Fortunate Wife - Ch 0149

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 149 – Threatening (2)

"I'm already being very gentle." Li Man felt very wronged. "Can you stop moving around?"

And so, Li Yan straightened up and stayed still. After applying the ointment to his cheeks, Li Man rubbed it onto the corners of his lips, where it was slightly cracked. It was obvious that someone had punched him here.

Li Yan suddenly spoke, "You're not going to ask why I was beaten up?"

Li Man shook her head. She could easily guess why. There was no need to ask.

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Not caring about her response, Li Yan continued, "Fulia and I are childhood friends. Don't misunderstand him because of his bad behavior today. He wasn't like this in the past. He's a bashful person and not very brave. When we were younger, the other children would always bully him. Even if he fought back, he never won any of those fights. But, he changed after his leg was injured. He became irritable and unreasonable. Mudan is his only sister, and she always liked to tag along when we were playing together as children. You know that I don't have a sister, so I've always treated her as my own sister too."

Why was he explaining this to her? Li Man kept her head lowered. She didn't make any sounds. After she was done applying the medicine to his face, she put the ointment container down on the bed. "I'm done."

After saying these departing words, she wanted to go out and freely breathe in some fresh air. But, right after she turned around, he forcefully grabbed her by the waist. For a moment, it felt as if the sky and earth were spinning. Li Yan had embraced her and was pressing down on her.

She opened her mouth, but before she could make any sound, warm lips blocked it off. Even her gums felt pain from the heavy impact of his kiss.

His kiss was very overbearing. He forcibly parted her lips that she tried to close, and his tongue deftly and unreasonably squeezed inside. He willfully and oppressively licked her mouth and teasingly tangled his tongue with her uncoordinated tongue. 

Li Man was freaking out. She couldn't move or escape. It felt as if he was going to suck away all the air in her lungs. She mewled in discomfort like a kitten.

Her mind gradually went blank, and her vision was becoming blurry. She seemed to hear something by her ears, and she wanted to shout, but he suddenly picked her up, and it felt the sky and Earth was spinning again. He carried her away from the bed. In a few swift movements, he kicked away stool that was serving as a doorstop, closed the door, and pressed her against it.

His smooth movements were very natural as if everything was falling into place.

Li Man felt very suspicious. How many times had he practiced doing this to become so skillful?

With the last opening to the hut closed, the lighting in the room had darkened. The mood in the room seemed to have reached a boiling point.

She fiercely glared at him. She bit her somewhat swollen red lips. Her chest rose up and down at a pace that had been thrown into disorder.

He had one arm across her chest, and the other hand was pressing against the door. His head was lowered a lot so that it was almost touching her forehead. His gaze was fixated on her, and his warmth breath blew over her face.

"Are you angry?" He slightly curved his lip. His amused gaze still showed a bit of overbearing ferociousness and stubbornness.

Li Man didn't reply, but her expression clearly stated everything.

"You're really mad?" Seeing that she biting her lip and staying silent, he actually pinched her soft, silky cheek.

Li Man's entire body tensed. She smacked his hand away. "Li Yan, can you stop being so outrageous?"

Li Yan snickered. "Is it outrageous for me to kiss my wife?"

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