I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 034

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 34 - Pregnant women are extra temperamental! (3)

"Ye Zhen and I are identical twins, so of course I understand Ye Zhen. Even though she's uncommunicative, she's actually more sensitive than anyone else. She's definitely harboring a grudge in her heart because you forced her to marry someone."

Mother Ye impatiently said in a displeased tone, "That's not how it is at all! Back then, I desperately struggled to give birth to her. I almost died! The Ye Family has raised her for so many years, why shouldn't she pay our family back a bit? Besides, there are countless people that would love to be Mrs. Lu and can't!"

"Mom, don't be angry. I'm not worried about that. I'm worried that with Ye Zhen's character and her heart harboring resentment, she definitely won't be able to get along with the members of the Lu Family. Once she offends the Lu Family, won't they blame our family and take it out on us?”

Ye Qing's words brought Mother Ye to her senses.

Last night, Ye Zhen had told her that Mrs. Lu didn't like her.

She hesitantly said, "But Lu Beichuan's attitude towards your younger sister doesn't seem cold."

"Mom, that was just in front of you. Of course, he has to pretend a bit. Mom, dad, you can't possibly think our family has really become one family with the Lu Family just because of a marriage, right?"

Father Ye couldn't help becoming nervous.

Last night, using the excuse of being tipsy, he had wanted to discuss something with Lu Beichuan. But, when they were privately talking, Lu Beichuan hadn't given him any face. It seemed that Lu Beichuan was only putting up a token effort of maintaining appearances in front of them.

If things continued this way, how would the Ye Family get any minor benefits from the Lu Family in the future?!

"Then... what should we do?"

Ye Qing heavily sighed and seriously said, "I'll go."

"You'll go?"

"I'll get younger sister to come back and switch places with me. I was the one that made a mistake. I'll bear the consequences by myself!"


Inside the fast-moving Bentley, Ye Zhen was curled up in the backseat and drowsily looking at the fleeting scenery outside the window.

Actually, it wasn't that she had never woken up early before. The Lu Family had a rule about waking up early. Back when Lu Beichuan was still comatose, she had already been instructed to wake up at 7AM each day in order to clean Lu Beichuan's body.

Strangely, even though she hadn't needed to wake up early the past few days to wipe Lu Beichuan's body, she felt more tired than usual.

Ye Zhen gave out a huge yawn.

Next to her, Lu Beichuan, who had been looking at a file, took the time to glance at her. "Sleepy?

Ye Zhen shook her head. "I just have a little motion sickness."

Lu Beichuan gave her the soft pillow behind his back. "We won't be getting home soon. Sleep for a while."

Ye Zhen didn't bother with being polite. She accepted the pillow and put it down on the seat. With only her upper body lying down on the back seat, her body curved into an uncomfortable position. Ye Zhen's brow slightly furrowed. It took a long time before her forehead slowly smoothed out.

Taking advantage of Ye Zhen's sleeping state, Lu Beichuan gently moved her legs onto his lap and took off his jacket to cover her with it. He ordered the chauffeur to drive slower, so that Ye Zhen could sleep more comfortably in the narrow car.

Ye Zhen napped very comfortably in the car. When Lu Beichuan woke her up to get out of the car, she was in a bad mood and angrily glared at Lu Beichuan.


Perhaps, it was because of those bumpy car rides, Ye Zhen felt very tired the past two days. Her entire body emanated an exhausted aura. She had originally thought that this feeling would pass. But in the following days, her condition remained the same. As soon as her head touched the pillow, she would sleep like the dead. No matter how much sleep she got, she had to be woken up by someone. Otherwise, she would sleep the morning away. After being woken up, she would spend the rest of day listlessly. Her condition was worse than handicapped Lu Beichuan.


This morning, Ye Zhen listlessly sat at the dining table.

Mother Lu worriedly looked at Ye Zhen. "Are you sick? Have William give you a check up."

Ye Zhen forced herself to smile. "Mom, thank you for being concerned. I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired lately," as she said this, she yawned.

Lu Beichuan gave her a second look. He thoughtfully said, "Have William give you a check up anyways."

She was suddenly fired up with irritation.

I already said I'm fine. Why are you so bothersome?!

Ye Zhen looked at the breakfast in from her. She didn't have any appetite. With waning interest, she murmured, "En."

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