I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 024

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 24 - Could it be that the villain had a strange hobby of enjoying being cheated on? (1)

Ye Zhen knew that Mother Ye didn't like her.

"Ye Zhen" had a cowardly disposition, was inarticulate, and had mediocre abilities. In contrast, Ye Qing was lively, cheerful, strong-minded and knew how to make people laugh and have a great time. It wasn't just Mother Ye that disliked "Ye Zhen", the other members of the Ye Family and their family friends weren't fond of her either.

The main reason was that she wasn't good at pleasing other people and gaining their favor.

During New Year, a smiling Ye Qing would act cutely spoiled and request red envelopes from all the adults in their extended family in a sweet voice. In contrast, Ye Zhen would only helplessly stand at the side with a blushing face. Even after faltering trying to speak for a while, she couldn't say a single flattering word.

Thus, when the Ye Family's twin daughters were mentioned, many people would have plenty of praise for Ye Qing, but could only awkwardly smile for Ye Zhen. They couldn't find any words to praise her.

Under these circumstances, it was only natural that Mother Ye would feel differently about her two daughters. She liked the capable and outstanding Ye Qing, and all of her energy was spent on her. Ye Qing was her pride and joy. In the long run, it was inevitable that she would favor one daughter and discriminate against the other one. 

Perhaps, a mother should valued her daughters equally in theory, so why couldn't she treat both of them fairly?

However, back when Mother Ye had been giving birth in the hospital, Ye Qing's birth had gone smoothly while Ye Zhen's birth had almost cost Mother Ye her life. Because of this matter, Mother Ye had never held or hugged Ye Zhen. Every time that she saw Ye Zhen, she would be reminded of being on the operating table and one step away from the gates of the underworld.

If she could choose again, she would definitely choose to risk her life again to give birth to Ye Zhen, but at the same time, she wouldn't shower Ye Zhen with much love.

It was if Ye Zhen had consumed all of her maternal love for her on that operating table twenty-two years ago.

After they politely chatted for a bit, they ate the lunch that the Ye family's servants had meticulously prepared. Wine had been prepared, but Lu Beichuan's health was poor, so the bottle of wine was completely drunk by Father Lu. After drinking so much alcohol, he ended up drunkenly calling out " dear son-in-law" a few times and doggedly pulled Lu Beichuan to his study. Lu Beichuan had showed good manners and a good temperament during the visit to the Ye Family's home. He was neither servile nor overbearing, had a sense of propriety, and was extremely polite.

In comparison, Father Ye seemed like an extremely discourteous nouveau riche.

Actually, it wasn't that he seemed liked one. The Ye Family really was the nouveau riche. Father Ye had inherited his family's coal mine in his youth. After earning profits from his first economic endeavor, he went to a prosperous big city and prepared to make a name for himself. However, after tossing in his family's entire wealth, he didn't even make a splash. After many years of tepid results, he had slowly consumed the family's wealth. Just as the Ye Family was about to go bankrupt and be homeless once their villa was taken back by the bank to sell off to pay their debts, Old Master Lu found Father Ye and saved the Ye Family by pouring in capital funds to their company.

Right now, the company was hanging on the Lu Family's breath. If they didn't have their help, the Ye Family would really fall to bankruptcy.

Lu Beichuan was pulled into the study by Father Ye, and Ye Zhen was brought to a bedroom by Mother Ye.

Fine clothes make the man, and gold make Buddha statues. The current Ye Zhen was different from the past Ye Zhen. She was dressed in expensive clothes and jewelry. She held her head high and had an out-of-ordinary bearing. Her speech and mannerism was poised and confident. When she was walking by Lu Beichuan's side, she really did give off the impression of being a suitable Mrs. Lu. It was as if she had been reborn.

Mother Ye scrutinized Ye Zhen. Obviously, a mother should feel proud when her daughter had become outstanding, but in Mother Ye's eyes, this new Ye Zhen was a bit of an eyesore.

Mother Ye thought that if it was Ye Qing that had the status of Mrs. Lu, she would be even more outstanding.

"Mom, why did you ask me to come here?"

Mother Ye pushed down the grief in her heart and mustered up a smile. "It's been a month since you married into the Lu Family. Mom just wants to know if you've been living well in the Lu Family."

Ye Zhen perfunctorily answered, "It's been alright."

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