The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 130

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 130 out of 513 – The germination of a white lotus (1)

Ji Man felt slightly hesitant about this suggestion. She looked at Ning Yuxuan’s expression. It was as calm as a lake without ripples as if he was just casually asking her if she had eaten lunch.

Although a person’s social status would improve just by entering Tonghua Poetry Association and you could also gain a reputation as a talented woman if you wrote a few poems, there was no need for a married woman to go there unless she was especially interested in poems. Why did Marquis Moyu suddenly want her her to go there? Moreover, was this a place that she could enter just because he said so?

Seeing the hesitation in her eyes, Marquis lightly said, “I’m familiar with the people in that association. I know that Wen Wan has been receiving attention when she goes there. Do you know why I’m okay with letting her go there to play?”

Ji Man thought; you want to be cheated on?

However, she couldn’t say these words out loud. She brightly smiled and said, “Is it because you’re a very magnanimous person, so you’re allowing her to do what she wants?”

Ning Yuxuan chuckled. He lifted her chin up and said, “That’s one of the reasons. There’s another reason. Tonghao Poetry Association picks a head for the association every ten years through a poetry competition. The head of the association can restrain the behavior of the members and will also recommend talented people to the emperor for official positions.

After saying all that, as it turned out, the government was behind this organization. Ji Man nodded. “So? My lord, it can’t be that you’re the head of the poetry association, right?”

Marquis Moyu nodded. “Three years ago, I won the minor poetry competition and obtained this title. Originally, I had gotten it as a way to show off with the crown prince. I didn’t expect that it would become useful now.”

Ji Man’s chin fell to the ground. This person was so abnormal, and he also knew how to write poems? Wait, he was the head of the poetry association. Did Wen Wan know?

“It’s been a long time since I paid attention to Tonghua Poetry Association’s matters. Qian Yingchen has been managing the association for me. During the past few years, many members had left and new ones had joined. Most of new members probably don’t know this information.” Ning Yuxuan yawned. “Still, it won’t be a problem for me to recommend you.”

Ji Man suddenly felt that the person in front of her was truly a mystery. The original novel hadn’t mentioned anything about him having several identities, ah. One moment he was someone that managed the Six Ministries. The next moment he was the head of Tonghua Poetry Association. Would she one day see him as a street food market’s tyrant when she walked down Yongning Street?

He definitely wasn’t offering to let her enter Tonghua Poetry Association because he wanted to help her. It was because he wanted to Wen Wan to act with a little bit more decorum. She had heard that many sons of nobility had become rather interested in Wen Wan and was frequently very friendly with her. Marquis Moyu was probably starting to feel a sense of danger.

Under the light of a female lead’s halo, Wen Wan had exceptional predestined affinity with the opposite gender. She didn’t reject the friendly advances of other men either and would teasingly let them circle around her. They couldn’t let her go, but they would also never obtain her. There were too many envoys that liked to protect delicate flowers like Wen Wan. In order to make her happy, they had redoubled their efforts to slander Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man nodded her head to agree to Ning Yuxuan’s suggestion. She might as well do something to alleviate her boredom from being too idle once Errong’s wedding preparations were completed. She could probably bluff her way through it by plagiarizing famous poets. Moreover, while she had been fine with leaving Wen Wan alone, this white lotus character was now vilifying her. Don’t blame her for giving Wen Wan a taste of her own medicine.

And so, just like that, this matter was easily decided. It was just a brief interlude.


Ning Errong and Nie Qingyun’s wedding day quickly arrived and Ning residence suddenly became very lively from top to bottom.

Many people in the imperial court expressed their congratulations over the marriage between General Xiangyuan and Marquis Jing Wen’s families. On Noble Consort Nie's side, there were gifts bestowed. Although Nie Sangyu hadn’t been officially promoted to the position of the main wife yet, old madame still allowed her to wear a red dress on this festive day to send Errong off. The dress was paired with a sleeveless white jacket with a blue undertone.

Even though marrying Nie Qingyun would be fulfilling Ning Errong’s long-time wish, she still felt sad about leaving her father and older brother. The young girl cried the entire journey to Nie residence after entering the sedan to depart. While Ning Mingjie escorted her to Nie residence’s entrance, Marquis Jingwen was in the main hall.

He emotionally sighed and said, ”Marrying off a daughter is like missing a piece of flesh, ah.”

Old madame said with a smile, “Younger brother-in-law, you shouldn’t be thinking this way. Qingyun is a good child. Errong will have a good home for the latter half of her life.”


There was a celebratory banquet at Nie residence. Many people from Ning Clan had gone there by following the bride’s sedan. Other people had chosen to stay at Marquis Moyu’s residence and would need to be entertained. 

Wen Wan was in a very good mood today. She had worn a pink embroidered top and a circular skirt. Standing in the crowd, she looked slender and elegant. Many people had come from Tonghao Poetry Association and they were standing next to her.

Standing by Nie Sangyu’s side, Muxu pointed out each of these people to her. “The person in the blue robe is the Imperial Tutor Sun’s eldest son. He’s quite talented. The one in that beautiful white robe is Prince Huainan’s heir. He lives a relatively leisurely lifestyle. The one in the azure robe is a deputy imperial censor, Sir Xiao…”

All in all, there were several people by Wen Wan’s side and they all had high status. Ji Man was speechless. She couldn’t afford to offend any of these people.

The people surrounding Wen Wan were all joyfully talking to each other. Wen Wan was laughing happily. It felt as if these people were stars that were revolving around a moon.

There were also women standing by the side. They had probably also walked here. However, they were all standing far away from Wen Wan and seemed disdainful of her.

Someone suddenly wrapped an arm around Ji Man's waist and she turned her head in surprise to see Marquis Moyu’s smiling face.

He said, “Yingchen will be coming over later to introduce you.”

Qian Yingchen was said to be the person with the highest influence in Tonghua Poetry Association right now. Ji Man nodded. Ning Yuxuan could be considered to have completed his part.

Completely disregarding the crowd’s gaze, he lightly kissed her forehead and chuckled into her ear, “Have fun.”

After that, he simply turned around and left.

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