Fortunate Wife - Ch 0150

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 150 – Threatening (3)

"You?!" Li Man was so angry that she almost couldn't breath. She turned her face away. "Shameless!" She hadn't agreed to be his wife.

This didn’t bother Li Yan. "No one has ever called me that." After a pause, he suddenly grabbed her chin and tilted her face up. He looked rather threatening as he narrowed his eyes and asked, "Did you have another man before coming to my home?"

While Li Man was flabbergasted, he tapped her heart. "I meant here."

"Scoundrel," Li Man angrily rebuked, even her eyes had reddened.

"It'll be for the best if there wasn't one, and even if there was, you should forget him," Li Yan slowly said, "Since you already belong to Li family, don't think about leaving."

Li Man looked at him in surprise, that's not what Li Mo told her. He had said that if she wanted to leave, she just needed to tell him.

Seeming to have guessed her thoughts, Li Yan lightly smiled, but the smile didn't reach his eyes. "I'm not oldest brother. I won't look the other way when a woman is cheating on me."

“Li Yan...”Li Man was stunned by the coldness in his eyes.

"So, if you dare to run away again for the third time, even if a wolf doesn't eat you, I'll eat you."

There was suddenly knocking on the door, and they heard Li Shu's voice, "Second brother, are you inside?"

Li Man stopped breathing for a moment, redness had climbed up her cheeks, and her eyes showed her uneasiness. She clearly hoped that someone would break this embarrassing scene, but if someone saw that she was alone with Li Yan, what would they think?

A peculiar light flashed in those deep eyes. Li Yan continued to stare at her without blinking. He suddenly opened his mouth and was about to reply.

In an act of desperation, Li Man covered his mouth and said, "Li Shu, your second brother isn't here."

Right after these words, she saw Li Yan resisting the urge to laugh. She immediately felt as if she had fallen into a trap that she dug herself. She had given herself away by being too conspicuous in trying to hide his presence.

Fortunately, Li Shu wasn't an acute person. He scratched his head and walked away after murmuring something.

Li Man wanted to take her hand back, but Li Yan tightly grasped it. He opened his mouth and bit her wrist. He didn't bite too hard, but a clear imprint of his teeth was left behind.

"Remember my words. If you dare to run away again, I won't be as polite as this time." Not caring about her cold gaze, Li Yan quietly flung those words down and left.

"Eh? Second brother?" Li Shu had just come back from looking around outside. He saw Li Yan coming out from Li Man's hut and was too confused to know how to react.

In contrast, Li Yan smiled and walked over to Li Shu. He patted his younger brother's shoulder and asked, "Why are you looking for me?"

"You really were inside there?" Li Shu grabbed him by his clothes.

Li Yan lightly removed his hand. With a slight smile, he said, "She thought there was a mouse in her hut, so I went inside to look."

"A mouse?"

"It already ran away."


Hearing their conversation from the inside of the hut, Li Man was so angry that she wanted to laugh. That wicked person's tongue was really too glib.


T/N: I feel like this part is bordering on dark? Because most of the Li brothers treat Li Man really well, I almost forgot that she's their purchased slave, and she is at their mercy.

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