I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 035

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 35 - Your older sister is back (1)

Ye Zhen also felt there was something wrong with her. Lately, she was prone to feeling tired, excessive sleepiness, and listlessness. She had gone online to check the causes of these symptoms online. Many of the answers she found online said these were symptoms of pregnancy.

Pregnant? Ye Zhen sneered and close the webpage.

This body was still a virgin. How could she be pregnant? Really, that was more ridiculous than the people that suggested she was terminally ill!

William gave her a full body examination, then he told her that she was only feeling tired and excessively sleepy because her health was poor. She had to work on properly recuperating her health. It wouldn't be suitable for her to have large swing in her moods.

Lu Beichuan agreed to all of this.

Ye Zhen suspiciously looked at Lu Beichuan.

During this period of time, Lu Beichuan had been going out to do rehabilitation exercises. While he was doing these exercises, he wouldn't allow anyone to be by his side to take care of him.

Ye Zhen could understand why he wanted that. After all, Lu Beichuan was proud and arrogant. It was inevitable that his rehabilitation exercises would damage his pride as a man. But, after carefully calculating the days, there would only be five more days until the day when Lu Beichuan had woken up in the novel. The novel's Lu Beichuan woke up and had no residual effects from the car accident. Five days from now, would this Lu Beichuan be able to stand up again?

Furthermore, Ye Qing would be returning soon.

Once that time came, the healthy Lu Beichuan, who had regained function of his legs, would focus all of his attention on Ye Qing. This meant that she would be free. Being able to leave the Lu Family was only a matter of time.

A servant came upstairs to look for Ye Zhen to inform her that she had a call from her parents. There was something important they needed to talk about  with Ye Zhen.

How very strange. The Ye Family was calling her? Ye Zhen thought incredulously.

Perhaps, seeing Lu Beichuan's attitude towards her during the previous visit, the Ye Family thought the current her was valuable and they could use her to get benefits from the Lu Family?

After Ye Zhen went downstairs to take the call, William coldly looked at Lu Beichuan and cursed, "You're a bastard!"

"How am I bastard?"

"It's because of you that's she's pregnant! You told me to give her medicine to make her sleep deeply. While she wasn't aware, you got her pregnant!"

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Beichuan refuted, "William, first of all, pregnancy requires the husband and wife to act in concert with each other. Second, I only told you to give her sleeping medicine so that she could sleep well at night. Other than the first time when she came onto me after she got drunk, I haven't touched her. How can you say I'm a bastard?"

His argument was reasonable and persuasive.

William knew that he couldn't outargue this shameless man, and he didn't feel like bothering to dispute with him. After listing out daily things that he should pay attention to as well as food that Ye Zhen should abstain from, Willam went downstairs.

Downstairs in the living room, Ye Zhen was holding the phone and quietly listening. From time to time, she would murmur agreement. Seeing William coming downstairs, she greeted him with a smile.

William sighed. How pitiful. She was really pitiful for catching Lu Beichuan's attention.

In William's youth, he had once been Lu Beichuan's schoolmate. At that time, William hadn't seen Lu Beichuan true nature yet. He only thought that this asian man was mysterious and hard to get close to. But, thinking they had shared a common ethnicity, since he was three quarters Chinese himself, William foolishly and recklessly tried to become Lu Beichuan's friend.

Most of the foreign schools had students from influential families that were xenophobic. As someone that had conspicuously yellow hued skin, Lu Beichuan was target of these students. Even William hadn't been able to escape from their bullying. When these people came to trouble Lu Beichuan, Lu Beichuan hadn't said a word. At the time, William had thought this guy was the type to be easily bullied. But later, he found out that this guy just didn't like to strike with his own hands. He liked to stand in dark places where people couldn't find him and execute crafty plots. He destroyed people through subtle means and set them up for a fall. Lu Beichuan had also plucked him clean.

Lu Beichuan had once said, "A gentleman uses his mouth not his fist."

William had grown up outside of China, so he didn't quite understand the idea of a Chinese gentleman, but he had flipped through ancient Chinese classics. When he heard the names of people praised in Chinese history as exemplary gentlemans, William couldn't help feeling a chill.

As it turned out, China was a country that had many gentlemen. It was no wonder that since ancient times, this country had established itself as a thriving country, and it still stood towering like a giant.

It wasn't until later when William had gotten deeper contact with Chinese culture that he understood something. A person like Lu Beichuan, how could he be considered an honorable gentleman? If you were going to call Lu Beichuan a gentleman, then another word had to be added in front of it: fake!

As William was walking out of the main entrance, Ye Zhen put down the phone. She said to a nearby servant, "Prepare a car for me. I'm going to take a trip back to my parents' home."

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