The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 128

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 128 out of 513 – Rumors are fiercer than tigers (1)

Ji Man had originally been just watching this entertaining show. Hearing old madame’s words, she was shocked and could only look at old madame with utter helplessness.

She knew that old madame meant well and was doing her absolute best to give her the position of the main wife. But, wasn’t it a bit too inappropriate to say these words during this heated argument?

Marquis Moyu looked at her with unfathomable eyes, then he looked at Wen Wan. Wen Wan’s face had already turned white and her lips were trembling. She seemed as if she wanted to refute, but she didn’t know what to say.

A long time passed before Marquis Moyu finally spat one word, “Fine.”

Old madame smiled in satisfaction while Wen Wan incredulously stared at Ning Yuxuan. How could he do this? She had already tolerated so many women. And now, he was going to take away her position as the main wife? Although she was from a commoner’s family, everyone had expressed their good wishes and care for her on the way here. Men had always treated her wholeheartedly. Why was Ning Yuxuan treating her like this?

Ji Man also had a hard time smiling and only quietly stood nearby.


Jinse wasn’t an especially important person, but there was a huge commotion over this incident. Of course, it was true that old madame was using this incident as a pretext to make a fuss. However, no one would have expected for Ning Yuxuan to agree to old madame’s suggestion.

Ji Man curiously glanced at him, but she was never able to tell much from looking at Marquis Moyu’s face. She put away her interest and decided to take things step by step.

Ji Man had arranged for Jinse to stay at Qiushui Courtyard. It was slightly better than Zhiqiu Courtyard, but not that much better. Right now, the small courtyard was filled with a flurry of doctors. Old madame even personally went there herself. Supporting herself with Nie Sangyu’s arm, old madame stood outside waiting.

It didn’t take long before a servant girl came outside with a basin filled with bloody water.

Old madame disdainfully glanced at it, then she whispered to Nie Sangyu, “Your position is stable.”

From the look of the water, it seemed that Jinse had miscarried. Old madame wasn’t willing to stay here for long and she pulled Nie Sangyu with her as she left.

Ji Man still hadn’t figure out Jinse’s motive.


Inside her room, Wen Wan cried for a long time.

Tanxiang quietly comforted her, “Master, don’t be so upset. As long as you’re by the marquis’s side, it’s fine. Once you've given birth to a child, you’ll definitely regain the position of the main wife.”

“He doesn’t like me anymore.” Wen Wan sobbed. “Am I that type of person? Would I push Jinse into a wardrobe? That liar is clearly framing me.”

“But… No one would think it’s worth it for Jinse to exchange her child’s life to frame you. That’s why no one believes you.”

Wen Wan paused in her crying. She raised her head and said, “I thought it was really strange too. Why was she willing to go as far as losing her child in order to frame me? How would this benefit her?”

“It doesn’t benefit her, but it greatly benefits the person in Feiwan Courtyard.” Tanxiang coldly harrumphed and said, “Look, she and Old Madame are eagerly hoping and waiting for Jinse to miscarry. Once Jinse miscarries, then she can snatch back the position of the main wife.”

Wen Wan frowned. How could she have forgotten? Nie Sangyu was the shrewdest person in this household. At the beginning, Qi Siling had reminded her several times, but she hadn’t listened to her. Now that she had calmed down and was analyzing the situation, she realized that Nie Sangyu was the one that was benefiting the most.

Qi Siling entered the room and sat down in front of Wen Wan while clutching her handkerchief, “Madam, this servant doesn’t want to speak badly of you. But, you’re too candid and too trusting about the affection that the marquis feels for you.”

This time, Wen Wan respectfully listened to Qi Siling’s words.

“Look at how skillfully Nie Sangyu behaves. Although everyone knows about her previous wrongdoings and the marquis might not like her, her current conduct is above reproach. She also knows how to win over people’s hearts. When you’re compared to her, it would be strange if you didn’t lose!”

Wen Wan thought over Qi Siling’s words. They seemed like an accurate depiction. She was too straightforward. She thought that since Marquis Moyu loves her, she doesn’t need to worry about anything else. But now, she knew that she had been too naïve.

These people wanted to harm and torment her. Why shouldn’t she rebel? So what if Nie Sangyu knew how to win over people and act like a good person, she would do even better than her.

Looking at Wen Wan’s determined eyes, Qi Siling smiled. If you’re going to use a knife, it was better to sharpen it first. A smart person was more useful.


Jinse had miscarried, so Marquis Moyu planned on doing what he had previously agreed to by returning the position of the main wife to Sangyu. However, this change had to be documented in the imperial records and several other procedures also had to be done. Thus, this matter had to be delayed for a few days before it became official.

Ji Man wasn’t in a hurry. Anyways, she was used to living in Feiwan Courtyard and was too lazy to move. But, the attitudes of the servants had changed.

When Muxu returned from getting her new clothes, her expression was jubilant as she said, “Master, the embroideress had embroidered two extra shawls for you. And, when I went out today, the servants at the entrance were very polite. Aunty Zhao from the kitchen also wants to come over when you have time to pay respect to you."

“Their attitudes have changed, but it’s fine as long as your attitude doesn’t change.” Ji Man propped her chin in her hand and said, “I still feel like there’s more change to come. I don’t care that much if I’m the main wife or not.”

Muxu was still overjoyed. “This servant is really happy to see you regaining your position as the main wife after this long journey that started from leaving the confinement courtyard.”

Ji Man turned her head and smiled. “It’s been hard on you too.”

Muxu wiped away her tears and said with a smile, “It hasn’t been hard on this servant. It’s this servant’s good fortune to always follow you.”

Ji Man squeezed her hand and thought; if you don’t betray me again, that will be my good fortune.

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