Fortunate Wife - Ch 0166

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 166 – Traveling Together (1)

Li Mo was overjoyed at the turn of events. He didn't care if Li Man's words were sincere or not. He only felt that since she had said such words, he would be willing to do anything for her.

Not getting a response, Li Man raised her head in worry. "Is that okay?"

"En." Li Mo repeatedly nodded. She had already said she just wanted time to adapt. How could he refuse her?

At this time, Little Five returned, but it was Li Yan that was following him instead of Li Shu.

Li Man's elegant eyebrows furrowed slightly. Only these two had come back. She couldn't help glancing at Little Five. Why hadn't the little fellow listened to oldest brother's words?

"I couldn't find third brother," Little Five straightforwardly reported.

Since Li Mo hadn't said anything yet, Li Yan spoke first. "Oldest brother, what's the matter?"

Li Mo looked at Li Yan and considered. It wouldn't be a bad idea for him to accompany Li Man instead. First, he was more tactful than third brother. Second, this would be an opportunity for him reconcile with Li Man. He glanced towards Li Man.

How could Li Man be willing to go with Li Yan? She quickly grabbed Little Five's hand. "Li Yan, you're busy with your work. I'll just go there with Little Five. If we get lost, we can just ask someone. It's not too far either."

"Little Five will stay at home. Oldest brother needs someone to look after him." Li Yan quietly looked at her. "Where do you want to go?"

"The doctor's house. Oh, right, take money to pay the doctor's examination fee too," said Li Mo.

And so, the decision was concluded. Although Li Man was unwilling, it was true that having him go with her was a safer option than taking Little Five. Besides, they would be out in broad daylight. He wouldn't dare to do anything outrageous.

Thus, Li Yan tucked one silver tael into his clothes and went out first.

Li Man said Li Mo, "I'm going out now. I'll be back soon." After that, she caught up to Li Yan outside.

On the path, Li Yan walked in front, and Li Man walked behind him. They kept about a distance of ten feet between them.

After leaving the village, there was a meandering dirt road that was bordered by farmland on both sides. It was a pleasant sight to see the green seedlings sprouting in these fields. There were farmers out working on the farmland. When they saw Li Yan, a lot of these people waved at him and asked where he was going. He only responded with a smile and didn't say anything.

Once they passed through the farmland, the road noticeably widened. However, there was no inn or shops around. In addition, they were at the foot of a mountain. Li Man lamented to herself. Since her relationship with Li Yan was a mess, would he take advantage of this relatively secluded area to do something to her?

Besides, hadn't they originally said that the doctor didn't live too far from the village? But, they were getting farther and farther away from the village. Was he deliberately leading her to a secluded area?

If that was true, this person was despicable to an irredeemable level. She would never care about him again for the rest of her life.

Just as she was having these uneasy thoughts, Li Yan turned to look at her. He seemed to be annoyed by her slow pace and had stopped before a bend in the road to wait for her.

What was he going to do? Li Man stopped too. She didn't dare to move closer.

With a furrowed brow, Li Yan called out, "Why are you just standing there? Hurry up."

Li Man felt even more nervous. She even had the impulse to run back.

Fortunately, Li Yan didn't walk back and grab her. Instead, he only coldly looked at her and continued walking towards the bend. The bend was at an incline and was overgrown with tall weeds that blocked people's line of sight.

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