I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 022

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 22 - … (2)

Lu Beichuan didn't attach any importance to Lu Shaoren and Old Master Lu's conversation. He acted as if this had nothing to do with him and even leisurely added a piece of meat to Ye Zhen's bowl.

Next to him, Ye Zhen was slowly eating her food. She politely reciprocated by adding a piece of meat to Lu Beichuan's bowl. She vaguely remembered the part in the novel where Lu Beichuan had designed a plan that ended with Lu Shaoren going to prison, so she wasn't surprised at all that the relationship between this pair of father and son was so strained.

Oh, a child that grew up without his father's love was bound to grow up twisted. Thinking about it carefully, he was actually quite pitiful.

"Qingqing, Beichuan said that he was going to bring you back to your parents' home tomorrow. You can't go home with empty hands. After dinner, I'll show you the list of items I prepared for you to bring back."

Ye Zhen awkwardly laughed. "Thank you mom."

"No need to thank me. I'm only doing what I should."

Before Lu Beichuan had woken up, Mother Lu hadn't been happy with seeing anyone. Once Lu Beichuan woke up, Mother Lu though the sight of Ye Zhen was the most pleasing one of all. She thought that everything about Ye Zhen was good. And, when she saw that her son wasn't rejecting Ye Zhen, there really was nothing for her to be dissatisfied about anymore.

After dinner, Old Master Lu and Lu Shaoren went to the study. Mother Lu pulled Ye Zhen over to look at the list of gifts.

Ye Zhen felt her scalp tingling after taking one look at the list: wine, tea, and jewelry as well as precious tonics. All of these items were top-notch. The cost of these items couldn't be cheap. Ye Zhen's eyes were dazzled.

"Mom, these items... they're too expensive."

"Not at all! I actually think it's too little! If the two of you hadn't decided on this visit so suddenly, how could I have only prepared these items? Just wait, once you and Beichuan set a date for the supplemental wedding ceremony, I'll have a proper chat with your parents. Don't worry. We definitely won't wrong you. I guarantee that you'll have a grand wedding ceremony to celebrate you joining the Lu Family! No one will look down on you."

After she finished saying this, Mother Lu sighed. "Qingqing, when Beichuan hadn't woken up yet, I was in a bad mood and my temper was bad. The things I said, the things I did, don't take it to heart. In the future, you're the Lu Family's daughter-in-law. Mom will only recognize you as my daughter-in-law!"

Ye Zhen obediently nodded. "Thank you mom."

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship that had troubled countless people since ancient times, was it really going to be resolved just like this?

Compared to the attitude that “Ye Zhen’s” own mother had towards her, Mother Lu's attitude was so much better.


Tonight was going to be their first night together after Lu Beichuan had woken up.

Ye Zhen didn't dare to wear her usual sexy spaghetti strap negligee to bed. Instead, she chose to wear conservative and ugly pajamas and lied down near the edge of the bed. There was plenty of space between her and Lu Beichuan.

Seeing her guarded look, Lu Beichuan didn't say anything. But, in the middle of the night, a pair of cold hands reached over.

Ye Zhen was a restless sleeper. She rolled from the edge of the bed to the center; she was especially unsatisfied with the cold bed. Her brow was furrowed in her sleep. When her hands finally reach Lu Beichuan, who felt like a great furnace, her hands and feet wrapped around him.

Ye Zhen had wrapped her arms around Lu Beichuan's chest and his waist was sandwiched between her legs. To keep warm, she hung off of him like a koala. Just like in the past, he helplessly pulled up the quilt so that she that she was covered up again. To prevent her from rolling around and getting cold again, he wrapped one arm around her and went to sleep.

Early next morning, Ye Zhen was woken up. Nearby, Lu Beichuan had already woken up earlier than her and washed up. He was neatly dressed, sitting in his wheelchair, and putting on his tie.

When the author was creating the villain, she shouldn't have given the villain a handsome face. The image of him sitting in his wheelchair and looping the tie around his neck while immersed in the sun's golden light struck Ye Zhen's youthful heart in a flash.

As soon as she thought of this man's bleak ending, Ye Zhen felt her sympathy being stirred up. She really shouldn't be feeling this way.

But, it would be such a pity if this handsome man died.

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