I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 025

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 25 - Could it be that the villain had a strange hobby of enjoying being cheated on? (2)

“Lu Beichuan brought you over here to pay a visit the morning after he woke up. I can easily tell that Mrs. Lu had prepared those gifts with great care. The Lu Family must place a great importance on you. Zhenzhen, ah, can you do this for me? Talk with Lu Beichuan and have him help you look for Ye Qing."

Once Mother Ye mentioned Ye Qing, she sighed. "That child has been gone for a month, and there's no news of her. I added money to her bank account, but she hasn't touched it at all. I'm guessing that she doesn't want me to find her. But, she's been spoiled and pampered her entire life. She's never had to suffer. How could she live without money? There's a limit to the people that your dad and I know, so we haven't been able to find her. The Lu Family has many connections. Perhaps, they might have a way to find her."

Ye Zhen had listened to this one-sided conversation in silence.

"I'm not asking for anything else. If she likes him, that's okay. As long as she comes back, I'll agree to her marriage with that man. But, what can I do when there's no news of her at all?! Zhenzhen, after you go back, talk to Lu Beichuan. Have him think of something. Can you do that?"

Logically, it would be more beneficial to Ye Zhen if Ye Qing returned.

After all, the sooner Ye Qing came back, the sooner Ye Zhen would be able to extricate herself. Right now, Lu Beichuan, this great villain, wasn't doing any wicked deeds, but that was only because he hadn't regained mobility in his legs yet. Once he was fully recovered, who knows how he would torment other people? The first person that would bear the brunt of his attack was his father!

As the villain's wife, she worried that her ending wouldn't be good either.

However, Ye Zhen felt a chill in her heart from hearing Mother Ye's words. Her favoritism was too blatant.

Back then, they had selfishly delivered Ye Zhen to the Lu Family without giving her a choice. They had never given thought to their younger daughter's well-being or cared about how their daughter would be treated in the Lu Family. Mother Ye's thoughts were only on her older daughter, who had run off with a man. If Mother Ye had called Ye Zhen just once after she had married into the Lu Family to say a few words of comfort, her heart wouldn't feel so cold right now.

"Mom, you've only seen how it looks on the surface. In the past, my life at the Lu Family's home... Mrs. Lu actually doesn't like me very much. She feels that our family's social status doesn't match theirs. A family like the Lu Family, how could they care about me?”

Ye Zhen cleverly used the words "in the past".

Mother Ye furrowed her brow. "But I saw how carefully Lu Beichuan treats you. Since he came inside, he was holding your hand the entire time, and he added food to your bowl too. A few years ago, I saw him once. At that time, he didn't treat the woman by his side as meticulously as he treats you."

Ye Zhen sighed. "Mom, do you really think someone like Lu Beichuan would like a wife that was married to him without consent? He only recently woke up too."

Naive! Way too naive!

She didn't know what Lu Beichuan's intentions were, but she was sure that this ruthless and heartless great villain was using her to execute a major plot!

A wife was just a pawn too him.

"Then... just mention it. the Lu Family wouldn't brusquely refused you. It's only looking for a person."

"Only looking for a person... If you really think it's that easy to find a person, then why haven't you found her yourself? Besides, older sister deliberately ran off with someone. Rather than covertly trying to find her, why don't you just put an advertisement? Just say that you agree to her marrying that man. Once they see the advertisement, they'll come back."

"No!" Mother Ye sternly said, "How can I do that?! If word gets out about this, how will your older sister live?

"How do you want me to continue living in the Lu Family if they find out about this?"

Hearing these words, Mother Ye blankly stared at her. Her younger daughter, who had been diffident since childhood, had glibly talked back to her. Feeling incredulous, anger surged up from the bottom of Mother Ye's heart.

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