The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother - Ch 003

Title: The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 3 - Not only did she age ten years after waking up, she also gained two children! (1)

In the end, after the doctor had done all sorts of brain and neurological tests, he suggested that she go home to rest.

After all, the results from the tests showed there was nothing abnormal. In the end, this could only be explained by her having temporary amnesia.

To return home, it was the teenager that called over a driver.

The car that came to pick them up was a white Bentley Continental. The teenager sat down in the passenger seat, so Lin Yiyi and the little girl sat in the back seat. This little girl... she was her daughter!

Her daughter was called Shanshan. The teenager said his name was Meng Yuran.

Meng Shanshan and Meng Yuran, so their father's surname was Meng?

Not only did she age ten years after waking up, she also gained two children!

From the time she woke up to now, Lin Yiyi felt as if she was dreaming. Nothing felt real...

One child was thirteen, and the other was six.

The money spent to buy the car they were sitting inside of, would have been enough to buy a house.

When they arrived at their destination, the detached villa looked extremely imposing... The ground it covered was exceedingly large.

Lin Yiyi still remembered that when she was in college and had been a tutor for a rich second-generation for a semester, she had been speechless when she went over to the student's home and saw the luxurious furnishings. Even the bathrooms in that home had been bigger than her room. If she had added up the floor space on both floors, it was at least three to four hundred square meters. Cleaning that home would be enough to exhaust anyone.

Of course, rich people wouldn't push up their sleeves and do this cleaning work themselves. In that student's home, there was a housekeeper to do the housework. Both of the parents had been busy with work, and they failed to discipline their only child, so they went through several home tutors.

At the present moment, the villa that the driver had brought them to was even more awe-inspiring.

In this southern city's centrally located area, where real estate was very expensive, there was a gated community. Inside, there were a total of eight three-story buildings facing towards the ocean. The overall surrounding was exceptionally secluded and elegant. Security was tight, and there was a guarded entrance. As the driver drove in, other than the guards that she saw, there was no one else. Not even the shadow of a ghost!

There was a garden all around the detached villa. As soon as they entered the home, there was a spacious and bright living room.

Meng Yuran somewhat awkwardly said, "Mom, you're probably feeling tired. You should go up and rest for a bit."

His voice was a bit cold, but it was probably because he wasn't used to showing care towards someone. After saying this, he uncomfortably turned his head away.

The doctor had advised them that the patient need to get plenty of rest and worry less. If they hoped that she would recover quicker, then the most important thing was that they needed to pay attention to the patient's mental and physical health.

Right after Lin Yiyi finished looking around the living room, someone grasped her hand.

Lowering her head, she saw that it was the obedient Meng Shanshan.

"Once Aunty Chen finishes cooking in a while, I'll come get you."

Meng Shanshan raised her little face and smiled.

This smile immediately revealed a gap in her teeth.

Knowing that her smile didn’t look good because of her missing baby teeth, Meng Shanshan’s expression immediately changed.

Girls, no matter how young they were, they all wished to appear beautiful.

Although this little girl was young, she obviously already learned to love beauty. Knowing that it didn't look good to have a gap in her teeth, she did her best to keep from smiling. Even when she spoke, she controlled the shape of her mouth to avoid other people noticing that she had lost two of her front teeth.

She was such a young child, and she was really too cute. Lin Yiyi couldn't explain why, but her hand reached out and stroked her little face. By the time she returned to her senses, the little girl's eyes were widened and anxiously looking at her.

"Alright then, I'll go back to my room to rest."

Embarrassed, she took her hand back and walked towards the staircase. She didn't see the flash of loss that appeared in the little girl's eyes when she had taken her hand away.  

However, right after reaching the stairs, she suddenly thought of something and turned her head. "Oh, where's my room?"

Meng Shanshan: "..."

Meng Yuran: "..."

There really was a problem with their mom's brain!

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