The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 131

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 131 out of 513 – The germination of a white lotus (2)

Wen Wan’s smile vanished. Her eyes held resentment and tears as she directly looked over here.

Everyone followed her gaze and looked at this spot too. As soon as they saw Nie Sangyu, their faces show dissatisfaction and anger.

Young Master Sun, the one wearing a blue robe, was the first person to ridicule her. “Showing such lack of restraint in broad daylight. No wonder Wan-er can’t win over her.”

Ji Man found his words laughable. Was he really saying that she had seduced the marquis with vixen-like charm? Ning Yuxuan had been the one kissing her. She hadn’t kissed him. Why was he blaming her?

“When Sangyu showed restraint in the past, your Wen Wan stole away my husband.” Ji Man superficially smiled. “Now, everything has gone back to their original points. Sangyu has thought about this for a long time and still feels that it’s better to not show restraint.”

“You…” Wen Wan bit her lip. Her face was glistening with tears. The nearby testosterone-fueled men moved forward one by one and glowered at Nie Sangyu.

Young Master Sun said, “Why is your mouth so unclean? Marquis Moyu must be blind to have abandonded a pearl for a fish eye.”

Who was the one that spoke unclean words first? And now, he was blaming her? Ji Man wanted to laugh. Looking at Wen Wan, who was hiding behind the crowd and looked incomparably wronged, Ji Man also felt her blood boiling in anger.

So, she was a Holy Mother was she? She had seen plenty of women like Wen Wan in the modern world pretending to be a white lotus. They would pretend to be weak and men would look at them, think they were being wronged, and step forward to protect them.

Towards this type of women, you definitely couldn’t act fierce. Instead, you had to do a better job acting like a white lotus than her. Even if you couldn’t directly torment her, you could at least anger her to death.

And so, Ji Man let out a long sigh, lowered her eyes, and said, “People who have different opinions can’t work together. Sangyu hasn’t done anything to wrong you. And yet, Sangyu has to be criticized like this for no reason. Since Sangyu has been lacking in some aspect in your eyes, then Sangyu won’t bother you with my presence. Sangyu will leave first.”

After saying this, she gently curtsied and turned around to leave.

“Wait Madam Ning.” A person came out from behind the crowd and blocked her path.

Ji Man raised her head to look. This person was smiling and he also saluted her. He was wearing a jade waist accessory with yellow strings at the bottom.

Only fifth-rank and higher officials were allowed to wear this type of waist accessory. Why had a fifth-rank official saluted her? She curtsied in return and looked at him in puzzlement.

The person that had approached her quietly said, “This one is Qian Yingchen.” Then, he took a step away from her and said, “I’m here under the order of the marquis.”

Ji Man understood. This was the person that would bring her inside Tonghao Poetry Association? But, she hadn’t even entered yet, and this group of people was already dissatisfied with her. If she went over now and said she wanted to enter their association, would they put her in a difficult spot?

Actually, there was no reason for her to worry about this question. Why? Because the answer to this question was a definite yes. When Qian Yingchen led her over to the group of people for introductions, other than the womenfolk, whom were showing some degree of curiosity, the men standing by Wen Wan's side looked at her with scorn.

The empress’s younger brother, Xiao Tianyi, said, “Yingchen, do you think Tonghao Poetry Association will accept everyone? She’s without talent or knowledge. It can’t be that she’s being allowed to join based on her face, right?” These words were said rather frivolously.

Wen Wan also derisively laughed. Right now, Nie Sangyu’s face was very attractive and was even better looking than her own. But, so what if this was true? Everyone knew that Nie Sangyu wasn’t capable of writing poetry. She definitely wouldn’t be allowed to enter Tonghao Poetry Association.

Neither servile nor overbearing, Qian Yingchen said, “Last time, the group of you allowed this lesser Madam Ning to enter the association without a formal test. Let’s take today as an opportunity to test the both of them. If they pass, then no one should have any objections.”

Ji Man though that Qian Yingchen’s words were also erring on the side of poisonous. He could have just called Wen Wan, “Madam Ning”. Instead, he had added “lesser” to her address and also brought up that Wen Wan hadn’t gone through testing. He was clearly slapping her in the face, ah.

Wen Wan’s expression wasn’t very good.

One of the womenfolk covered her mouth to hide her smile and said, “Didn’t you all say that this lesser Madam Ning is the capital’s most talented woman? Then, she naturally shouldn't be afraid of taking the test.”

Ji Man nodded and said, “Since we’re going to take a test and the spring flowers in this courtyard look pretty good, let’s have the servants bring over the essentials tools for writing and take the test here.”

“Wan-er will comply too.” Wen Wan lightly smiled and looked as if she had a card up her sleeve.

Hearing the news of this competition, the concubines in Ning Clan all came over to watch the excitement. It only took a short amount of time before the garden became crowded with people.

Wen Wan and Ji Man were standing at the center of the courtyard. In front of each of them, there were a square table that had the necessary writing tools placed on it and a nearby servant girl grinding the ink.

Standing at the side, Qian Yingchen said, “Let’s just use flowers as the theme. The two madams will each write a poem and the crowd will judge.”

Wen Wan raised a brush, nimbly wrote out a poem, and handed it over.

Ji Man looked at the brush and inwardly sighed. Nie Sangyu probably didn’t know how to write to begin with. Otherwise, why was she willing to help her embroider flowers, but not with writing? Could it be that she would have to write using shorthand and hand that in?

Prince Huainan’s heir came over to bully her and mockingly asked, “Madam Ning, do you not know how to write? Do you want me to help you?"

“Sure.” Ji Man lightly smiled. “Sangyu’s hand happens to feel a bit sore and can’t write. Sangyu will say my poem aloud and you can write out the poem for me. Sangyu is sure that the words you write will look very good since you’re so accomplished.”

He had originally come over with the intention of embarrassing her. Instead, she had seized him by his male pride. On the side, someone also started praising his calligraphy skills, so Prince Huainan’s heir couldn’t step down. With an unhappy expression, he walked over to Nie Sangyu’s table and stood next to her.

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