Fortunate Wife - Ch 0148

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 148 – Threatening (1)

Li Yan sat down next to Li Man. Seeing that she was still blankly looking at him, he stuffed the medicine container into her hand and asked, "Are your hands clean? If not, go wash them."

Li Man was truly overwhelmed with annoyance. His tone sounded as if it was her duty to help him. She tossed the container back to him, stood up, and was about leave. "Do it yourself."

"What?" Li Yan grabbed her hand and pulled her back. "I won't be able to see it clearly by myself. If I end up accidentally getting the medicine into my eyes, it's poisonous. Oldest brother is injured, and third brother is busy. And fourth brother, well, can you bear to let him see me like this? Little Five, do you want to call him over?"

So, there was no choice? She had to do it? Li Man grinded her teeth. She looked at her hand, which was being tightly held by him, and angrily said, "I'm going to wash my hands."

"Oh, be sure to wash thoroughly." Li Yan cracked a smile. He let go of her hand. "Hurry back."

Li Man's lip had turned white because she was biting too hard. Wasn't this man too outrageous? He had gotten beaten up because of another women, so what right did he have to insist on having her apply the medicine?

After washing her hands in the kitchen, she still obediently came back. However, she didn't close the door on her way inside, and she had specially brought back a stool to keep the door open.

Li Yan was leaning at the head of the bed. He chuckled. "Why are you being so careful?"

He was so full of crap. Li Man glared at him in annoyance. She stretched her hand out. "Hand over the medicine."

Li Yan chuckled and started to place the container in her hand. However, when he saw faint scratches on her palm, he took the medicine back.

"What are you doing?" It would be great if she didn't have to help him.

Li Yan looked at her in askance. He opened the container and poured out some of ointment onto his finger. Then, he grabbed Li Man's hand.

Flustered, Li Man wanted to pull her hand back, but he was holding her hand too tightly. After only a brief struggle, her wrist already hurt. "What are you doing?"

"Applying medicine for you." Li Yan's voice was loud, but his movements were very gentle. He gently rubbed the ointment onto the abrasions with two fingers. Once he was done, he grabbed her other hand.

Li Man hastily flung his hand off. "I can do it myself."

"My hands are clean too." Seeing that she looked like a cat that had its tailed stepped on, Li Yan helplessly smiled.

However, his expression obviously provoked Li Man even more. She just wanted to apply the ointment for him and leave. "I -"

Before she could finish speaking, Li Yan grabbed her hand again. Just like before, he applied the ointment with his fingers. However, after he was done, he didn't let go of her hand. Instead, he turned his hand and lightly pinched her a few times. "Why are you so disobedient? See, you ended up paying for your mistake."

"What do you mean?" Li Man forcefully pulled her hand away.

Li Yan smiled at her. "You ran off to the mountain by yourself. It's only because you were lucky that you didn't end up getting eaten by a wolf."

He probably already knew everything. Li Man clenched her jaw and stayed silent.

"Alright, it's your turn." Li Yan didn't speak further about this. He dropped the container in her palm, then raised his face to her.

Li Man didn't say anything either. Taking the container, she transferred some of the ointment onto her fingers, then applied it to the injured spots on his face. Her fingers were gentle, but Li Yan still complained, "Be gentler, be gentler -"

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