, then they won’t dare to look for you if you’re by her side. Be good. Go and rest. Prioritize taking care of your health, otherwise I’ll feel distress.”

Surprisingly, Wen Wan thought his words were logical. After looking at Nie Sangyu for a few moments, she had the servants carry her into Feiwan Courtyard.

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Ji Man looked at Ning Yuxuan and suddenly asked, “My lord, do you believe in ghosts?”

Ning Yuxuan’s smile was gentle and refined as he responded, “I don’t.”

“Then, why do you insist on her staying in Feiwan Courtyard?”

“Because you’re very clever.” He walked closer to her and whispered into her ear, “This strange ghost that has thrown everyone into disorder is fake, but a person’s sinister heart is real. Sangyu, I want to see if you can find out who’s behind these suspicious spectacles.”

Do this yourself! She was already willing to overlook being treated as a nanny. But now, he wanted her to investigate the baby ghost? She was only the administrative manager of the inner courts, ah. He was telling her to do extra work, but he wasn’t even increasing her salary. Did he think she was a fool? Whoever wanted to mess around, they were free to do so, as long as they didn’t involve her.

Ji Man expressionless pushed Marquis Moyu away and left to arrange Feiwan Courtyard for tonight.

The main building in Feiwan Courtyard was spacious enough. Ji Man had the servants take out all of the furniture except the bed, so that she could see easily see every corner of the rooms in a single glance. Then, she had the bed curtains removed and ordered the lamps to be lit for the night. She would sleep in the same bed as Wen Wan. Whatever Wen Wan saw, she would also be able to see.

Dengxin, Gancao, and Muxu volunteered to keep her company and Ji Man agreed. With five people in one room, Ji Man didn’t believe that anything bad could happen.

It was only that the atmosphere felt a bit depressive and stifling. The three servant girls were laying on the bedding they had set up on the floor and Ji Man and Wen Wan were staring at each other on the bed. It was hard to fall asleep like this.

One was a female lead and the other was the female supporting character. For this incompatible pair to peacefully sleep in one bed, it was naturally impossible. Ji Man propped her chin in her hand and leaned back on the left side of the bed.

After Wen Wan had looked at Nie Sangyu for a long time, she suddenly asked, “Do you dislike me?”

No kidding! Ji Man twitched her lips. “If someone stole your husband that you had been married to for six years, would you like that person?"

Wen Wan slightly furrowed her brow. “I’m the person that Yuxuan genuinely likes. You’ve never truly received his love. How can you say that I stole him from you? Yuxuan and I are truly in love with each other. Right now, I feel that you and the other women are the ones standing between us and hindering our happiness.”

Ji Man rolled her eyes. “When Ning Yuxuan met you, did he say that he hadn’t been happy in a long time until he met you? Did he say that he disliked his wife and had just been enduring his unhappy marriage? Did he say that after meeting you, he didn’t want to endure this anymore? Did he also say that very soon, he would only have you as the person he would be with forever? And that he wouldn’t have any other women?”

Wen Wan gaped. “Yuxuan actually told you all of this?!”

Although these weren’t his exact words, the general meanings were the same. Wen Wan couldn’t help feeling panicky.

Annoyed, Ji Man said, “I was just guessing. When scumbags are chasing after women and looking to have affairs, they usually say those types of opening statements.”

Ji Man had read the beginning of the original novel, so she knew that Ning Yuxuan and Wen Wan’s first meeting had been very romantic. Wen Wan had almost been run over by a carriage because she was trying to save a child that was in the middle of the road. Ning Yuxuan had rushed over and acted out a scene of a hero saving a beauty. While they slowly spun a full three hundred and sixty degrees, their eyes met and they fell in love with a backdrop of falling flower petals.

In ancient times, men could have more than one wife and several concubines, so Ji Man couldn’t point at Ning Yuxuan and curse him for being a shameless two-timing person that cheated on his wife. However, she really couldn’t tolerate his decision to abandon his wife of six years for a woman that he had only known for a few months and for them to repeatedly say that this was true love.

Ji Man started to explain to Wen Wan, “Everything is decided in the order of arrival. Regardless of whether his heart has someone or not, he married me first, so he should treat me well. Instead of divorcing me, he took away my status as his main wife for you. Isn’t this behavior of an heartless and ungrateful person? You clearly knew that he already had a wife, and yet you still insist on being with him. That makes you the other woman.”

Wen Wan pursed her lips and stubbornly shook her head. “You’re saying nonsense. Yuxuan doesn’t love you. No matter how you quibble, he still won’t belong to you!”

Wen Wan was going to start talking about the other woman’s theory of true love, so Ji Man hurriedly stopped her by covering her with a quilt and saying, “Let’s stop talking and go to sleep.”

Wen Wan was rather unwilling to stop here. Just as she was about to speak, they suddenly heard the sound of a baby crying on the roof.

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