I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 023

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 23 - … (3)

Perhaps, Ye Zhen's gaze was too conspicuous. When Beichuan looked over at her, his hands stopped moving. "Do you know how to tie a tie knot?

"I do."

Lu Beichuan took the tie off his neck and offered it to her. "Come here."

Ye Zhen rubbed her messy hair and got out of bed. She leaned over, tucked the tie underneath his collar, and skillfully started knotting the tie for him.

They were very close to each other. Ye Zhen could even smell a refreshing scent coming from Lu Beichuan's body. This unexpectedly cause Ye Zhen's breathing to suddenly become erratic. Her heartbeat quickened too. Strangely, although he was clearly neatly dressed in a suit, Ye Zhen thought of the naked Lu Beichuan in her countless dreams. With a body like that, such strong muscles, and such a burning hot temperature, it was surprising that this man, who practiced self-restraint, could act so wild in her dreams.

Ye Zhen's gaze went downward. She stared at his Adam's apple, and her cheeks suddenly felt as if they were scalded.

She hastily finished tying the knot for Lu Beichuan, then guilty escaped to the bathroom.

Looking at her face in the mirror, which was as red as a monkey's ass, she felt extremely vexed.

It was so early in the morning, and he was already seducing her. It could be seen that men were rotten creatures!

After dilly-dallying with washing up, Ye Zhen went downstairs. Lu Beichuan was already waiting in the car for her. Mother Ye had put the numerous gifts in the car that was following behind the first car. She said a few more enjoining words, and Ye Zhen assented to everything.

The distance between the two villas wasn't far. It only took half an hour for them to arrive at their destination. A man, who was dressed in a suit, came out from the following car and opened the car door for Ye Zhen. By the time that Ye Zhen got out of the car and turned her head to look, Lu Beichuan was already sitting in his wheelchair.

Whether it was getting into or out of the car, Ye Zhen hadn't seen how Lu Beichuan had moved between the car seat and the wheelchair.

"Qingqing, you're back?" Father Ye and Mother Ye had been waiting here since early morning, especially Father Ye. As soon as he saw them getting out of the car, he immediately came forward. He leaned over to stretch his hand out towards Lu Beichuan. Smiling, he greeted, "Mr. Lu."

It was inevitable that this would look sycophantic.

Lu Beichuan shook Father Ye's hand. "Just call me Beichuan."

The Ye Family only had a small company, and they had almost gone bankrupt. It was the Lu family that had expended a tiny bit of effort and rescued the Ye Family from ruin. Not to mention, the purpose of Lu Beichuan and Ye Zhen's marriage was in hopes that the good luck from their marriage would awaken Lu Beichuan. The two families didn't have matching social status or any underlying affection for each other. Although Father Ye didn't have a head for managing a business, he still had the brains to handle assigned work. He didn't have the guts to consider himself as Lu Beichuan's father-in-law.

He replied, "Oh, I wouldn't dare to."

The group of people entered the villa. It was still early in the day, and they idly made small talk in the living room for a while. The Lu Family's chauffeur and other servants brought inside the Lu Family's gifts. Once they were done, the heaping pile of gifts resembled a small mountain.

Father Ye smiled. "Mrs. Lu is so courteous."

Since coming inside, Lu Beichuan had been holding Ye Zhen's hand the entire time. He smiled too. "It's only what should be done. I hope that you don't mind that because of health reasons I wasn't able to promptly come here with Qingqing after we were married."

Father Ye felt overwhelmed with favor from these words. Lu Beichuan's sincere attitude as well as the way he looked at Ye Zhen, how can there be no feelings between the couple?

He looked at his wife, who was sitting by his side and showing a waning interest, and secretly tugged her sleeve to remind her. "Well... since this is Mrs. Lu's good intentions, I'll humbly accept this."

Mother Ye had been frowning ever since Ye Zhen came inside. She was preoccupied with worried thoughts, so how could she have possibly paid attention to Lu Beichuan's words? She reluctantly smiled and looked at the pile of expensive gifts. She felt even more upset.

If Ye Qing had obediently listened to her words back then and married Lu Beichuan, Ye Qing would be the one grandly returning home.

That child really caused her to worry. She gave up on the chance to enjoy the good fortune of being Mrs. Lu and stubbornly ran off with a poor youngster to bear hardships with him!

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