The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother - Ch 004

Title: The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 4 - Not only did she age ten years after waking up, she also gained two children! (2)

Lin Yiyi's room was on the second floor, at the end of the left side of the hallway.

The master bedroom had a separate dressing room, an ensuite bathroom, a Scandinavian style bed that was 1.8 meters wide. There was also a series of matching furniture: a vanity table, a bench at the end of the bed, and so on. The room also had a balcony that was furnished with a table and chairs for relaxation. The room's ensembled collection was very stylish.

She had originally thought she would have a hard time falling asleep in an unfamiliar place, but she ended up falling asleep as soon as she touched the bed.

Before drifting off to slumber, she faintly thought of Meng Yuran, Meng Shanshan...

These names sounded a bit familiar.

She slept quite deeply. When she woke up, she was greeted with Meng Shanshan's adorable face again.

The little girl was currently lying down by the pillow. Seeing that her mother was awake, she hastily said, "Aunty Chen bought the ingredients for mom's favorite foods. She's already done cooking. Big brother told me to come up and wake you up, mom."

Lin Yiyi was momentarily at a loss before gaining clarity.

Right, she had transmigrated into a person that shared her name, Lin Yiyi. She had aged ten years and gained two children, a very valuable villa, and a luxury car. Not only did she have a chauffeur, she had a servant and chef.

Meng Shanshan pulled her out of the room and downstairs. After making a turn at the bottom of the staircase, she saw that the teenager was already sitting at the dining table.

Meng Yuran looked up. His eyes were a bit cold.

When his line of sight turned to Meng Shanshan, his expression softened a bit. 

Perhaps, this was just her misconception, but Lin Yiyi felt that this teenager didn't like his mother very much!

Lin Yiyi, who had been dropped into motherhood, scratched her head. She tugged Meng Shanshan's hand to signal for her to sit down with her.

"Today's meal is quite sumptuous."

Five side dishes and one soup. She hadn't eaten anything today, so her stomach was growling in hunger. It didn't matter if this food was cooked well. She picked up the chopsticks and got a piece of spareribs.

At the dining table, she was the only one to move her chopsticks. Although the other people were young, they were still the original owner of this body's family. Having no knowledge of these family members' feelings, Lin Yiyi felt the mood was a bit weird.

When she looked up, she couldn't help looking at the expressionless Meng Yuran. Unexpectedly and without reason, she placed the spareribs into his bowl.

Meng Yuran pursed his lips. He didn't say anything, but his expression was a bit stiff.

"Little Ran, quickly, eat."

The original owner of this body probably called her son like this?

Lin Yiyi's gaze turned, and her eyes met Meng Shanshan's. She casually added a shrimp to her bowl/

It was only after she put the shrimp in Meng Shanshan's bowl that a thought occurred to her. Would a child this young know how to peel shrimp? So, she stretched her chopsticks towards her bowl...

Then, under the staring eyes of these two offspring, she peeled the fresh, slippery shrimp and put it back in front of Meng Shanshan.

Meng Shanshan blankly looked at her for a moment. Her little mouth moved a bit and she weakly said, “Thank you, mom."

Their reaction seemed a bit strange, as if they weren't used to this...

Lin Yiyi wasn't a person that couldn't pick up social cues. Her mind turned. She guessed that these two children weren't close to their mother.

Meng Yuran had been coldly indifferent to her from start to end. It was only when he faced Meng Shanshan that he showed a little bit of gentleness.

Although Meng Shanshan had approached her a few times, it was always in an instinctively careful manner.

Logically, at their respective ages of thirteen and six, it should be the age when they were the most inseparable from their parents. Although Lin Yiyi had lost her parents when she was young, she was very close to her grandmother, who had raised her from childhood. If she had parents, she would naturally be close to them too.

She silently picked at her food.

Never mind, she would take it slow. She hadn't even figured out how she had changed into this Lin Yiyi yet.


Hadn't she forgotten something?

Lin Yiyi put down her chopsticks and looked. She looked at the two siblings with a surprised expression.

The two siblings also raised their heads to look at her. The little one had a doubtful expression. Although the older one had an indifferently cold expression, there was a questioning look in his eyes too.

Lin Yiyi: "..."

She had a house as well as a son and daughter. Then, where was her husband?!

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