The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother - Ch 008

Title: The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 8 - Hey, classmate, don't you know that if you act like this, you're not going to have any friends! (1)

After dropping off the two children at their schools, Lin Yiyi quickly drove to the food market. She had decided on cooking a meal with her specialty dishes.

After one day of interaction, she had figured things out. The original owner of this body didn't have a close relationship with her children. Otherwise, the interactions between the three of them wouldn't look so strange.

Even though Meng Yuran looked disagreeable and awkward, he treated his younger sister very well. She could tell that he genuinely liked his younger sister. This indicated that this child still cared about his family members.

As for Meng Shanshan, she was still young. Regardless of her previous experiences with her mother, she couldn't help but want to try her best to get closer to her mother.

In the end, these two were still children who had lost their father. Their mother was their only close relative, and she treated them like strangers. It would be weird if these two children didn't feel hurt by this.

She was also someone that had lost both parents when she was young. Having experienced this first hand, she could deeply empathize with them. For children to not have their parents at their side, it meant they didn't have a home. That type of miserable bitterness, someone who hadn't experienced it for themselves wouldn't understand. 

She had inexplicably gained two new children, but she was fine with accepting them. Since the original owner of this body was gone, she would temporarily take her place and be their mother.

She went straight into the kitchen after getting home. Rolling up her sleeves, she started cooking.

Little Chen saw that Ms. Lin was using the kitchen again. This time, she turned around and went to do something else instead of saying anything.Later, when she passed by the kitchen, Ms. Lin, who usually showed no signs of being capable and virtuous, had already cooked three side dishes and one soup...

Wow, she didn't look like someone with nimble hands and feet.

Lin Yiyi packed up the food in a lunch box. She told Little Chen that she was leaving and headed out.

Little Ran was currently in sixth grade. He usually brought the cafeteria food and ate there. In order to save money, Lin Yiyi had grown up eating cafeteria food while she was in school, so she had a thorough understanding that most cafeteria food was mediocre at best and tolerable at worst. You could get full eating cafeteria food, but there was no guarantee it would taste good. The food might taste either too salty or too bland. And, it might not even be what a child like to eat either.

She specially went over to bring him lunch because she had decided to do her best to get along well with him. To win him over, she would focus on winning over his stomach first.


In the first classroom of sixth graders, Meng Yuran was currently attending class.

At 11:30 AM, the end of class bell rang, and the students scampered out of the classroom. They were worried that if they were one step too slow, they would have to wait in long lines. In the blink of an eye, more than half of the room had been emptied.

Unconcerned, Meng Yuran put his textbook into his desk and put away his pencil and other items. Then, putting one hand into his pants pocket, he slowly walked towards the classroom's door.

He had only taken a few steps when he looked through the window near the door and saw a woman standing in the hallway.

The woman was still wearing the same clothes she had been wearing in the morning. Combined that with her beautiful looks and being taller than the sixth graders, she stood out a lot. Even the students that had been rushing to leave kept looking back at her.

He blankly stared at her for a moment. The woman had already seen him and excitedly waved at him.

Actually, if you carefully looked at them, this mother and son pair did look a bit alike. Although his facial features resembled his father more, the shape of his face took after his mother's. Overall, he looked especially delicately attractive. When the two of them were standing next to each other, no one would doubt that they were related. And so, the crowd of classmates which hadn't dispersed yet, looked at them with gazes that showed they were hungry for knowledge. One moment, they would look at Lin Yiyi. The next second, they would turn their heads to secretly look at Meng Yuran.

Meng Yuran was a well-known person in their school. He was good-looking and had exceptionally good grades. There were many female classmates that secretly had crushes on him, so he was always under a lot of attention.

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