Fortunate Wife - Ch 0195

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 195 - Don't be afraid (6)

After moving the bed sheets onto the side of the big rock, Li Man picked up the clothes that needed to be washed. She slowly and carefully washed them on a smaller stone. From time to time, she would look at Li Mo. Seeing that he was seriously focused on washing bed sheets, she didn't say another word.

Time slowly passed by. Soon, the sun rose to the top of the sky. By the time Li Man finished washing the clothes, she was sweating everywhere. After wiping the sweat on her forehead, she looked at Li Mo. He was wringing dry the last bed sheet with his large hands before putting it into the basket.

“Here, dry your feet and put your shoes back on." Li Man left out a towel for him to use. She waited until he got out of the pond to hand it to him.

Li Mo placed one hand on Li Man's shoulder for balance and used the other hand to dry his feet.

After he put on his shoes, Li Man washed the towel he had used in the water several times and wringed it dry before putting it away in the basket.

"There's no place at home to dry this much stuff, let's go over there." Li Mo pointy at a grassy hillside. There were a few large stones there too, and people frequently went over there to dry their laundry.

"En." The weight of the bed sheets and clothes increased a lot when they were wet. Li Man couldn't even lift up the basket when she tried.

Li Mo saw this and smiled. "Too heavy, right? Let me carry it."

"En, take your time." Li Man moved out of the way and followed after him as he walked towards the hillside.

The path to the hillside was narrow, so Li Man had to walk very carefully. Fortunately, it wasn't far. It only took two minutes of walking.

Li Man climbed onto a large rock. She looked into the distance. The village looked small from here, and the vegetable fields were patches of lush green. It really was a feast for the eyes. A gentle breeze carried over the scent of flowers and left her feeling relaxed and happy.

Li Mo put down the basket. Seeing how much she was enjoying herself, he didn't call out to her. He took out a bed sheet by himself and slowly laid it out on the large rock. Worried that the wind would blow the sheet away, he picked up a few pebbles and secured the four corners of the sheet with them.

Li Man turned her head. Seeing that he had already finished laying out two bed sheets, she quickly jumped off the rock and came over to help.

It didn't take long for the two people to finish laying out the laundry to dry.

Li Mo looked at her. "Do you want to stay here and play some more?"

"Huh?" Confused, Li Man asked, "Play?"

Li Mo slightly smiled. Underneath the sunlight, the warm smile seemed to spill out from his eyes. "You seem quite happy earlier. Do you want to go inside and take a look?"

"Inside?" Li Man followed the direction he was pointing and looked at the mountainside that was hidden by trees. It felt as if there was a special kind of magic there that drew her attention. "Can I?" She blinked. She looked like a child that had been pleasantly surprised.

Li Mo nodded. "Let's go, I'll bring you there to take a look."

"Okay," Li Man joyfully agreed. She cheerfully and lightheartedly followed after him in little steps. She had spent her entire life in a city that only had metal and glass, so she was very curious what would be inside of big mountain like this one.

"Walk slowly, there's thorns on these trees. Don't brush against them." Li Mo, who was holding the basket, was walking in the front. He broke off the overgrown branches so that it would be easier for Li Man to walk through.

Li Man agreed and carefully followed after him. She felt both excited and somewhat scared. "Umm, there won't be wolves here in the daytime, right?"

Li Mo paused. He turned his head and comfortingly smiled at her. "Don't worry, the wolves won't come here." As he said this, his long arm stretched out, and he held her hand, "Here, don't be afraid."

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