I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 036

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 36 - Your older sister is back (2)

Lu Beichuan's voice came from the third floor's hallway, "Where are you going?"

The unexpected sound startled Ye Zhen. The space between her eyebrows scrunched up in annoyance. She coldly answered, "Does that have anything to do with you?"

The nearby servant became even more frightened and quietly called out to remind Ye Zhen, "Miss Ye..."

Ye Zhen returned to her senses. She knew that she had gotten too carried away just now and spoken wrongly. Now that her rationality had returned, she regretted her earlier tone.

It wasn't smart to make a man lose face by talking back to him in public.

To her surprise, Lu Beichuan didn't get angry and even caringly said, "Your health is poor, and the weather has been bad lately. If it isn't important, it would be better if you stay at home."

Ye Zhen knew that she was the one in the wrong. She lowered her voice a bit as she said, "My dad just called me. He said that my mom isn't feeling well, and he wants me to go over to see her."

Lu Beichuan looked at her coldly for a moment. He didn't say anything.

A short while later, a car was prepared. When Ye Zhen got into the car and sat down, she discovered that the Bentley's backseat had become softer than before. Hot water and a blanket had also been provided for her, and a total of four cars followed in front and behind the one she had gotten into. The driver also drove significantly slower than usual. The car ride was so smooth that Ye Zhen almost didn't notice any bumps in the road.

The original one hour drive was extended by an extra half hour by the driver's slow driving. However Ye Zhen wasn't eager to meet the Ye parents, so she didn't say anything.

After getting out of the car, Ye Zhen was led inside by Father Ye, who had been waiting outside for a long time.

"What's wrong with you? Why did it take you so long to get here? Dad has been waiting for you for a long time."

Seeing Father Ye's anxious appearance, Ye Zhen was incredulous. Could it be that something really happened to Mother Ye?

"Dad, what happened? Is something wrong with mom?"

These words happened to be heard by Mother Ye, who was sitting in the living room. She was dressed neatly, and her cheeks were rosy. She didn't look sick at all.

Ye Zhen sat down across from Mother Ye. Smiling in embarrassment, she asked, "Mom, didn't you say that you were sick?”

Mother Ye forced herself to smile. She got up and sat down next to Ye Zhen. Holding her daughter's hand, she stiffly patted the back of it. "Mom isn't sick. I just wanted you to come over for a visit."

Clearly, they weren't close. And yet, Mother Ye was putting on this fake show of closeness. Pretending to be grateful, Ye Zhen looked at Mother Ye with a smile. "Mom, you can just tell me whatever you want to say."

Mother Ye wasn't used to being so close with her younger daughter either. Her expression was awkward, but she continued to hold Ye Zhen's hand as she said, "It's nothing big. I just wanted to ask you. What's your life like in the Lu Family?"

"It's okay. It's the same as before."

Mother Ye sighed, "Mom knows that it was unfair to have you take your older sister's place and marry you into the Lu Family. We haven't asked you what you wanted either. We're fortunate that you're obedient and sensible. Otherwise, your dad's company would have already gone bankrupt."

Ye Zhen didn't know how to react to this sudden change towards warmth and tenderness. Although she was puzzled, she went along with Mother Ye's words by wryly smiling and saying, "Mom, don't say that. I'm also a member of this family. I only did what I should."

The Ye parents interpreted Ye Zhen's wry smile the wrong way. They thought that Ye Qing has spoken correctly. Ye Zhen was still holding a grudge against them for forcing her to marry into the Lu Family.

"Mom knows that you're a good child. You must have suffered during the past month at Lu Family's home."

Ye Zhen watched as Mother Ye actually turned her head to wipe her tears. It felt as if her worldview was undergoing a great challenge.

What was going on today? Were flowers blooming from iron? Did the sun rise from the west?

"You don't have to worry. You don't have to go back to the Lu Family and suffer anymore. Your older sister is back."

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