I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 032

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 32 - Pregnant women are extra temperamental! (1)

That very night, Ye Qing dragged her luggage with her and went to the airport to take a flight home.

But, interestingly, the more you had your heart set on speeding home, the more likely there would be a delay. Because of weather conditions, the plane couldn't take off. Ye Qing had to wait at the airport. She waited and waited until the plane finally took off at 6 AM the next day.

Three hours later, the plane landed. After making her way out of the airport and hailing a taxi, she finally arrived at the front doors to Ye Family's villa at 10 AM.

Standing in front of the villa's gates, Ye Qing looked at the villa she hadn't stepped a foot in for over a decade. Thinking of how miserable her past life had been because of willfulness, her nose felt sour. She wanted to cry again.

This lifetime, she would definitely live a better life than Ye Zhen!

On the asphalt driveway, Ye Qing heard honking behind her and hastily moved to the side. She saw three cars parked in front of the Ye Family's villa.

The doors of the villa opened. A man that was sitting in a wheelchair was pushed out. Behind him, she saw her parents, who she hadn't seen in over a decade.

Ye Qing's smile froze. The word "incredulous" could have been written on her face.

Lu Beichuan?

Why was he here? Why was he awake? At this time... Shouldn't he still be a comatose person lying in bed and accepting treatment?

Why had he woken up half a month early?

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Before Ye Qing had time to recover, she saw Ye Zhen walking out of the villa and handing a suit jacket to Lu Beichuan. She couldn't hear what Lu Beichuan said to Ye Zhen, but Ye Zhen put on the suit jacket for him. And when Ye Zhen saw that his tie's knot was crooked, she neatened up the tie.

No one else had noticed this, but Ye Qing noticed that when Ye Zhen was putting on Lu Beichuan's jacket for him, his entire attention had been focused on Ye Zhen.

And, Lu Beichuan had looked at Ye Zhen with the same gaze she had seen ten years later when they were sitting in the backseat of a Bentley.  

How could this be...

Ye Qing incredulously watched as they got into the car and left. At the moment the car moved, she panicked and ducked behind a trash can.

She clearly remembered that Lu Beichuan had woken up half a month from today. Why had he woken up earlier?

What happened to cause this change?

Ye Qing came out from behind the trash can and called out to her parents that were heading back into the villa, "Dad! Mom!"

Following the sound of her voice, Father Ye and Mother Ye turned to look in Ye Qing's direction.

"Qingqing!" Mother Ye's emotions was exceptionally intense. She quickly walked over to Ye Qing. Her hands were trembling as she hugged Ye Qing while crying. "You bad child! Did you know that mom was worrying herself to death because of you?!"

Ye Qing hugged Mother Ye too. "Mom, I'm sorry... I was wrong. I'm sorry."

"Where have you been?! Your mother has been looking for you for so long!"

Since Ye Qing had run away, Mother Ye hadn't slept well. Day and night, she worried about Ye Qing. Was her daughter eating well? Was she sleeping well? Was she being bullied by other people? Right now, seeing her daughter appearing in front of her, she felt like she was dreaming.

The mother and daughter remained hugging and cried together for a while. Father Ye walked over and checked the surrounding. "Enough, talk after we go back inside. Don't act like this on the driveway. It's so embarrassing!"

"Right, let's go home. Qingqing, come home with mom!" Mother Ye wiped the tears from her eyes and tightly gripped Ye Qing's hand as they walked inside.

As soon as Ye Qing walked inside and saw the familiar furnishings and decorations, her eyes immediately reddened.

Mother Ye thought her daughter's reaction was because she had suffered some grievance before coming home. She comfortingly said, "Qingqing, don't cry. You've already come home. It's okay now."

On the side, Father Ye felt resentful towards Ye Qing for failing to live up to his expectations. "You're crying? You still have the face left to cry?! After you did such a humiliating thing like running away from your marriage, you still have the face to come back here and cry?! Back then, when we forbid you from marrying that boy, didn't you say that you would never come back here? What happened? Does that boy no longer want you?"

"Enough! Our daughter has already come back. It won't hurt you to say less."

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