The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 127

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 127 out of 513 – The classical scene of a supporting female character framing the female lead (2)

“If I hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have known that Wen Wan had been able to enter Tonghua Poetry Association because of my older brother. My older brother said that Wen Wan had pleaded with him to go out with her because she was feeling bored and wanted to go out. And, he actually agreed! When they got there, a group of people became utterly attracted to her mediocre beauty and continuously flattered her. They even gave her Qianqian’s title of most talented woman. Bah! Even a three year old child can write better poems than her!”

Ji Man was slightly surprised. “It can’t be that bad. If Madam wants to obtain the marquis’s affection, she shouldn’t be acting too outrageously.”

“She probably knows that Tonghao Poetry Association is place that doesn’t care about etiquette and people can’t complain about her behavior,” Errong gloomy said, “Two years ago, a foreigner came to the imperial court and used poetry to back people into difficult positions. A talented individual from Tonghao Poetry Association came and suppressed the other person to the point that he was speechless. While feeling very happy, the emperor bestowed a plaque to Tonghao Poetry Association that said, “Only discussion of poetry is allowed, do not judge people by status.” As long as the people in the group are gathered for a meeting, even married women can attend and talk about poetry with men.”

Ji Man nodded. This allowed this place to be a good breeding ground for scholars.

There were plenty of talented individuals that came from boudoirs, ah. For example, there were poetesses like Li Qingzhao. With a place like Tonghao Poetry Association, there naturally would be a place for them to display their talent.

(T/N: Li Qingzhao was a famous Song Dynasty poetess.)

But, why did Wen Wan go there?


When Marquis Moyu was informed of this new, his expression was calm. Without even raising his head, he went to Jinse’s courtyard.


Two days later, Wen Wan was the one that caved in first. However, she didn’t look for the marquis, instead she ordered Jinse to Qiangwei Courtyard.

Jinse was supposedly over a month pregnant, but none of the doctors could confirm her pregnancy yet. Still, backed by the words of a sage monk, she had already been considered pregnant over a month ago even if no one else could tell then either.

Jin Man didn’t know what had happened between Wen Wan and Jinse. However, during dinnertime, old madame’s personal servant girl, Showu, came to get her. Showu’s expression was grave as she said, “Mistress Sang, something bad happened. Old madame wants everyone to come to the main courtyard.”

Without changing her clothes, Ji Man went to the main courtyard in casual robes. Everyone else had already arrived before her.

With an unyielding expression, Wen Wan was kneeling at old madame’s feet.

Ji Man raised her eyebrows and turned around to look, but she didn’t see Jinse.

Marquis Moyu was standing by the side. His brow was slightly furrowed, but his expression didn’t look too bad. He quietly looked at Wen Wen before asking, “What happened today? Did you deliberately push Jinse into a wardrobe?”

Hearing these words, Ji Man immediately understood what was happening. In novels, there was always a scene where the supporting female character would suffer miscarriage and frame the female lead. This scene would usually end up with someone being tortured. The outcome was dependent on the male lead and female lead’s attitudes!

Ji Man secretly felt a bit excited and she lowered her head to watch Wen Wan’s reaction.

Wen Wan raised her head and calmly looked at the marquis. “Is a Wen Wan a malicious woman in the marquis’s mind? We’ve been married for so long. My lord, how can you not trust me?”

Ji Man couldn’t resist rolling her eyes and silently gagging. Whenever a female lead was misunderstood, she would always have an attitude of “I don’t want to explain, but you have to believe me”. She always felt annoyed when she read this type of novel. Where did they get the confidence that people would automatically believe in them when they hadn’t explained what had happened? Besides, even if the marquis believed her, he couldn’t just say in front of this entire group of people, “En, I believe you,” and then say that female lead was innocent, right?

This was just pure stupidity.

Old madame’s expression didn’t look good. She coldly harrumphed and said, “There’s a servant girl willing to act as a witness that you pushed Jinse. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Wen Wan angrily said, “It wasn’t me. She ran into the wardrobe herself!”

Dingxiang kneeled down and said in a trembling voice, “This servant came from Qiangwei Courtyard and wouldn’t falsely accuse Madam. Madam truly pushed Mistress Jinse. This servant saw this from the outside.”

Wen Wan was furious. With tears falling from her face, she said, “If I can tolerate Mu Shuiqing, then why can’t I tolerate Jinse? I merely called her over to have a heart-to-heart talk. How could I have known that her attitude would be so horrible? As soon as we had a disagreement, she ran into the wardrobe herself. I can’t be blamed if she ends up miscarrying.”

Ji Man also felt that this wasn’t something that Wen Wan would do. But, why would Jinse deliberately do this? Wasn’t it good that she was pregnant? Why would she deliberately cause herself to miscarry in order to frame Wen Wan? At the very least, the crown princess consort had a hand in arranging Wen Wan’s wedding. Wasn’t Jinse given to Marquis Moyu by the crown prince?

Unable to figure out the logic behind this, Ji Man knocked her hand against her head to think.

“Do you have evidence that this matter is unrelated to you? There’s a witness right here,” Old madame said.

Wen Wan bit her lip. At the time, she had sent Tanxiang out to bring a pot of tea. Where would she find the evidence to prove that this liar had deliberately hurt herself? Old madame’s heart was also biased against her. She definitely wouldn’t believe her. But the marquis…

Wen Wan raised her head to look at Marquis Moyu. She looked quite pitiful, but stubborn as well.

Her beauty came from looking weak and delicate, and occasionally being a bit strong. It made people want to protect her. All men had savior complexes. Marquis Moyu wasn’t an exception to this rule.

And so, he sighed and said, “Let Wan-er go back to Qiangwei Courtyard to ponder over her mistake. We can make a final decision after we find out about Jinse’s condition.”

Old madame coldly harrumphed. “Xuan-er, if she really ends up miscarrying, how will you deal with the offender?

Ning Yuxuan paused. “What is mother’s thought?”

“How can a woman that can’t tolerate your heirs be the future matriarch of this family?” Old madame severely looked at Wen Wan and said, “If this child is gone, you have to return the position of the main wife to Sangyu.”

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