Fortunate Wife - Ch 0165

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 165 – Time (6)

Later, Li Man handed over this teaching task to Little Five and had him supervise the completion of Li Mo's goal. While they were doing this, she took out the herbs purchased yesterday and confirmed that correct ones had been bought.

"Oldest brother, where does that doctor live?"

"Hmm?" Li Mo was too focused on learning, so he hadn't clearly heard her words.

Li Man put the herbs away and asked again, "Where does the doctor live? I want to visit him."

Li Mo put down the stick and curiously asked, "Oh. It's a bit far from here. Why do you want to go?"

Li Man truthfully answered, "I asked Li Hua to purchase some herbs for me yesterday. These ones should probably be what he uses to make jin chuang medicine. In addition, I also requested an additional ingredient. The combination of these herbs should be more effective than the one he made. But, I only know about pharmacology. I don't know how to prepare these herbs into medicine that can be easily used, so I want to go ask the doctor."

"You know pharmacology?" Li Mo was even more shocked. He wasn’t even 100% sure what the word pharmacology actually meant.

Li Man avoided the important issue and focused on the minor point. "Only at a superficial level, and my knowledge base isn't broad. Otherwise, I wouldn't need to ask that doctor."

However, even if it was only at a superficial level, it was enough to shock Li Mo. He blankly looked at her and couldn't quite return to his senses. "I'll have third brother go with you."

"I can just go with Little Five," said Li Man.

Li Mo shook his head. "Little Five is too young. Besides, he doesn't know the way there either. Let third brother accompany you. That way, he can go there to pay the doctor's fee at the same time. Little Five, go find your third brother."

"En." Little Five slipped off the bed and went out.


Only two people were left in the hut. Originally, it wouldn't have felt awkward. But, after she had found out that he had purchased her to be their wife, she felt uncomfortable being alone with him. But, it would be too direct if she exited right now.

And so, she sat down on the side of the bed and requested “Oldest brother, let me see how you've progressed." 

Li Mo deeply looked at her. "Man-er"

Li Man pretended to be unconcerned. She pointed at one of the characters and said, "En, this one looks pretty good. It's better than the other ones."

"Do you remember how you were sold?" When Li Mo asked this question, he felt a sympathetic pang of hurt. It was surprising that such a fine girl would be sold, but if it was her own family members that sold her off..."

Li Man felt as if something had stabbed her heart. She lightly shook her head.

Li Mo continued to ask, "Have you thought about looking for you family members?"

Li Man shook her head again. Her family was in another time period. Even if she died again, she couldn't be sure that she would return to that era.

Li Mo suddenly felt his heart relaxing. "Is it that you can't remember them, or you don't want to look for them?"

"Why?" Why had he asked this question out of the blue?

Faced with her clear, bright eyes, Li Mo's heart melted. She was a good girl. Her appearance and temperament were both good. She was literate and had medical knowledge. His intuition told him that she didn't seem like a girl from an ordinary family. But, if she was a daughter of a noble family, wouldn't it be too cruel for them to force her to stay here?

"Alright, let's stop talking about this," Li Man suddenly spoke. She seemed to know what he was going to say next. With a wry smile, she said, "No matter what happens in the future. I... Right now, I'm part of this family. I'll try to adapt as soon as possible. Can you please give me some more time?"

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