I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 011

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 11 - Dreaming (3)

"Five more days." Ye Zhen looked at Lu Beichuan and smiled. "I'll attend to you for five more days. After five more days, I can say my goodbyes."

Her careful planning had finally given her the results she wanted. She only needed to be patient for five more days, then she could smoothly leave the Lu family. When she thought about it, it was truly something that brought her joy.

Ye Zhen yawned. Her body felt weak, and she didn't feel like moving. As she turned her neck left and right and stretched her muscles and bones, she thought about the red marks on her neck that the caregivers had been talking about.

She walked to the bathroom and pulled down her collar. The two fingernail-sized red marks looked especially conspicuous on her pale throat.

Ye Zhen's eyes lingered on the marks. She couldn't help blankly staring at them.

When had these red marks appeared? Why didn't she have any impression of getting them?

Mosquito bite?

Or, was it an allergy?

Stroking those two red marks, Ye Zhen sunk into deep thought.

She wasn't a simple, inexperienced young girl. These two marks were clearly hickies. Because her skin was fair and given the extent of the discoloration, the marks still hadn't faded even though a few days had passed.

But, she hadn't had any intimate contact with anyone during this past period. Other than in her dreams.

Could this really be an allergic reaction?


When night had fully overtaken day, Ye Zhen closed the window and put down the curtains. She looked at Lu Beichuan, who was still unconscious, and after a moment of consideration, she took a quilt and lied down on the couch to sleep.

She still had that dream.

In her dream, the man repeatedly went up and down on her body, over and over. It was as if he was going to swallow her alive. He was worse than ferocious, wild animals.

She gasped and pleaded for him to stop, but he continued to torment her. She was helpless. She could only passively accept this; she couldn't even cry out.


When she woke up from her sleep, Ye Zhen felt very satiated. She languidly stretched her upper body. Feeling muzzy, she closed her eyes and decided to go back to sleep. In the next second, she abruptly opened her eyes. Her mind had gained clarity. She noticed that she wasn't sleeping on the couch. She was on the bed. What made her even more startled was that her head had been resting on Lu Beichuan's shoulder. One hand was resting on Lu Beichuan's chest. The other hand was beneath the quilt and tightly holding Lu Beichuan's hand. They were within reach of each other.

This position, it looked as if she had taken the initiative to hug Lu Beichuan。

Ye Zhen blankly stared at him. Her mind was empty. It felt as if she was waking up from a drunken haze. Seeing that the door was tightly closed, she blankly got up and left the bed.

When had she gotten onto the bed?

The quilt was properly spread out over the bed. The couch was tidy without anything out of place. The scene in front of her told her that everything she did before going to sleep had been a figment of her imagination.

As soon as her feet touched the carpet, her legs felt weak. Ye Zhen almost fell down.

After returning to her senses and placing a hand over her waist, she hissed in pain. She felt as if she couldn't believe her own senses. The area under her waist felt so sore and weak that it felt as if it wasn't her body.

She thought of last night's dream. That dream wasn't any different from the previous dreams. But, in the past, when she woke up, she would feel very refreshed. Why did she wake up feeling so sore and weak today? Ye Zhen's intuition led her to question if last night had really been a dream.

Given everything that had occurred during this period of time, she couldn't use common sense to deduce what had happened.

She had been going along with the novel's tempo and firmly believed in the novel's plot. But, she had come to this world. Wasn't her existence the biggest glitch in the novel?

Could it be...

Ye Zhen hesitantly looked at the unconscious Lu Beichuan on the bed and pensively contemplated.

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