The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 129

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 129 out of 513 – Rumors are fiercer than tigers (2)

After paying respects to old madame, Ji Man met Mu Shuiqing on her way out.

Mu Shuiqing walked to her side and profoundly looked at her as she said, “This servant never thought you would have a day like this.”

No one had thought that Nie Sangyu would regain her original position. It was only to be expected that Mu Shuqing would be surprised.

Ji Man smiled and said, “The days are long. Who can predict the future?”

Mu Shuiqing chuckled. The space between her eyebrows had softened considerably. With her hand held protectively over her slightly protruding belly, she said, “Right now, I don’t want anything else. I just want to peacefully give birth to my child.”

Ji Man nodded. “You’ve become much better with behaving yourself. You won’t have the same outcome as Jinse. Don’t worry, just focus on taking care of your health and baby.”

Unexpectedly, Mu Shuqing whispered unfathomable words next, “This servant isn’t walking on the same path as her, so naturally this servant won’t have the same ending as her. Madam, you don’t need to worry.”

Ji Man was bewildered. Why would Mu Shuqing and Jinse be walking on the different paths? Weren’t they both loyal to the crown prince?


Errong had prepared a table full of tasty food and invited Nie Qingyun over. She also dragged Ning Mingjie and Nie Sangyu over to accompany them.

She happily said, “Let’s celebrate Sangyu’s change in fortune. This is the food I personally prepared. Don’t look down on my cooking.”

There were several dishes on the table. They all looked pretty good. Ji Man was slightly surprised. They had only come back a couple of days. When had Errong learned how to cook a full meal?

After tasting a bite of food, Ji Man couldn’t resist nodding her head. The young girl had a bright future. She had learned quickly and the food tasted pretty good.

Ning Mingjie chuckled and said, “It seems like you prepared this meal for your upcoming marriage. You’ll be getting married to Qingyun in only four days. According to the rules, shouldn’t you be waiting until then to see him?”

Ning Errong blushed. She glanced at Nie Qingyun before smiling and saying, “I’m already familiar with him. It’s not like this is an arranged marriage. It fine if we wait until tomorrow to stop seeing each other. Let’s not focus on the minor details. Just treat today as a celebration for Sangyu.”

Nie Qingyun nodded. “If Sangyu is happy, then I can marry without worries. Brother Mingjie, you’ll be the only one left here after Errong marries into Nie Clan. Please help me take care of Sangyu.”

Ji Man’s lips twitched. “Older brother, I can take care of myself.”

Ning Mingjie was also at a marriageable age. In a few months, he should be discussing his marriage prospects too. Although he was a pretty good person, Ji Man still had to consider the issue of avoiding suspicion.

Niefnin Qingun chuckled. “If you can take care of yourself, then I wouldn’t have to worry.”

Feeling discontent, Errong interrupted him. “Spend more time eating and less time talking, ah. I spend such a long time cooking. This food isn’t just for you to look at.”

After the four people had eaten most of the food on the table, Errong finally revealed a happy smile and pulled Nie Sangyu away to talk.

She whispered, “After I’m married, what will you do with no one by your side to help you?”

Ji Man patted her shoulder. “It’s okay. I can handle it.”


After Wen Wan was demoted to the position of the secondary wife, she became less unruly, but she still frequently went out to see friends to discuss poems and voice her complaints.

Ji Man felt that Wen Wan’s behavior was only to be expected. Wen Wan’s method of venting was already done in a very harmless way.

However, when she met Ning Mingjie in the garden one day, he suddenly solemnly asked, “Forgive this one for asking this question. Madam, are the rumors true? Are you really guilty of being unjust?”

Ji Man was utterly baffled by these words. Confused, she asked, “What made you ask this question?”

Ning Mingjie wasn’t a gossipy person. However, he had frequently heard the same rumors being repeated in Tonghao Poetry Association. Moreover, it was sounding worse and worse as time went, to the point that he was almost about to believe in those rumors. Thus, he came here to ask Nie Sangyu.

There was a rumor circulating that Nie Sangyu had caused the death of a concubine’s unborn child and framed Wen Wan for it, in order to snatch away Wen Wan’s status as the main wife. Although Wen Wan was the victim, she didn’t blame Nie Sangyu much. She just wrote many poems about how she felt wronged, pained, and helpless. On top of this, thoughtful people had inquired about what had happened. The end result was gossip being spread about Nie Sangyu.

Even if she buried herself in dirt, she still couldn’t avoid being shot at. This matter had absolutely nothing to do with her, but the rumors had altered the truth into this form. Ji Man could only admire these people for their rich imaginations.

“I’ve never harmed anyone.” Ji Man wryly laughed and said to Ning Mingjie, “I’ve always believe that the sins you commit in this lifetime will be paid back to you in the next lifetime. So, I won’t hurt anyone, but other people better not try to hurt me either.”

Ning Mingjie nodded and didn’t say anything else.


Although Ji Man had already finished embroidering Errong’s wedding dress during the trip, she was still busy with other matters related to Errong’s wedding. Thus, she didn’t pay attention to these rumors. But later on, she finally understood what was meant by the saying, “rumors are fiercer than tigers”. Originally, it had been something false. But after it had been repeated numerous times, everyone actually looked at Wen Wan with sympathetic gazes and said Nie Sangyu was a poisonous woman behind her back.

Even if Ji Man had a hundred mouths, she couldn’t clear her name. Even if she explained the truth, people wouldn’t believe her. Besides, it would too much of a wasted effort to explain the truth every time you met a new person. But, if you didn’t explain, people would think you have a guilty conscience and the rumors would continue to become more exaggerated.

Wen Wan’s move of crying her grievances had truly been very effective. And yet, not one would believe that Wen Wan was doing this intentionally. Instead, they would all say that Wen Wan hadn’t said a single bad word about Nie Sangyu, and that other people had figured out the truth through guessing.

Ji Man was furious over this white lotus Holy Mother’s act. When it was time to serve Marquis Moyu in bed that night, her expression was still very gloomy.

Marquis Moyu looked at her for a while. Instead of asking her what was wrong, he asked, “Do you want to go to Tonghua Poetry Association?”

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