I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 026

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 26 - Could it be that the villain had a strange hobby of enjoying being cheated on? (3)

“Ye Zhen, you have to be aware that it was your older sister that was going to marry into the Lu Family. It was your older sister that Lu Beichuan was going to marry! Originally, all of this belonged to your older sister. What are you thinking? That you can strut around now that you married into the Lu Family and became Mrs. Lu? If your older sister hadn't left, would you have the chance to stand here and say those words to me?"

Ye Zhen was totally indifferent to her tirade. Overcome with boredom, she even yawned. "Sure, just have older sister come back. I'll step aside and give everything to her."

There was nothing that she wanted more.

What was so great about being the big villain's wife? His wife was doomed to a bleak ending. Whoever wanted to take her place was free to take it.

"You..." Mother Ye was speechless from anger.

"Mom, if there's nothing else, I'm leaving."

Ignoring Mother Ye's utterly discomfited expression, Ye Zhen opened the door and saw Lu Beichuan sitting in his wheelchair, a short distance away from her.

Shocked, Ye Zhen hastily closed the door and secretly prayed that the room had been soundproofed.

"Why are you here?"

The study was on the second floor, this was the third floor. How had Lu Beichuan come up here?

Before Ye Zhen had time to think more about this matter, Lu Beichuan coldly said, "Your dad is drunk and in the study. I have no way to look after him."

"I'll go over there now." After saying this, Ye Zhen couldn't resist quietly asking, "Did you hear the recent words my mom and I said?"

Lu Beichuan doubtful looked at her. "What words?"

It didn't look as if he was pretending. Ye Zhen breezily smiled. "It's nothing."


Father Ye was drunk and lying on the couch in the study and snoring. Without a trace of politeness, Ye Zhen roughly shook him awake and told him to go to his bedroom to sleep.

As soon as Father Ye woke up, he grabbed Ye Zhen's hand and asked, "Where's Beichuan? Where's my dear son-in-law?"

Ye Zhen rolled her eyes at him. "Your dear son-in-law went upstairs."

Father Ye sat up and patted his head a few times to clear up his mind. Seeing that there was no one else around, he pulled Ye Zhen down to sit on the couch. "Zhenzhen ah, can you help dad with something?"

His breath was full of alcohol. Ye Zhen silently scooted slightly away from him. "What did you need help with?"

"I saw that Beichuan treats you quite well. After you go back, talk with Beichuan and have him increase the Lu Family's investment in dad's company. Dad recently has my eyes on a new project. It's definitely a worthwhile purchase!"

... here comes another one.

After thinking over her answer, Ye Zhen extremely helplessly said, "But dad, mom asked me for help too. She wants me to talk to Lu Beichuan too. She wants him to look for older sister. I haven't been married to him for long, it wouldn't be good for me to bring up one request after another..."

As soon as Father Ye heard Ye Zhen's words, he became anxious. "Don't concern yourself with what your mom wants. Anyone can look for your old sister. Don't help your mom, okay? It's your mom's fault that your older sister is so spoiled, that's why she dared to run away with a man. If word got out about that, what will happen to my reputation? Dad is telling you that dad's company is more important. Talk that over with Beichuan, okay?"

Ye Zhen had a conflicted expression. "But mom..."

"I'll talk to your mom!" Father Ye stood up. His expression was agitated. "It serves your older sister right! She gave up on the chance to be Mrs. Lu to run away with a poor man. Don't worry about her! Let her run away!"

After saying this, he made a racket as he went up to the third floor.

As for what Father Ye said to Mother Ye, Ye Zhen wasn't sure. She only knew that afterwards, Mother Ye's eyes were red during dinnertime, and Father Ye looked fearful and nervous. He didn't dare to speak loudly.

At the dining table, Lu Beichuan casually mentioned, "I heard from Ye Qing that she has a younger sister. Her name is Ye Zhen, right? How come I haven't seen Ye Zhen yet?"

The family of three immediately became alarmed.

"She... went abroad... to... Oh, she's always had a fun-loving temperament. Don't worry about her."

Lu Beichuan looked at Ye Zhen. He added a piece of beef to her bowl. "A fun-loving temperament? The difference between two identical twins seem quite big."

Embarrassed, Ye Zhen picked up the piece of meat that Lu Beichuan had given her and slowly ate it.

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