The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother - Ch 007

Title: The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 7 - Their father had died. Didn't this mean that the original owner of this body was their only remaining relative? (3)

Little Chen watched on as this lady, who never had a reason to do housework before and was looking eager to try cooking, washed her hands and took out ingredients from the refrigerator. Little Chen still felt a bit worried. "How about I act as your assistant?"

"No need, you can go do other stuff," Lin Yiyi declined.

Lin Yiyi had taken out bacon and three eggs from the refrigerator. She broke the egg shells against the bowl and dropped in the eggs. After putting in a little salt, she started whipping the egg mixture. Once the oil in the frying pan was heated, she poured the egg mixture into the pan...

Seeing that Lin Yiyi looked familiar with doing this, Little Chen put her worries back down. As she was leaving, she couldn't help thinking, even though she had never seen Ms. Lin do any type of housework or cooking, this woman had gotten married and was a mother after all. Ms. Lin’s cooking skills looked up to par. She had worried for nothing.

Not knowing the numerous thoughts that was going on in the kitchen helper's head, Lin Yiyi had already made three rolled up omelettes and plated them on three porcelain plates. It hadn't taken her long.

Thinking it over, she decided it would be too monotonous to only have this for breakfast, so she also made three small zucchini sandwiches.

As Meng Yuran was walking downstairs, he hadn't noticed it yet. It was only after he walked to the dining room that he saw a hot breakfast set up for three people. By chance, at this time, Lin Yiyi came out of the kitchen with milk.

"Little Ran, you're up?"

Lin Yiyi poured a cup of milk for him. While he was showing an incredulous expression, she was smiling as she said, "Mom made breakfast today. Try some and see if it tastes good."

Meng Yuran:“...”

The food on the table could be considered to look tempting. The outward appearance looked good. It made people itchy with the desire to bring it over to eat, but before that...

He wouldn't get food poisoning from this, right?

He doubtfully looked at her.

Did this brat have to be so obvious about hesitating?

Lin Yiyi looked up and gestured in the direction of the staircase. "Shanshan, quickly, come over here. Try the breakfast mom made."

"Did mom make this?"

Meng Shanshan cheered and quickly ran over to them. She sat down in her seat, picked up the rolled up omelette that looked very tasty, and started eating loudly in enjoyment.

As she ate, she gave her mother a lot of face by praising, "So yummy, soo yummy ~"

Meng Yuran's lips twitched. He lowered his head and nibbled one of the sandwiches. After chewing for a few seconds, he suddenly paused. Then, he stuffed a large part of the sandwich into his mouth.

Lin Yiyi wouldn't dare to make any other claims, but she was very confident in her cooking.

Seeing these two children eating happily, she felt hungry too.

This morning's breakfast was eaten more harmoniously than last night's dinner. After sleeping with Lin Yiyi one night, Meng Shanshan was much more spirited after waking up and felt closer to her mother. After eating a breakfast personally cooked by her mother, the distance between them grew closer.

Although Meng Yuran hadn't said any pleasant words, he had eaten everything on his plate and drank the glass of milk that Lin Yiyi had poured for him.

"I gave Old Wang the day off. I'll bring you guys to school today."

Old Wang was the chauffeur that had picked them up yesterday.

It was definitely necessary to establish a good relationship with these two children...

Their father had died. Didn't this mean that the original owner of this body was their only remaining relative?

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The Film Emperor: I heard that I'm dead?

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