The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother - Ch 005

Title: The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 5 - Their father had died. Didn't this mean that the original owner of this body was their only remaining relative? (1)

Lin Yiyi didn't know how she had transmigrated. Even now, she felt baffled. But, if there were other family members, no matter what, they would have come to visit her at the hospital, right?

But, since she had woken up at the hospital to the family sitting down to eat, these children's father hadn't appeared.

Could it be that this body's husband had already died?

Cough... Perhaps, she wasn't a widow. The highest probability was probably divorce.

Anyways, regardless of that, these two children's expressions erratically fluctuated, and they hadn't mentioned other related family members. It was clear that the other major figure in their lives was already gone. Or perhaps, he had left them.

She organized the words that she wanted to say and finally asked, "Where's your dad?"

The little girl and the teenager immediately stopped and blankly stared at her.

For their mother to ask this question, it confirmed their belief that there was something wrong with their mother's brain. Of course, even if they knew, they couldn't help feeling a bit speechless each time.

Meng Yuran's lips twitched into a cynical smile. "He's dead."

In response to his words, there were two pairs of widened eyes, one big pair and one small pair.

Ah, she had guessed right!

For some reason, Lin Yiyi felt a bit relaxed. Perhaps, it was because she had finally gotten an answer, or maybe it was because this answer meant there was one less burden to trouble her.

Seriously, it was one thing to have gained two children after transmigrating. If she had a husband too, not only would it be harder to fool an adult than children, how could a husband not realize that his wife, who he had an intimate relationship with, had been replaced by someone else?

Besides, even on the fortunate chance that the original Lin Yiyi's husband could accept her and didn't believe in supernatural stuff like transmigration and ghostly possessions, she was still stuck being someone's wife and would have to live out a married life. Having to do it with a stranger, that would be too much for her!

She lowered her eyes. Her mind chose this inopportune time to imagine intimate scenes with an unfamiliar man. She completely failed to notice that the little girl, who was sitting next to her, was looking at her older brother with a shocked face.

Meng Yuran hadn't expected that his mother would believe his casually answered response without suspicion. Immediately, an indescribable feeling of absurdity popped up.

This was a person that previously only had thoughts about that man. She didn't pay attention to anyone else, even her own children. She had strongly loved that man with her heart and soul. As it turned out, there would actually be a day when she forgot him...


After returning to his room, he sat down at his desk for a long time. Suddenly, he got up and took out a photo album from the bookcase.

He skillfully flipped to a certain page and stared at a family portrait.

In the photo, there was a family of four. The young couple looked especially outstanding and like a matching pair. Unfortunately, while there was a radiant smile on the woman's face, the man was expressionless.

This picture had been requested by his maternal grandparents when they came back from abroad. Otherwise, there might not even be a single family portrait.

As Meng Yuran looked at his, his brow slightly furrowed. He quickly closed the photo album and returned it to the bookshelf.

He secretly thought to himself that perhaps, it was a good thing for his mother to lose her memory. 

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